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Paula's choice product endeveaur!

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Happy Monday!

So, its officially been a month since I started using PC Products. I finally have found a regimen that is working for me and I REALLY beleive in it! I hope it continues to help clear up my skin!

I am currently using:

PC Clear Normalizing Cleanser morning and night

PC Extra Strength 2% BHA Toner morning

Cerave Facial Moisutrizer PM (Morning and night)

PC 5% AHA Daily Smoothing Treatment PM (before moisturizer)

Thats it! So far so good! I had a prety gnarly purge about 2 weeks cleared up pretty quickly though and I haven't had another crazy breakout since. THANK GOD! It really freaked me out and I was definitely afraid to keep using the products. But, I persevered because I read that BHA cleans out your pores and can tend to push everything to the surface at first. I'm really glad I stuck with it. My skin is feeling super smoothe and all those under the skin bumps I had are going away. Most of the active acne I've had in the past week has been clogged pores coming to the surface and quickly going away which is fine with me. It has to go somewhere right?

Also, PC is literally the best company. They send me a follow up email about 3 weeks into me using the products to see how I liked them and the results. I wrote back stating that I liked my products but that I had purchased the 2.5% BP and can't use it as my skin just can't tolerate it these days. All I wanted to do was exchange/return the product and they immediatley refunded my account! I mentioned in my email that I might want to try the 10% AHA Weekly Resurfacing Treatment and they automatically sent me out samples in the mail! Just awesome customer service and it seems like her staff really wants to be sure you get the results you want!

So, today I got my lovely period. Which usually ensues hormonal acne! But, I have only had 1 small pimple surfact yesterday. And if THAT is my period pimple...I am overjoyed! Normally I get a few!

ALSO, Ive been VEGAN again for about 2 weeks now. I also noticed a change in my skin after I started taking Dr. Ohira's probiotics and cod liver oil. These are high quality supplements and I think they are helping too! Plus Ive been avoding animal products, dairy, gluten and processed foods. I have been making myself the most scrumptious vegan delights and really enjoying the recipes on several of the vegan blogs I've found. I don't feel deprived one bit!

I am doing the Vegan thing for my overall health and my skin! I feel great and my skin is definitely looking better! So, I'm thinking the combination of these supplements, being vegan and extremely health concious, using PC products diligently and getting regular excercise will really be the ticket for me! At least I hope!

Will continue to keep you updated! I am hoping around my 6 week mark with these 2 weeks that I will see a much larger improvement :)




Hi ya'll!

So Friday will be my 1 month mark with PC Clear System/PC products. Last week I left a pitty party entry about how depressed I was becuase of my skin and because I was purging, etc. Well, things have gotten a lot better, not only skin wise, but outlook wise!

I realized last week how much my "skin" or more like the emotional side effects of it can control my moods and happiness. I felt ridiculous and was totally freaking out/overreacting and I knew it! However, no matter how much I tried to pull myself out of it I couldn't. I didn't want to be around my friends/boyfriend and that is SO dumb. They are the people who lift me up and remind me of all the reasons I have to be happy no matter what! Also, this is a little strange, but I have been paying more attention to the news and hearing all of these horrible things about Korea and how they are threatening us, etc. It made me realize that if they decided to drop a nuke on us...and it was all over mad I would be at myself for spending my last day dwelling on a few zits!!!!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT PEOPLE and petty ish like that is just not worth it! I had a great weekend with my friends last weekend and I pretty much chose to be happy regardless of the condition of my skin! AMEN!

So...back to skin stuff...after my crazy PURGE last skin has calmed down A LOT. I talked to my friend who knows a lot about skin care and she told me the way BHA's work is that they clean all the dirt out of your pores and so you may break out at first...but that the end results are great! So I stuck through it and im already so glad I did! My skin is looking and feeling super smoothe, feeling good about this!

I also have been folllowing a pretty strict vegan diet and I feel AMAZING. I have been drinking my hot lemon water and green drinks in the mornings and taking my probiotic twice a day. I have been avoiding dairy, meat and gluten! It seems so simple when your doing this diet that this would OBVIOUSLY be good for you in every way. Cutting out all the processed chemical crap and hormone/antibiotic filled dairy/animal protein for veggies, fruits and grains! AHHH I can't say enough good things about it.

For the past 4 days I have just been using the BHA in the morning after my cleanser and before my moisturizer and just 5% AHA at night before my moisturizer. My skin doesn't seem to be missing the BP a bit...I'm thinking of returning the BP I bought for PC 10% AHA Weekly Resurfacing Treatment. My skin loves AHA, i think it will be a good swap! I honestly think my skin has developed an intollerance for BP...and I hate to think that I am putting BLEACH on my face sad.png

All in all, feeling 100% more energized, hopeful and positive!

If you haven't looked into her...look up Kimberly Snyder and sign up for her blog. She is amazing, her whole system is focused on eating for clear skin and overall health!

I'm really realizing health is happiness, and I think this whole experience with my skin...this constant, nagging problem may have been trying to give me the answer all these years. I hope at least!





That is how I have felt this week. I seem to be experiencing a "purging" period with these products. I attribute this not only to using new products but constantly switching and adding things! Part of its my fault and then also your skin also has to adjust to new products so...yeah. But...My skin totally purged like crazy earlier this week. I got like 5 new zits all at once, one being an annoying cyst on my jawline which i can't stand! I hate having 5 bright red spots on my pale face it sucks! I just felt really depressed when this happened, but then I realized that it could be much worse and that this very well may be all the gunk under the surface layer of my skin getting out which is a good thing. I have often heard skin has to get worse before it gets better sometimes...i beleive this to an extent...

