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“Acne Home Remedies For Fair Skin” Top 5 *Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!*

1) Mixing Baking Soda W/ Water. The most generic, though effective of acne home remedies. The baking soda uses an all-natural alcohol free method of drying up the excess sebum under the skin. Mix a cup of baking soda with a little water until it becomes a paste, apply to the infected spot (not the whole face). Leave on for 15 minutes and gently wipe off. Feel fabulous.

2) Get Smelly, Mush Up Some Acne Home Remedies w/ Garlic. Ready to reek? The very effective method is a powerhouse in acne treatment. Peel back a clove of garlic, chop it up till its a mush, then apply to whole face for 20 minutes. Remember to wash it off, unless you like the smell of garlic.

3) Break an Egg, Clear a Face. Egg whites are the perfect facial cleansers and make pretty strong acne home remedies. To keep the acne away, break an egg, separate the white from the yolk, apply to whole face and feel your skin tighten. Wash away in an hour and feel refreshed! Or just really eggy.

4) Green Tea Ice Cube. The most tasty of all natural acne home remedies (IMO). For this method, you get to eat the majority of the strawberry, and the best part is strawberries are really good for you! Eat the berry part, save the crown part and apply to infected area. After 20 minutes rinse and relax. Like my orange peel strategy, you can feel free to use tape.

5) Potato Slice Plain and Simple. Potato slices work wonders. Slice one, hold it on your face for as long as you want and enjoy. You can leave it on all day if you wish. Cant have too many potato’s. Simple acne home remedies personified!

Tea Tree Oils.pdf


*Moderator edit - URL removed - Read the board rules!*

Actually, I did pay those little swindlers. More than a dime. If I could recount the amount I payed them It would probably add up to somewhere about 6,500 dimes. Or in US currency $650 bucks. And that’s a rough recount from the two years I actually tried to “get rid” of my acne and not just “reduce the swelling of my pimples”.

But that’s another story. The real way I got rid of my acne was easy, simple, and not complicated at all. For the most part, it was almost free. The money I spent was way below the cost of the monthly Proactiv acne kits and proved to be much more enjoyable because I knew I was investing in something that wasn’t designed for me to come back for another expensive dose.

I cleared up the greatest portion of my acne using oranges, natural oils, carrier oils, spare herbs and fruit. No cheap cosmetics, no chemical cream, and no $80 scam facial kits.

It sounds different, but after 2 years of messing around, it’s the only method that gave the inexpensive long lasting results I wanted. Why I chose the all-natural method

Well, after learning about all the harmful ingredients in popular acne creams and facial wash’s that we don’t know about. I was inclined to find a better method because of the following reasons.

  1. My skin was bad enough and didn’t need a cosmetic cream doing some more damage
  2. Upon studying herbs and natural remedies it became apparent to me that I could make acne home remedies just as effective and less damaging than the solutions that I bought for $80+
  3. The serving sizes I received from buying said acne kits we’re getting smaller and smaller as the economy got worse


*Moderator edit- URL removed. Read the board rules!*

The sole purpose of this post is to give you an idea about what type of ingredients are thrown into your acne creams that can definitely make your skin worse!. It’s an attempt to inform the naive, and encourage the few to take greater responsibility in their life, especially their skin care efforts.

Knowing me, you might find the information in here-in has a slight “bias” feel to it, but I assure you, in the process of researching and back-checking this information, it was my goal to stay as neutral and indecisive as I possibly could. With that being said, most of you already know where I stand on the the topic of natural skin care vs cosmetic skin care. This post just further solidifies those feelings, and to be fair, I also talked about the good ingredients as well as the bad ones.....

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