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achievable,balanced,real/practical holistic healthy living - fight against anything and everything that's not right for body,mind and soul.(acne,obesity and much more!)

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I have dry flaky skin on my chin and nose due to accutane. I have been off accutane for a couple years now, but i think the side effects are still lingering around. I am currently using jojoba oil to help with the dryness, but I keep getting whiteheads around my chin area. Does this means that jojoba oil is clogging my pores and causing these whiteheads? Or does it mean that I am purging? I have been using the jojoba oil for three days so far. How do I prevent whiteheads from showing up? Do I simply just exfoliate with a scrub regularly due to the dry skin and flakiness? Or the I solve the dryness first?

Oils in general are not actually moisturizing. Oils are sealants. They seal off your skin from losing moisture it already has, but they do not actually add moisture to the skin.

Remember that oil does not equal moisture. Moisture is related to water retention. You can have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time. Or moisturized skin that is not oily.

You will need a moisturizer with good humectants. Humectants attract water to the skin. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is a good, light moisturizer that sinks into the skin. If you want something a little heavier, they also make a CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.



From: Which Hormone?

Could someone explain to me why adding progesterone if your levels are fine could increase acne? Is it the same with the other hormone DHT?

Increasing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) almost always increases chances of acne. This is why many bodybuilders come to this forum wondering why, just as they're getting the muscle results they want, their acne goes up. Weight lifting rapidly increases DHT...and acne. This is why lowering testosterones is usually a safer bet, especially if you're female, because there is a very direct correlation with elevated testosterone (or testosterone sensitivity) and acne problems.

Progesterone is more...eh...complex than testosterone, in some ways. In the right doses it acts as a regulatory hormone, and keeps other hormones at proper levels. This regulatory action can help if you have an estrogen or testosterone imbalance because your progesterone is too low. If progesterone gets too high, though, it changes gear and becomes inflammatory, which increases acne.



i can feel a bump under the skin and its slightly red (the skin above) but its not yet a zit as such.

i think its hormonal(i noticed it just before that day but may be its been forming for a while unnoticed).

i had applied(spot treated) that area of under-skin bump benzoyl peroxide(3.5% aqueous gel that i have)

i mean to apply it again,say twice a day or more.

will it help stop the zit from forming?

does BP stop upcoming zits/cysts(small)/bumps from forming/coming up to surface?



From: Diet Plans

as a doctor in training,i should say have accutane,antibiotics, and diet has nothing to do with acne!


Haha, so true!

Should I mix accutane and antibiotics in with my juice then? rolleyes.gif

>Agree. I use plain old blender too. In fact, it's very old. A vintage Beehive blender probably built in the 50s or 60s. You can use a mason jar instead of the big blender jar and then drink out of that jar. And mason jars are trendy thesedays.

Would a blender completely juice it? Like, no bits or anything. If so, I'll definitely get one of those since they're a lot cheaper. Actually, I'm pretty sure I was bought a blender one Christmas and someone has borrowed it and didn't returned it! I'll hunt them down today.

My mum just bought a full set of mason jars with handles because of them being apparently 'trendy' right now. tongue.png

Using a blender would give your drink more texture than a juicer, that's the fiber. It would not be chunky, unless that's what you like. Most blenders do a nice job of making a really smooth concoction--a puree,I suppose. You do have to add some liquid to your fruits, veggies, etc. Liquid could be water, milk, milk alternative, juice. The idea behind blending and juicing are to break down the plant cell walls and make the nutrients locked inside easier to get to. This process is typically accomplished by chewing, however I don't know anyone who chews their food long enough to release as many nutrients as a machine. Processing your food first breaks it down partially so your stomach and small intestines have an easier job of digestion and absorption, maximizing your nutrition. Personally, I can't get by without the fiber because of my ibs. Plus I really like the thicker texture. When I use my smoothy as a meal, it is more filling and satisfying than just juice.

does cooking help anyway in breaking the cell walls??

also,blending helps keep the fibre!

I should change my wording to prevent any general misunderstanding by anyone: it's not breaking down cell walls chemically. The cell walls are the fiber. We can't digest the cellulose in the cell walls at all. The beneficial bacteria found in the guts of cows and other ruminants can--Moo! But the blender/juicer helps pulverize the plant material releasing maximum nutrients! We can mechanically take the cellulose molecules apart to free the good stuff. Cooking helps rupture the cell walls of plants also, that's why cooked plants become softer. Some nutrients are sensitive to heat and can breakdown during cooking (hence the idea behind eating a raw diet). It has been a long time since I've looked at what these nutrients are, but I seem to recall vitamin C as being an example of one that's sensitive to heat. Freezing can also mechanically break cell walls because the water in the cells expands when it freezes. That's why frozen veggies get mushy when you thaw them. Their cell walls have been compromised by ice crystals.



