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Accutane at 39!

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I decided I can't take these crazy pains anymore, my legs are sore, my shoulders, my heels, ......My derm and family doctor both said my blood test looks pretty good,.......they think it's ok for me to continue with 20 mg instead of 40 mg.

But I read yesterday all the posts from other people and how some ended up with muscle damage and even ostheoporosis.

Fucking doctors, why dont they tell people NOT to exercise while on Accutane? I really think I would have done much better if I had limited my physical activities.

I am gonna stop this medication today, I am taking advil extra strenght.

If I feel 100% better in 4 days Off the medication, then I will continue with only 10mg. But right now I need reassurance that I can go back to normal after stoppign this medication.

Maybe I'm being a chicken, I know others just deal with the pains,.......But I wanna be safe,...and it's sad because my skin looks pretty good and I can't imagine the acne coming back. It's a very hard decision to make......


Im so upset with myself for having these pains. My derm told me to go back to 20 Mg when I told her I could barely walk the other day. Some people have told me to hang in there and deal with the pains.

But I like to be active and couldn't even do yoga anymore because of the back and heel pain.

I'm just hoping not to be on this for many months, I have to drink water every 30 minutes or my mouth gets really dry.

I really think the medication is helping, but now I see small indentations on my skin which I didn't have before, is this happening to anyone else?


Anyone else with heel/feet pain?

It hurts to walk! I cleaned the house today and was going up and down stairs and it got worse.

I'm gonna take Advil but I'm freaking out, I don't want muscle damage.

If it continues ill have to reduce the dose to 20 mgs......, which I would hate since my skin is clear for the first time since I was 12!


I'm finally not waking up with painful bumps on my face! As you can see my acne wasn't terrible, but the kind of cysts I got were big and painful, sometimes the size of a penny! and even if I only had one or 2 at a time they ruined every aspect of my life.

I just to walk around with scabs on my face since I couldn't stop picking my skin, they were so painful and itchy I coudn't even concentrate on the things I was doing.

So far so good. My only complaint is the pain in my back/hips and heels. Funny thing is that today I feel pretty good, no pains! the pain comes and goes for some reason.

This photo is from May, the previous one is from April.


So my skin is much better these days, no more itching or redness on my face, just dryness but it's not too bad. I only have a few tiny blackheads which are not going away for some reason,they have been ther since the beginning.

I just feel tired, thirsty and now I have a headache that is not going away, I have been taking Advil for the last couple of days. Any advice? Should I go see my doctor?

I have also stopped exercising, I had muscle pains afterwards. For now I will stick to walking for 20 minutes and some yoga once I can get rid of this headache!


Today it's been on of the worst days since I started taking Accutane. I'm on day 39 and my skin is looking much worse than when I started, I can't take anymore all the redness and inflamation. it's like every tiny little blackhead have turned into big inflamed really painful and itchy pimples.

I can't take anymore all the itching on my faceeeeeeeeeee! On top of picked all the pimples, I went on a picking spree and now I ended up with huge scabs.

Advice please! I really want this to work. I thought that because my acne was mild-moderate I would notice an improvement by now.


I never ever imagined the girl with porcelain skin had used accutane, but apparently Emma stone said so in an interview:


it's interesting that she said that she went off of it after only 2 months and now she has dry skin, lips and eyes. Maybe she took a really high dose?

Anyhow, I am going to 40 mgs this weekend, wish me luck! My dermatologist said my blood tests were excellent.

I also plan to see my naturopath next week to start detoxifying my liver and see what else I can do.

So far, the effects have been mild for me. Except for some pain in my middle toe that lasted for days! I was starting to get worried cause it hurt a little when I walked, it's better now. I got that pain after walking for about 3 hours at an exhibition last weekend.

Happy friday!


It's been 3 weeks for me already. So far the side effects have been mild for me, just dry lips and some weird muscle pains, like behind my neck, in my legs, etc.

I really wish I hadn't read all that negative stuff, every time I get a pain I wonder if it's the medication.

I also noticed that my muscles don't recover as quickly if I exercise or do physical activity, or maybe it's because I'm almost 40? LOL

For now I will stick to doing Yoga only.

My face and scalp are dry which is nice!!!! I still have blackhead and yesterday I got a huge cyst next to my nose. yikes!

I'm putting aczone and sulfur cream so that hopefully it goes away, but it itches so bad!

I had my blood test yesterday,.....anyone else got anxiety about the results?? I know it's gonna be ok, but I wonder it it's normal to be anxious about it.

happy weekend everyone!


Anyone else with eye sensitivity??

I feel like the the sunlight is seems brighter, also I have work to do on the computer, and it also seems brighter.