I hope these products work I really do. I have never used salicylic acid in my entire life...I was hoping it may be a product that would really turn my skin around. I am still hoping that is the case. Even though everything in me wanted to stop using all these products immediatley...i have decided I am going to stick with them and give them at least 2 months. If I am seeing no improvement then...its on to something else!

So this is my current Routine:


Cleanse with PC Pore Normalizing Cleanser

Tone with PC Extra Strength 2% BHA

Light Layer PC 2.5% BP

Moisturize with Cerave PM Facial Moisturizer


Cleanse with PC Pore Normalizing Cleanser

PC 5% AHA Daily Smoothing Treatment

Spot treat with bp

Moisturize with Cerave PM Facial Moisturizer

I am extremely dry and get flakey as well...I almost feel like I can't tolerate bp weird because I was on the regimen for like 4 years in the past. I tried to go backon the regimen last August and it was the same thing my skin like couldn't handle it so I just used Dan's 10% AHA Moisturizer which worked pretty well, but at the end of the day I don't think it was enough to keep my acne at bay. I may eliminate the bp and see if just using BHA in the morning and AHA at night will work, we'll see!

I am just trying not to let me skin dicatate my mood, but honestly it is hard...i feel very upset by my skin and find it hard to stay positive. But here's to trying!

Also...I have been taking Dr. Ohira's probiotics morning and night...I have a feeling these may actually do something positive for me, whether it will help my skin or not I'm not sure, but I think they are goign to help my health! I've also been taking Vitamin D3 daily and 1 Teaspoon Cod Liver Oil and 50 mg Zinc, a Multi Vitamin as well. So we'll see if that plays a factor at all in the next few weeks :)

Its friday, happy weekend! Love yourself! Be happy! I'm trying! :) XOXO!


So...I have been using the Paula's choice clear system for ALMOST 2 weeks now and WOW can i see huge changes in my skin :) Definitely for the better!

So...I decided the 5% BP is way too strong for my skin...I don't know why but every time I used it I would be bright red and burning so I decided to ask for the 2.5% sample instead. BTW her customer service is oustanding...for NO cost they quickly sent me the regular strength CLEAR kit in the mail...well the 2 week sample size but still!

So...I want to say I've only been on this exact regimen for about a week in a half or so.

But I"m using PC Normalizing Cleanser, Extra Strength 2% BHA Exfolient and the 2.5% BP then Cerave PM Facial Moisturizer.

I'm loving this routine so far...i have to admit my skin freaked out a little likely because I began using 5 new products all at once LOL and because i think the BHA was pushing the crap lying on the surface layer out which is what its supposed to do. I mean you can't have smooth skin without getting the gunk out. I had some deep under the skin bumps that had been there forever...within 1 week of using this stuff a few of those quickly surfaced and healed! This is powerful stuff! Even though I am not in the clear just yet, my skin is changing...becoming much more soft and even. Also, when I do get a pimple its gone within like 2 days which is amaze balls lol.

I have an amazing feeling about this line! I'm just gonna keep on truckin grinwink.gif and hope for the best!

I have been taking zinc, vitamin d, multi and vitamin a daily...i need to get more probiotics!

Side note...not having to do with PC products....

I've been making time to go to yoga and workout...this makes a huge difference not in my skin necessarily but for my wellbeing and my is an instand mood booster and so important. I think a huge part of my skin problem is STRESS! Physical activity is a known stress reliever just sayin rolleyes.gif

I got some of PC 5% AHA samples in the mail today....i'm considering using that at night...but terribly afraid to introduce my skin to yeet another new product as of right now lol! We'll see!

So far so good, don't be afraid to try something new! And LOVE yourself more importantly than anything wub.png



So...a little history of Ashley's skin trials and errors:

Began getting mild acne age 13-16

very mild but bothersome and constant. Never really followed any regimen.

Age 17...moderate acne...began using pro active and hated it. Skin continues to worsen, i take my first trip to the derm and get prescribed doxycycline which clears up my skin in 2 months...until i decide to stop taking the medicine and my acne returns!

18-20 moderate acne...sometimes clearer than others, but constant.

20...began Daniel Kern's regimen with success. THis cleared me up big time, i still got occasional pimples, but nothing like before. At age 23 I decided i was sick of the whole thing and stopped the regimen...began using other products with no acne fighting forward 6 months later and I have full blown cystic acne all over my face! I had never experienced this kind of acne, it killed my self esteem and caused me major depression. I went back to the derm and was prescribed minocycline and epiduo...did nothing. Began accutane...clear in a few months! I was overjoyed it felt like I had a new life, one in which every thought didn't revolve around my skin.

Just 1 year later...acne is back. Not terrible, but mild. I'm pissed, wasn't accutane a CURE!

So its back on dans regimen...which worked pretty good...better than anything else at least.

Then at 25 i begin using mary kay products...which do not agree with my skin at all...and i'm breaking out again constantly. Its back to dans regimen...which isn't really i go vegan and try all kinds of supplements and diet/lifestyle changes....I'm pretty clear within 3 months but once i let go for the holidays my acne is back and constant within a month.

So now...I'm fed up. I wanna give this crap a swift kick in the rear and tell it to high tail it outta my life!

I was always interested in Paula's Choice Products and love reading her advice. So I decided to order her Clear Extra strength line last Friday it came in the mail. And wow...i got overly excited and totally burnt/dried out my face! Took me 3 days to recover.

I think the 5% BP is WAYYY to strong for me. So i think i'm going to try the 2.5% bp along with the extra strength bha and i started using cerave facial moisturizer PM. So, this is my new regimen morning and night for the next few weeks to see what happens. I am interested in only using the bha in the mornings and adding some aha in at night instead...but just wanna see what happens on this for a moment.

I am begining to take some supplements: Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin A, Multi daily

Looking into adding B5 and fish oil.

So...been on this regimen about 2 will update in a few more days.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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