1stly,at this point stating there's no acne-diet connection is ignorance.

but it's also true that dietary changes are not a solution for many.doesnt mean there's no connection.it's proved.

it's like cigarette doesnt cause cancer in all.but only a mad man will deny there's no link.

2ndly,i dont support extreme of anything.(that is my personal opinion).

so i will say eat a diet that is good for YOU.

Eat good stuff and check for intolerance or triggers.

u can start with dairy and then go for gluten.

these two happen to quite famous villains.

u r to try for at least 2-3 mnths.

then,test for particular items like members of night shade family etc.

also,have lots of water - the whole detoxifying concept does work!

i dnt think going completely away from topicals is right.

bp is FDA approved although its known to be quite harsh.

so u can spot treat.

u can also try milder topicals like clindamycin(with or without nicotinamide)


treating ur present acne in any way is important ,prevention is another step.

so find out the cause - hormones,vitamin deficiency,messy skincare or diet overlapped with genetics and then attack.

but meanwhile treat the present ones also.



no one is asking to constantly wash face but personally i dnt understand when the whole thing about never letting clean water touch face keeping oiliness in mind.

i believe its got to do a lot with placebo effect plus the fact that products used are harsh and messes with the healthy sebum barrier.

of course if one's skin is sensitive or has any other issue,even water might irritate and cause pain.

the bottom line IMO is follow a regimen that does your skin good,doesnt necessarily mean its a general rule.

also,personally i dnt support caveman regimen.

we aint in caveman era and we face a lot more obstructions(if i may call it) in form of pollution,unhealthy environment and harmful rays etc.so a minimum level of skincare routine is probably needed.

i feel this was a lil' off topic.

for the question was whether or not he/she is to wash face.

cleansing twice with a mild wash(before and after bed) makes me feel good.plus through out the day before application of anything topical or after exercise etc i feel dirty & oily so I splash water and then dab my face dry with a clean cotton cloth.

i feel good and clean.

i am not saying its a perfect or ideal routine but i feel fine with it.

p.s this is my routine when am home.(so basically i get in touch with water every 4 to 5 hrs) but even when am out & dnt wash or anything for several hrs(say 7 to 9 hrs) i see no change ,good or bad.

although i admit i will have to test for longer to see bigger changes.



2 things.

one SA did its work,its unclogging the pores.(if thats what they were)

two, SA if used in mild concentration(a good mild wash with balanced pH) doesn't cause pimples.(except for irritation OR/& intolerance) but theoretically its suppose to bring up the "dormant" or already formed acne/zits/cysts on the surface.thus causing , what they call, 'initial breakout' or 'purging'.

what SA wash are u using btw?what %?

are u doing anything new other than this?any change at all?



breakfast - lemon green tea, 2 fruits(say an apple and guava or cucumber etc), dal(lentil soup)

lunch - some white rice,dal again,something bitter like boiled bitter gourd everyday, vegetable curry of 2-3 kind, boiled sweet potato/okra/papaya/ridge gourd(changes everyday), fish(changes everyday) curry, or chicken curry (once or maxm. twice a week).

somedays i have green leafy veggies like spinach or other leaves sauteed with onion and red chilli as starter.

a tiny pinch of cinnamon after every big meal(for insulin spikes)

snack : puffed rice(muri or murmure) mixed with some simple masalas,grated ginger,onion,cucumber and lemon juice.

i have recently started snacking on pumpkin seeds.

an egg done in EVOO.

sauteed veggies with onion,garlic and ginger.(but u wont love it for its needs cooking)



So it's very difficult to have acne free skin, and good health. I assume that all the food you writed above will no trigger acne? Is that right?

You typed potatoes - i've heard that this is bad for acne. It's true? I'm staying away from potatoes for now. I'll wait for more info.

Since you don't seem to know anything about nutrition, I'm going to tell you where to start while you start learning.

Starting right now, today and from now on. Don't drink sugar. No soda, no cappicino/frappacino, no commercially prepared smoothies, no bottled teas, etc. No bottled drinks except water and perhaps a limited amount of beer. And you should avoid bottled water except when necessary. Stay away from the plastic. And don't waste your money. No juices or coconut water unless they are 100% with no added sugar and even then, only have with a meal consisting of fiber and fat to reduce the glycemic impact of the sugars.