My right eye feels it bit more than the left. But I don't feel any eye dryness, just the sensitivity.

what do do? I have a full day of work and I bothers me I work on the computer all day today


I See others on accutane cleansing gently and putting mosturizers while I don't feel ready to stop using my sulfur cream

I didn't use it for the past couple of days as my skin was getting itchy, but today I woke up with the same huge cyst that seemed to be drying up a few days ago. Why????

Damn I'm going to a wedding this weekend, I'm at office hiding putting ice on my face right now

It's so huge the side if my chin is really swollen.

Went to see my derm but she only offered a sample of aczone.

Advice please !


Seriously when is this thing gonna kick in? I'm on day 10 of accutane, but now it seems like it stopped working, maybe I'm expecting too much or my dose needs to be increased.

Still waking up with an oily face, the cysts on my chin are not going away.

My acne is mild moderate


Day 8 Accutane

I'm on day 8th of accutane, though it seems like it's been an eternity. I can't wait to be over with this. So far no bad side effects, but yesterday I had diarreah again and woke up with lower abdominal pain, close to my ovaries, It felt similar to when I get my period. really weird. I went to the doctor just in case, it might be a bladder infecition she said.

Other than that, my skin is as oily as ever, just really sensitive today, like kind of itchy, I've gotten a few pimples but they are small.

Also, some muscle pains, specially close to my elbows, very weird. I also talked to someone who took 10 mg/3 times a week for 6 months and her acne is gone! her acne was mild-moderate like mine.

maybe doctors are giving people higher doses than we need???


Today is day 4! Finally I was able to sleep last night, I have to admit that I had bad anxiety for the past few days since I started.

I wish I hadn't read all the negative stuff on the internet. I mean it's good to know but from what I gathered, the success stories are way more the bad ones. My doctor also said to me: "if people knew all the side effects that tylenol could cause nobody would take it". I think that's a good way to look at it. I mean life is a risk anyways, ......we don't do this out of vanity (ok maybe a little) but we do for the most part because of health, both mental and physical. I look at those people who smoke and binge on alcohol and I think they do it just for the heck of it and they could care less about side effects.

I have decided to stay positive and take good care of myself:-) I haven't noticed a difference so far, my skin is oily as usual, but i am only on 20 mg. I am wondering if I should go back to my doctor next week and ask If i can bump it to 40 mg, I guess it will depend on how i feel. But i definitely don't want to do 20 mg for a year.


Hi everyone, ?

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I can still use my sulfur cream, I am on day 1 of accutane. and I am trying to reduce a big cyst I have, or do I need to stop right away?

I am on 20 g/day. How long will it take for my skin to get dry?

Also, any tips to stay hydrated? like drinking gatorade or something like that? I'm already thirsty all the time since I have rhinitis.



Hi everyone,

I never thought I would find myself here at 39! but here I am after having tried pretty much everything on the planet: BP, antibiotics, Sulfur creams, clyndoxil, naturopathy, vitex, homeopathics, putting apple cider vinegar on my face, drinking kefir, etc. And I have been on a vegan diet for the past 3 months, (I was a vegetarian before) I was hoping eliminating dairy would improve the acne, but so far nothing, I even tried going gluten free but that only lasted a month, again no improvement. I do yoga, meditation and hypnosis on a regular basis and while that helps with the anxiety and depression, it's done nothing for the acne.

My father had acne really bad, he had it much worse than me, his face was scarred pretty bad. But my mom has beautiful skin even now at 58.

I also tried taking Zinc, I've done it for the past 3 months, again no improvement, I'm just fed up of looking for the latest cure, I need to concentrate my energies on more constructive things, like being happy and growing my business!

I've had blackheads since I was 12, but it turned cystic in my 20's. I would get the occasional cyst, then I started getting more so in my mid twenties I started using BP, and it seemed to get better, then it kind of stopped working because it got rid of the blackheads, or at least kept them under control, but I kept getting cysts. 2 years ago after almost 10 years of being on BP I started noticing wrinkles aroudn my eyes and skin really dry because of the BP and I decided to go see my doctor and try again all those other things I had already tried in the past. I always said no to accutane since my acne is NOT severe, but I get lots of blackheads and cysts mainly on my chin, but somedays it's not bad at all, other days they appear out of nowhere and I have been picking my skin for years with a needle, that's how I drain the cysts, I just hate having a big red bump on my face that itches like crazy.

My doctor told me to stop picking as I coudl end up with a really bad infection but I can't stop, I think having a scab for 3 days is better than having those cysts for months, mine don't seem to go away and when they do, they usually leave a scar, Thank god I don't have many.

I will keep you posted on my progress and I am hoping for tips to help me cope with the symptoms. I am a bit scared but I also want to be really optimistic about it. I've had this for so long and I think it's time for me to say good bye to this disease.

we are in this together, I send everyone here good vibes and lots of positive energy so that we all heal and live the lives that we deserve!