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Hi everyone,

Its been 50 days since ive been on accutane... and 25 days since ive last updated...

So stuff ive been experiencing:

- skin not oily anymore

- flakey skin on face (not too bad though)

- phlegm in the mornings (ewww but need to report everything the good and the ugly lol)

- bloody boogars (vom lol)

- dry skin on ears that it chapped a little

- dry lips, scalp, skin on body, hands,eyes get red easily, dry mouth n throat

- red flushes on face that come and go

- mood swings some days are good others day feel low.

- oh ive noticed my eye lashes and eye brows shed a lot faster... oh even the nose hairs falling out lol

Ok acne update....

- the cysts on my forehead have been oozing and started to flatten down so dont poke out so much anymore

- Skin texture still not smooth

- the hard lump in my cheek hasnt done crap all... just being stubborn. Last sat a little bit of pus came out but nothing since... its really worrying me. It looks like a bug bite but its been there for months now and its quite large most of its under my skin. Hope it decides its time to call it a day soon...

- blackheads disappeared by themselves

- Acne redness to the skin reduced slightly...

Erm so thats pretty much it... there have been improvements but progress is very slow...

Seeing my derm this week. Hoping I get bumped up to 50mg this week...

Hope everyone else is doing well... all the best til next time



Accutane Day 25


Another quick update....

So I've been on accutane 25 days now and at the moment I feel like im at a stand still :( nothing to really report. my skin hasn't really changed in the last few days but here's what's happened so far....

Side effects:

- dry skin face, scalp and body but nothing unmanageable

- lips are dry but again nothing unmanageable.

- dry mouth in mornings

- more achy n get tired easily...

- joints making cracking noises :(

- mood swings (get upset very quickly n crying a lot more) but had a tough week.

Erm... nothing really else that Ive noticed. Im quite surprised that my side effects all seem quite manageable atm most people say how bad there lips get but mine havent been that bad maybe its still early days...

Ok now onto my acne update:

- 4 active cysts on forehead 2 small and 2 gigantic ones (although one has reduced from last week).3 of which are quite red... skin texture looks horrible on forehead atm.

-had an underground pimple a couple months ago that never came to the surface on my right cheek which left a hard flat lump. this looks more obvious. Like its being pushed out. I dunno but its really bugging the crap outter me. I keep prodding which doesnt help (wish i could stop the picking n touching)

- a few white little white heads on upper lip n chin.

- loads of blackheads on nose which I didn't have before accutane.

Erm lots of redness and skin looking rough lol

I hope I start to see results soon. First month was supposed to be the hardest but im fearful for the second month too. When do you start seeing results or does it just depend on the person?



Here is a list of the products I'm using whilst on accutane/isotretinoin:

Face and lips:

- Eucerin milk cleanser (for dry sensitive skin)

- Oilatum Natural Repair Cream (designed for irritated, dry and sensitive skin)

- Vaseline for lips

- Aquaphor soothing skin balm (back up stock if skin and lips get really dry).

- Dry Eyes drops from local drug store


- Johnsons baby lavender body wash

- Johnsons Baby Oil (applied on wet skin after shower/bathing

- E45 Intense Recovery moisture control lotion (for very dry skin)


Johnsons Baby Shampoo

jasmine oil/ almond oil (applied once a week for a hour or so before washing hair for deep conditioning).

I've chosen to use the baby range as its designed for delicate babies skin... and whilst on accutane our skin goes through so much that I thought it was the best option.

Hope this helps anyone curious to know about the products people are using whilst on this treatment.

If anyone highly recommends a product please let me know.

Best of luck everyone :) xx



Just a quick update... im now on day 20 and have previously been on 25mg but since 2 days ago I started taking 40mg.

So far I have experienced the following side effects:

- dry lips (nothing unmanageable atm)

- dry mouth (getting a metallic taste too)

- skin not greasy on face anymore which is a nice feeling atm.

- loads of blackheads on nose

- dry skin on legs and arms (powdery looking)

- dry eyes

- aches in knees and lower back

- mood swings (but this could be due to my period starting next week) lol

Acne update:

- old acne looking more inflamed

- weird little white/blacks heads mixed within dry skin that pop out of skin

- one new white head pimple but this seems to be drying out quickly.

- cysts on forehead still really angry looking

- largest cyst seems to be deflating though.

So thats about it atm...

Hope everyone who is on accutane or a acne medication is still going strong... its tough stuff waiting to get that finish line. Good luck and stay strong xx



So if you read my earlier post you will sort of get an understanding of my acne story. Last december I had a sudden case of severe acne emerge on my face. It was so random and happened so fast...4 months down and im still suffering from very large (3d) inflamed cysts... all of which are on my face. Its been pretty rough the last few months.

I have gone from being a really sociable confident person to being insecure, embarrassed and depressed.

Isotretinoin (accutane) is my only hope in beating these a-holes who have invaded my face... I just want my skin to feel normal again. no pain, itchiness, raised bumps/lumps, and the rest of the shit that comes with acne.

So its day 18 and my dermo has put me on 40mg today... I. have a very small body frame and she said this is the highest dose she thinks my body will be able to cope with. fingers crossed it works. I have a new cyst forming on my forehead its hurts like mad!! :( another sucker to join the a-hole army. I'm just waiting for accutane to scare them away for good!

I'm feeling quite low today but also optimistic as I'm starting a higher dose.

Fingers crossed it works.....


Starting Accuatne

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my experience/ story on accutane/Isotretinoin. I started devloping mild acne when I was around 17 - which was controlled and cleared with antibiotics. Since then (8 years on) I starting getting out breaks of acne which would randomly appear and go away after a few weeks and I would have normal clear skin most of the time. Untill last december when i had my worst breakout ever. I have got large painful inflamed cysts on my t-zone area. My acne is strange as before december my skin was pretty much clear and you would never think I had acne. I was comfortable to go out with no make up on but its funny how your whole life can change when acne hits you.

Ive literally looked as though i had been beaten up... my face was swollen with painful puss filled cysts... Although, it has calmed down I still have large cysts on my forhead and under my skin on cheeks... I decided to go on accutane at the beginning of march 2013 (as i have tried all the antibiotics my body can handle and topicals).

So the dermo started me on 25mg - as i was afraid of the side affects and of having some sort of allergic reaction. I am now on week 3 day 18 but have been bumped up to 40mg (starting today).

I didnt really experience many side affects whilst being on 25mg....

Side effects 25mg (up to week 3)

  • itchy scalp
  • few headaches (at the very start)
  • blackheads on nose (i never had black heads before so this was definitely a side effect)
  • redness jumping back in acne
  • lips slightly dry entrying week 3 (not that noticable though)

    I dont know why my skin hasnt dried out and my lips as much as other people...but im guessing now that im starting 40mg i will prob start to feel it more.

    Acne update so far (day 18)

    • painful LARGE cysts on forehead
    • Inflamed spots on forehead
    • underground cysts
    • red marks/scarring

    I really hope that the 40mg works for me and gets rid of the huge lumps (they literally 3D) make me look and feel so ugly. I am embarrassed to go out and feel so depressed!

    I hope anyone who reads this and is going through or feeling the same way as me finds comfort knowing theyre not alone. Please feel free to get in touch! Its nice talking to other people who know what acne really feels like.

    talk soon...

    A girl struggling with acne


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