Added sugar should be a rare treat.

Avoid, margarine, crisco, vegetable oil, etc. This means avoiding most commercial baked and fried foods, bottled salad dressings, etc

Severely limit pastas and breads and other baked goods and dairy--especially cow, especially unfermented (milk), especially from grain fed cows.

Eat/drink primarily fruit, vegetables especially greens, meat, eggs, small species fish, herbs, spices and teas. Especially eat colorful fruits and vegetables. Nutrients and anti-oxidants tend to be in the color in the flavor. If the flavor is strong enough to be used as a tea or spice, then it's packed with anti-oxidants.

The white varieties of potatoes that we eat in the western world have little nutritional value and then we prepare them in ways that make them even worse for us. Have a sweet potato instead.

The exceptions to the 'avoid white foods' are onions, garlic and cauliflower. And cabbage which is often quite pale, but is still a nutritionally dense food. Not all nutrients and anti-oxidants are colorful.

Read labels. Most of the foods you eat shouldn't have an ingredient list because it should be a whole food, but if you do get something commercially prepared, the list should only include food and spices. And no added sugar of any kind. A jarred pasta sauce label, for example, should read something like 'tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, herbs, oil.' and that's it.

So, that's the basics of how all humans should eat. Once you've made that change, start working on figuring out your personal food issues via methodical elimination. Everyone should test for gluten and dairy intolerance.

?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> threads with meal suggestion, recipes, alternatives to your refined grain and sugary favorite foods, etc.



That's great information John777, thanks for posting it smile.png !!!

Yes, beta glucan is a terrific ingredient to help heal/ remodel your skin...please seriously consider getting this key ingredient into your daily mesotherapy routine...here's a blurb about it:

Beta Glucan: A Skin Care Ingredient Everyone Should be Using

What is it?

Beta-glucan stimulates macrophage activity, which plays a crucial role in the skin by scavenging scar tissue and debris, removing bacteria, stimulating immune repair and providing a wealth of growth factors that feed, renew and remodel the skin.

What does it do for the skin?

  • Increases macrophage activity to clean up scar tissue at the dermal/epidermal junction. This helps to remodel the skin by clearing up pathways of communication between the epidermis and dermis.
  • Supports the skins healing process.
  • Improves and supports immune function of the skin.
  • Can be used to treat burns or wounds.

    What skin type/conditions benefit from Beta Glucan?
    • Acne skin benefits from Beta-glucan greatly because of the macrophage activity which helps to support the healing of and works to decrease scarring from breakouts by increasing skin immunity.
    • Aging skin benefits from the removal of scar tissue, remodelling the skin and making room for new well formed cells and increased cell communication.
    • Hyper pigmented skins benefits from the removal of scar tissue at the dermal/epidermal junction making way for improved cellular crosstalk which can help improve melanocytes (and general cell) function.
    • Rosacea skin conditions benefit greatly as it allows for easier communication between the epidermis and the dermis resulting in improved skin function while reducing redness in the skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

      Products with Beta-glucan:
      Osmosis Products:

      • Acne Blend, Anti-aging Blend
      • Vitamin A Serums – Clarify, Correct, Renew, Calm
      • Enlighten
      • Refresh, Refresh PM

      Treatments that utilize Beta-glucan:

      [*]Osmosis Nourishing Facial

      [*]Advanced Acne Facial

      [*]Rosacea calming facial

      [*]Needling Infusion Treatments

      [*]Medical Skin Needling

      Source: http://www.sknclinic.ca/skin-care-tips-and-advice/beta-glucan-a-skin-care-ingredient-everyone-should-be-using/

      PS Try and source the purest form of this ingredient...John777 suggested Garden of Wisdom (btw, this brand receives great reviews online!!!)....I'm using New Directions Beta Glucan Liquid (which has helped my skin immensely), but is contains additives which are not great at all!! Still searching for a perfect/ all natural/ high potency beta glucan product !!! Please let me know if anyone sources are a great brand!!!



i use dove and its okay.

for those who suffer from acne and has oily scalp,washing hair everyday might not be bad idea.

atleast u could rub ur towel like Dan does to take that oil off,else there are chances of hairline acne/clogged pores.

