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mr. matt

Day Six

Today is day six after my 25% TCA Peel.

I have some very light peeling occurring over my face and my skin has a slight hue of pink.

This was another successful TCA peel.

mr. matt

Day Five

blogentry-50088-0-89463500-1364397676_thblogentry-50088-0-37331700-1364397700_thblogentry-50088-0-99828300-1364397659_thToday marks day five of my 25% TCA peel.

Yesterday, my face peeled off in sheets much to the amazement of my wife. My forehead and temples were the last to peel.

Today, my nose and some areas along my jawline are lightly peeling. 99.9% of all of the peeling is over.

I went ahead and shaved last night because I was beginning to look a little like a homeless person with all of this fuzz on my face. smile.png

My third peel was a success. I applied three layers and it peeled evenly. One key lesson that I've learned is that you need to get all of the oils off of your face befor you apply the TCA or, otherwise, you will have a very uneven peel. Learn from my mistakes.....

mr. matt

Day Four

Today marks day four of my third 25% TCA Peel.

I woke up this morning to MASSIVE peeling. I was supposed to accompany my family to go out-of-state to see my mother-in-law but I look pretty grotesque right now with all of the skin that is coming off in SHEETS from my face. So, I'm staying home to fully recuperate.

I'm hoping that the peeling will subside in the next 24-48 hours as I am ready to venture out again but right now I can't right now due to my appearance. The attached photos do not capture the full extent of the peeling that I'm undergoing right now.blogentry-50088-0-68381200-1364307140_thblogentry-50088-0-68381200-1364307140_thblogentry-50088-0-79734900-1364307154_thblogentry-50088-0-83207500-1364307170_thblogentry-50088-0-60595500-1364307189_thblogentry-50088-0-05037600-1364307206_thblogentry-50088-0-48419800-1364307210_th

mr. matt

Day Three

O.K., today is day three after my third 25% TCA peel.

I can't shave until the peel is over and the skin on my face is becoming progressively tighter which is a good sign that I should expect massive peeling over the course of the next two days.

My face looks tannish/brown which means that the outer layer of dead skin is preparing to completely deutsch itself from the healthy underlying skin tissue.

The only bad thing about this type of chemical peel is that it renders you home bound. My skin is beginning to take on that crinkly/wrinkly look before massive peeling begins.

As soon as I can find our camera, I'll post pictures.

mr. matt

Day Two

O.K. So it is the day after my 25% TCA peel.

I face looks somewhat sunburned or slightly tanned. I have sunscreen on and my town is getting pummeled with a massive blizzard so I'm bunkered down for a few days.

My wife noticed the tanned look that my face has taken on and the 'shiny' look i as well which means that the skin is tightening up.

I'm taking a Multi-vitamin and other supplements and just drank a fruit smoothie containing two tablespoons of ground flaxseed, one teaspoon of diatemaceous earth, cinnamon, and blueberries, strawberries, and a banana.

mr. matt

Day One

Last night, I decided to do my third 25% TCA peel.

I washed my face with a vitamin c wash containing green tea and then rinsed off all of the residue.

I then used Witch Hazel to remove any soap and oil residue.

Then, I applied three separate coats of TCA to my entire face and took photos. My face frosted after the second coat.

Yes, it was painful. I positioned a fan on my face for about 15 minutes and then washed my face with soap and water.

I applied a 50% glycolic acid solution to my neck. I've read that TCA can scar the neck, so I used glycolic acid.

I neutralized the acid on my neck and then applied Aquaphor all over my face and neck.

Going to sleep was not so easy due to the pain, but I eventually fell asleep.