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My Experience with Acne Pre&Post 2 rounds of Accutane

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If you haven't seen my first post**

A blog documenting my returning cystic/nodular acne after 2 rounds of accutane. Considering a third but hopefully I don't have to get to that point again. Makeup tips for the ladies. Hopefully reading my posts helps you get through your acne struggle. hifive.gif


After a happy derm appointment this Monday who noticed my cheeks were looking much less inflammed at the end of the week - things kind of did a 360 when I felt my cheeks start stinging in pain towards the end of the week. The next day my heart sank. I had a nickel sized cyst sticking out of my face and a smaller one on the other cheek. Considering 3 months ago I had clear skin it is difficult to wrap my head around what is happening to my skin - especially after two rounds with the miracle drug. I was also out of state for a job interview which made matters worse. When seeing my family who haven't seen me in a while, I immediately just wanted to hide and felt obligated to do some explaining. On interview day my skin was super red, inflamed, and stung terribly. I tried to apply my medications and makeup the same way.

The finacea was a HUGE mistake, it made the stinging worse. I skipped the epidou. I took my Solodyn since it doesn't make a difference. I tried backtracking what could have caused this flare up. Nerves from the interview? One of the creams being too harsh? One of the creams not strong enough? Since I had to go on the interview I caked on the makeup big time which isn't smart but it had to be done. My derm is out on vacation so I have to wait for them to be injected.

What do you do when you have a cyst? Have you ever tried fiancea? Would any ladies reading this want to see separate makeup posts?



Current Routine:

Solodyn 105mg @ dinner

Epidou @ morning

finacea @ night

injections 2x-4x weeks

Face Makeup:

Makeup Forever HD primer

Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation

Benefit BOING Concealer

Dior touche eclat radiant concealer

Skin Care:

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Moisturizer


Welcome to my Blog/gallery.wub.png - Picture March 2013 - 5 minutes apart w/makeup & without

I have decided to document my Acne story for my own personal reflection and to help any others also struggling who may read my posts and think "Wow I am not alone..."hifive.gif . I would also like to post about my makeup routine to cover acne scars.

I have been struggling with Acne for 10 years. I don't mean "struggling" like how sometimes people who do not have severe acne talk about their three little dots on their cheeks - NOPE! I am talking to the those of us who understand the joy when seeing a big cyst start to heal to the sadness/anxiety when you bring home that Accutane binder.

This is my first time really dealing with severe acne again since my second round of Accutane that ended in 2009. Over two months my skin went from being clear and normal back to painful swollen cysts, monthly injections, and the emotions that come along with it. I am a teacher and it hit me hard when one of my concerned young students politely asked me what happened to my face that I was once again facing a big problem. As of this point, (Mid March) emotionally, the sweet temptation of considering a third time of accutane is difficult to ignore eusa_think.gif , however for now, that is not hopefully where I end up.

This is my Current Routine:

Solodyn 105mg @ dinner

Epiduo @ morning

Finacea @ night

Injections 2x-4x weeks by derm


LUSH Fresh Pharmacy - cleanser bar

Aveeno - moisturizer


Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Makeup Forever full coverage concealer

BOING by Benefit concealer

A bit of background...

2003 Age 13 - moderate acne (topical medications)

2004 Age 14 - moderate acne (topical medications)

2005 Age 15 - WTF is happening? severe acne/cysts/boil-like cysts -(injections every 2 weeks)

2006 Age 16 - First round of Accutane

2007 Age 17 - 100% clear skin (no medication)

2008 Age 18 - 80% clear skin - mild/moderate acne (no medication)

2009 Age 19 - Second round of Accutane

2010 Age 20 - 100% clear skin (no medication)

2011 Age 21 - 100% clear skin (no medication)

2012 Age 22 - 100% clear skin (no medication)

2013 Age 23 - WTF is happening? severe acne/cysts as bad as 2007 - (injections once a month, upped to 2x a week, 2 topical medications & antibiotic)

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