i wash my hair(at least the front part everyday with just water) and shampoo using dove shampoo(repair therapy range - i guess thats what its called) every 4 days(or sometimes 5) and i dnt use any conditioner now a days(may be when i will resume work etc i might use some on the end parts) but honestly i feel i dnt need it much.

there was a time when my hair used to be so rough irrespective of dry or oily scalp but now although i do get oily scalp in days but there isnt any oil dripping.

the balance(not too dry and not too oily) is probably for my change in diet and lifestyle am not sure.

also,i used to shampoo my hair once in a week or even later and that was not the best idea i think.

i tie my hair in plaits or a high bun every night before sleep and also at home i keep it mostly tied in a loose bun.

this keeps the hair off my face and also,the rubbing of hair in pillow and the friction caused thus is not great for hair ends.

comb ur hair atleast twice a day.

comb ur hair before shower(or shampoo).

try not to comb on wet hair.tends to lead to breakage(at least in my case).

if ur hair is dry,u could oil ur hair hours before shampoo.

and try steam therapy.

provided i shampoo and keep my hair clean in general ,i dnt get too much dandruff.

once i did(i am not sure why,one because i used oil sometimes then or may be because i was so infrequent in shampooing or cleaning my scalp/hair then) but now am better.

i was prescribed 'scalpe' shampoo for dandruff then.

i was asked to use it every other day which i never did because my mum believes shampooing too much is bad for hair texture.

anyway,my point is 'scalpe' is a good shampoo and in case any of u wants details on it,u could PM me.

i recommend it as a product with more than one active ingredients and works for dandruff,seborrhic dermatitis and fungal folliculitis(on ur face/bumps etc)



Using zinc topically and taking it orally has shown some potential in preventing and alleviating the inflammation and scarring associated with acne. Zinc may help nip zits in the bud by reducing the amount of natural oil, or sebum, produced in the skin. It may also help heal damaged skin around acne that does develop. Some research has indicated that acne formation results in part from a lack of zinc in the diet.



what type of scar is this?any way of treating it other than "surgically"?

would u consider it deep or shallow?

(the indented one)

post-200657-0-65283300-1371898291_thumb. post-200657-0-51866100-1371898481_thumb.

right next to it is a red mark which was actually slightly raised and i though may be its a 'hypertropic scar' but after weeks it seems to recede into the skin(its almost like normal flat skin now,but with a tough looking hyperpigmentation)

also,notice the huge pores(or may be scared pores,am not sure!)

do u have such pores?





here are pictures of my hyperpigmentation.

picture :

cheeks and forehead and jawline(starting from towards the lower cheek).around my nose sides and corners of lips.

they are for two-three reasons :

1)post accutane redness and pigmentation.cause due to side effect(dryness,cracked skin) of accutane.

it has subsided in 6-7 mnths but the tinge and some area of blackish/reddish pigmentation still remains.

pigmentation left thus : post-200657-0-53574400-1371909523_thumb.jpg post-200657-0-35691800-1371909530.jpg


2)due to acne/zits/bumps etc.


spots left thus :post-200657-0-67067800-1371910283.jpg


3)i dnt know why but areas aroung the edges(specially corner) of my lips are darker and same goes for areas around the side edges of my nose.

darker areas:post-200657-0-61053100-1371910427_thumb.jpg

any idea why?

does anyone have similar issues?

can anybody suggest any solution ?

thank u in advance!



tiny little whiteheads like bumps which have red(inflamed) bases.



spread over my forehead,cheeks and around the nose area(mostly the area which has huge pores).

i get them all the time and they do go way earlier or later(sometimes in days or weeks).

i apply faceclin(clindamycin + nicotinamide) gel on them twice a day as spot treatment.

and use my salicylic acid foaming face wash(1% and pH balanced) twice daily before and after bed.


i wash my face without cleanser (JUST SPLASH WATER) about 3 times through out the day - for instance before application of topical gel or after dancing/exercising etc.

any idea the cause and treatment for this?

do u think this has something to do with diet OR hormones??

could they be for pores(clogges or otherwise)?

(i have huge pores too)


is there a way (be it through diet OR any kind of practice) that would improve the state?

(i get these all over suddenly at times)





these are what i feel are huge pores.they look like enlarged hair pores and i can actually see tint hairs in them.

they are there around my nose area and cheek.some slightly smaller ones on my forehead.

picture :


does this look like huge pores to u?OR are they scarred pores?

i am encircling the few pores which looks like scarred pores.are they?

here :post-200657-0-37664200-1371899587_thumb.post-200657-0-68664400-1371899647_thumb.

do u have such pores?

i have a feeling that they have become noticeable after i went on accutane(about 6-7 mnths ago;my dosage was less & not foo long)

any idea if this could be possible?

any idea how these could be treated?

i use : salicylic acid foaming facewash(1% and pH balanced) twice daily before and after bed.plus,

i wash my face without cleanser (JUST SPLASH WATER) about 3 times through out the day - for instance before application of topical gel or after dancing/exercising etc.

also,apply faceclin gel(clindamycin + nicotinamide) as spot treatment on bumps etc




"There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris." --Sulzberger & Zaldems"

i have nothing to say on this!

i will ignore the fact that some said this and others believed.

enjoying a sad thing doesnt mean it helps me.

atleast i can speak for myself.

sad songs only make me sad.when am low,i have a tendency to listen to songs that are sad and they never make me get over stuff,

i need to read a funny book or watch a movie thats fun or groovy to get a smile.

may be its just me but anyway.

i expect u to read our posts once more,

none of us have said that writing here is wrong.

in fact,we have stressed on how this place is meant for support and venting out of suppressed emotions.

we are all in this together.

talking about not getting a girl or how life ruined ur life is okay,

but what is not okay is when all 'someone' wants to hear is "oh!yes i dnt get a girl too' or 'damn!my life is ruined ad well'!

instead i wish people would understand that although there's acne and pain but its not the end.

we r all beyond our skin.

are all the people happy or loved or successful(however big or small it is!) are with perfect skin?

does that help us infer that there's more than just skin.

taking care of our skin is a must.

we are primarily here to speak about how we can cure or treat our skin issues.

yes,we all wanna get rid of it.

but just like stressing doesnt help ur skin, being negative about it through doesnt either.

so if not for all other reasons,trying to be a lil' positive in general for ur own skin!

positive doesnt mean sing a happy song or dance !

positive means stop to tell others we r here and things can get better.be optimistic about being able to do something worthwhile in life and be confident that u're more than just ur skin.

and believe so urself.

i know its difficult and its okay to have those moments when u break down and cry.

but to become all negative always is not right IMO.

life is more than just ur skin.

tomorrow if i die.

i will be left with just my negativity and lost nature,

i wouldnt want that to happen.

i am not a clown,and i sadly dnt have that flair to make people smile and laugh all the time.

but am serious.



The hot flushes could be due to low progesterone or high estrogen, or even a histamine reaction. And honestly, with diet, you just need to keep track of what you eat every day (like a food journal) and possible allergic reactions to environmental things or even body lotions (to see if that helps with itching) for at least 1-2 months. Some pimples can take up to 2 weeks to come to the surface, so it's hard to know what caused them in the first place especially if it's food related. I had a pretty clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, then I realized I needed to cut down on the fruits and even veggies/fruits I used to eat every day thinking they were good for me (like tomatoes). I discovered I was getting a histamine reaction whenever I consumed/ was exposed to many histamine triggers like humidity, body lotions, tomatoes, cider, but it took a while to make this connection and then it took some blood work to confirm it. So you just have to give it time and find a diet that works for you, there is no quick fix for putting your body through stress and poor diet. I'm not being judgmental, trust me I have been there and abused my body to no end and now I'm paying for it! Just try not to go crazy with elimination diets, go slow and be patient. Check out my log for my trial and error to discover my sensitivities - I posted a scary before pic today.

As for soy milk, it depends on your body....personally, I have never broken out from organic unsweetened soy milk and in fact I think it helps my skin in small quantities. It's supposed to be estrogenic, so I try to balance it with magnesium to help raise my progesterone.



dead skin cannot be removed just by washing with water.

that is if the rate at which upper layer should get removed is normal for u, it is okay.

but if u need exfoliation,just water wont give u that.

(dnt forget pH of water is 7 in general)

but moisture of ur skin is taken away(i am talking abt the external lipid layer) by pH imbalance and also warm water,harsh chemicals etc.

hot water(and that hot is) worse actually.

if u normally wash ur face with water(u know just splash water) the pH comes back to normal after a while(resilient action of ur skin) and also the healthy oily layer is brought back(if u r healthy,eat well and lead a good lifestyle - this is a trait u will have easily.its sign of healthy skin and body) but constant use of warm /hot water will rip the layer off and gradually ur skin may/may not lose the power to bounce back.

this ripped skin(within any protective layer of oil) is unhealthy and prone to problems.

there are posts on what the effects are,i'd suggest u go through those.

maintaining the basic pH OF SKIN which ranges from 4-6(average being 5.5) is best.

although they say exfoliators should have low pH but i feel even extremely low ones aint ideal.

i stick to a balanced pH wash and let my skin deal with the pH of water by itself.

visit source for complete discussion.



For me, it's more about quantity than types of foods. I discovered that tomatoes are a trigger for nodules and inflammed red spots. A lot of alcohol in combination with processed sugar also results in acne. Specific types of candy cause me cysts in the same spot - I will usually feel an itch in that spot within minutes of consuming the candy, and then a few hours later a cyst appears.

For me, there is a connection between histamine triggers and acne, rather than straightforward allergies or intolerance. I recently got tested for a lot of allergens and foods and nothing came up - I did both blood and skin testing and a single allergen on its own did not produce a histamine reaction yet the blood tests showed high IgE and histamines. So I think it's either something obscure or most likely an intolerance to a combination of histamine triggers.




i have always maintained that 'eating a balanced' diet and exclusion of only triggers is the best thing!

but there are some here who restrict a lot more(say no carb/extremely low carb/no grain at all or even no fruits/only raw etc) and i wish i could tell them its not a long way and its not good at the end.

balanced diet it is!

congratulations once more!

cheers mate!

Thanks! smile.png Yeah I was definitely one of the extreme ones for far too long. NO extreme diet is the way and NO extreme diet can be upheld healthily for years and years. Being grain free was great on my system at first, (It's always nice to lighten up your diet to a more cleansing one for a SHORT time) but my mistake was thinking that was the way humans were meant to eat--which really wasn't true. After years of no grains, my system was more messed up than when I started. After about a year and a half I was tested and my cholesterol was rising fast... I then talked to my friend who is a registered dietician and she told me about a study on grain-free diets. Some of the people in the study were eating a balanced diet, others were eating grain free. They couldn't even complete the study because the people on the grain free diets had their cholesterol shoot up so fast that they considered it DANGEROUS to continue! Grains do something to balance our cholesterol and that's why they are important to include in our diets in moderation.

I'm anxious to get my cholesterol tested again soon and see if it has gone down since I've started eating grains again.

care to read the the source post.

she's written about her trigger and her right use of probiotics.the disadvantages if not done the right way!



The flip side of probiotics is they can contribute to SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). In other words, too much of a good thing. Sometimes eating tons of fermented foods, or especially taking high dose probiotics, gets too much "good bacteria" stuck in the small intestine where it isn't doing much good.



For a list of 100% non-comedogenic products, see this post.

One of the most important things you can do for your skin health is to stop using comedogenic ingredients. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cleansers and lotions marketed specifically for acne are comedogenic themselves. This is why acne often worsens the harder you try to treat it topically. The cleansers and lotions you are using are clogging your pores even more.

This is purely informational. I am not making any blanket statements concerning any particular product. Use this post to inform yourself. What you choose to slather on your face is your own business.

I am compiling a master list of comedogenic ingredients. There are existing lists and databases out there, but they are not comprehensive.

Just because something claims to be "non-comedogenic" "non-acnegenic" "oil-free" "dermatologist tested" or "dermatologist approved" does NOT mean the product is free of comedogenic ingredients. These terms are not regulated, and a company can use them however they want. You will find many "non-comedogenic" products that contain the worst offenders on this list!

A major offender is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate...contained in many mainstream cleansers.

Ingredients with a comedogenic rating of 3 or higher are highlighted in red.

ingredient : comedogenic factor : irritant factor

1. Lanolins

Acetylated lanolin : 4 : 0

Acetylated lanolin acohol : 4 : 2

Anhydrous lanolin : 0-1 : ?

Lanolin alchol : 0-2 : 2

PEG 16 lanolin (Solulan 16) : 4 : 3

PEG 75 lanolin : 0 : 0

2. Fatty acids

Laurie acid : 4 : 1

Lauric acid : 4 : ?

Myristic acid : 3 : 0

Dioctyl succinate : 3 : 2

Syearyl Heptanoate : 4 : 0

Palmitic acid : 2 : 0

Stearic acid : 2 : 0

Behenic acid : 0 : 0

Ascorbytl palmitate : 2 : 0

Butyl stearate : 3 : 0

Decyl oleate : 3 : 0

Dilsopropyl adipate : 0 : 0

Isopropyl isosterate : 5 : 0

Isopropyl myristate : 5 : 3

Isopropyl palmitate : 4 : 1

Isopropyl linolate : 5 : ?

Isostearyl neopentanoate : 3 : 3

Isostearyl isostearate : 4 : 1

Myristyl lactate : 4 : 2

Octydodecyl stearate : 0 : 0

Stearyl heptanoate : 4 : 0

Tridectyl neopentanoate : 0 : 3

PPG 2 Myristyl Propionate : 3 : 2

Ethylhexyl palmitate : 4 : ?

Isodecyl oleate : 4 : ?

PPG 30 : 0 : 0

3. Alcohols and sugars

SD Alcohol 40 : 0 : 0

Isopropyl alcohol : 0 : 0

Cetyl alcohol : 2 : 2

Cetearyl alcohol : 2 : 1

Stearyl alcohol : 2 : 2

Ceteareth 20 : 4 : 1

Propylene glycol : 0 : 0

PG dicaprylate/caprate : 1 : 0

PG dipelargonate : 2 : 2

Sorbitol : 0 : 0

Sorbitan laurate : 1 : 1

Sorbitan sesquinoleate : 0 : 0

Sorbitan stearate : 0 : 1

Polysorbate 20 : 0 : 0

Polysorbate 80 : 0 : 0

Glycerin : 0 : 0

Glyceryl stearate NSE : 1 : 0

Glyceryl stearate SE : 3 : 2

Pentaerythrital tetra caprai caprylate : 0 : 0

Wheat germ glyceride : 3 : 2

Polyethylene glycol : 1 : 0

PEG 20 stearate : 1 : 0

Laureth-4 : 5 : 4

Laureth-23 : 3 : 0

Oleth-3 : 5 : 2

Oleth-10 : 2 : 1

PPG 30 cetyl ester : 0 : 0

PEG 40 castor oil : 0 : 0

Steareth-2 : 2 : 2

Steareth-10 : 4 : 3

Steareth-20 : 2 : 1

Steareth-100 : 0 : 0

PG Monostearate / Propylene glycol monostearate : 3 : 0

PEG 8 stearate : 3 : 1

Disodium monooleamido PEG 2 Sulfosuccinate : 4 : ?

Glyceryl-3-Diisostearate : 4 : ?

Polyglyceryl-3-diisostearate : 4 : ?

Oleyl alcohol : 4 : ?

Isocetyl alcohol : 4 : 0

Isocetyl stearate : 5 : ?

PEG 200 Dilaurate : 3 : ?

PEG 100 Distearate : 2 : 0

Hexadecyl alcohol : 5 : ?

Octyl stearate : 5 ; ?

Myreth 3 Myrisrate : 4 : ?

4. Waxes

Candelilla wax : 1 : 0

Camuba wax : 1 : 0

Ceresin wax : 0 : ?

Beeswax : 0-2 : 0

Lanolin wax : 1 : 0

Jojoba oil : 0-2 : 0

Sulfated jojoba oil : 3 : 0

Emulsifying wax NF : 0-2 : 0-2

5. Thickeners

Carboxymethylcellulose : 0 : 0

Hydroxypropylcellulose : 1 : 0

Magnesium aluminum silicate : 0 : 0

Carbomer 940 : 1 : 0

Bentonite : 0 : 0

Kaolin : 0 : 0

Talc : 1 : 0

Sorbitan oleate : 3 : 0

6. Oils

Olive oil : 2-4 : ?

Cocoa butter : 4 : 0

Coconut butter : 4 : 0

Cocos Nucifera / Coconut oil : 4 : ?

Grape seed oil : 4 : ?

Crisco : 3 : ?

Hydrogenated vegetable oil : 3 : ?

Peach kernel oil : 4 : ?

Linum usitatissiumum seed oil / Linseed oil : 4 : ?

Sesame oil : 2 : 0

Corn oil : 2-3 : 0

Avocado oil : 2 : 0

Almond oil : 2 : ?

Emu oil : 1 : 0

Camphor oil : 2 : 2

Hazelnut oil : 2 : 0

Hemp seed oil : 0 : ?

Evening primrose oil : 2 : 2

Peanut oil : 2 : 1

Pomegranate oil : 1 : 0

Rosehip oil : 1 : 1

Tamanu oil : 2 : 0

Shea butter : 0 : 0

Argan oil : 0 : 0

Mink oil : 3 : 1

Glycine soja oil / Soybean oil : 3 : 0

Shark liver oil : 3 : 2

Triticum Vulgare / Wheat germ oil : 5 : 2

Cotton seed oil : 3 : ?

Cotton awws : 3 : ?

Apricot kernel oil : 2 : 0

Camphor : 2 : ?

Castor oil : 1 : 0

Hydrogenated castor oil : 1 : 0

Sulfated castor oil : 3 : ?

Sandalwood Seed Oil : 2 : 0

Squalane : 1 : 0

Squalene : 3 : ?

Safflower oil (cold pressed only, high lineolic content) : 0 : 0

Safflower oil (cooking variety, high oleic content) : 4 : ?

Mineral oil : 0 : 0

Petrolatum : 0 : ?

Sesame oil : 2 : ?

Sunflower oil : 0-2 : ?

7. Pigments

D&C red #6 : 1 : 0

D&C red #9 : 1 : 0

D&C red #19 : 2 : 0

D&C red #27 : 2 : 0

D&C red #30 : 3 : 0

D&C red #36 : 3 : 0

D&C red 40 : 2 : 2

Ultramarine violet : 0 : 0

Iron oxides : 0 : 0

Cafmine : 0 : 0

Titanium dioxide : 0 : 0

8. Silicones

Sirnethicone : 1 : 0

Dimethicone : 1 : 0

Cyclomethicone : 0 : 0

9. Sterols

Cholesterol : 0 : 0

Soya sterol : 0 : 0

Peg 5 soya sterol : 0 : 0

Peg 10 soya sterol : 0 : 1

Choleth 24 : 0 : 0

Sterol esters : 0 : 0

10. Vitamins and herbs

Algae extract : 5 : 4

Red Algae : 5 : 2

Tocopherol (vitamin E) : 2 : 2

Tocopheryl acetate : 0 : 0

Black walnut extract : 0 : 0

Chammomile extract : 0 : 0

Vitamin Apalmitate : 2 : 2

Panthenol : 0 : 0

Calendula : 1 : ?

Cold Pressed Aloe : 0 : ?

Carrageenans : 5 : ?

Sodium chloride (salt) : 5 : 0-3

Colloidal sulfur : 3 : ?

Flowers of sulfur : 0 : ?

Beta Carotene : 1 : ?

BHA : 2 : ?

Algin : 4 : ?

Potassium Chloride : 5 : ?

11. Preservatives

Methyl paraben : 0 : 0

Propyl paraben : 0 : 0

Allantoin : 0 : 0

Hydantoin : 0 : 0

Sodium hyaluronate : 0 : 0

12. Detergents

Sodium Laureth Sulfate : 3 : 2

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate : 5 : 2

Sodium Myreth Sulfate 3 : ?

Carbomer 940 : 1 : ?

Hydroxypropyl cellulose : 1 : ?

Kaolin : 0 : ?

13. Misc

Octyl drinethyl PABA : 0 : 0

Oxybenzone : 0 : 0

Octyl methoxycinnamate : 0 : 9

Octyl salicylate : 0 : 0

Lithium stearate : 1 : 0

Magnesium stearate : 1 : 0

Zinc oxide : 1 : 0

Zinc stearate : 0 : 0

Triethanolamine : 2 : 0

Stearic acid TEA : 3 : 2

Sodium PCA : 0 : 0

Hydryolyzed animal protein : 0 : 0

Adamosis stearate : 2 : 2

Xylene : 4 : 3

Zea Mays (Corn Starch) : 2-4 : 2-5

Octyl palmitate : 4 : 1

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Hey I was doing some research on this yesterday myself, mainly because I was wondering about whether androgens are found in birth control - which apparently they are. Also a big word of warning here, do not take chasteberry with birth control because it reduces the contraceptive effects. You might not have been able to find it anywhere because another name for it is vitex - in the UK we can get it at Boots/ Holland & Barrett. I can't advise about saw palmetto or black cohosh but if they are similar supplements to vitex I'd double check about pregnancy.

Also depending on which bcp you're on, spiro is included in some of them - the one I'm on is Yasmin and that definitely contains spiro, which is why I think it's given to people with acne (there are increased health risks though so get some advice from the doc).

Another thing I recently found out from a bit of research was that vitamin d3 is a hormone balancing supplement so could be worth a try? Anyway, always take everything with a pinch of salt on this site, people will give some great recommendations and advice but take those suggestions to your doctor before trying anything, especially if you're planning on taking supplements in conjunction with other medication.