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Hey readers!

I am currently on my second week of my third month but I was not able to post my Month 2 results! This month was really weird since I was in South Korea for 10 days for a study tour. Although I ran on 5 hours of sleep daily, did not exercise, and ate really delicious/unhealthy foods, my skin got better by the end of the trip. I think it was the cold and dry air because I still strongly believe that there is a correlation between acne and diet. Below is my short diary of my weekly progress. I still have this cycle of having clear skin and then eruptions of breakouts. However, if you compare my Month 1 with this, you can clearly tell that there is a HUGE improvement. My cheeks are also 90% clearer and the only pimples that appear are next my jawline. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully have good news for you for Month 3!

Month 2

Week 5: jawline breakout (cheese

And crappy food), left side perfect

right side breakout on whole face

Week 6: breakout died down, March 20th beg. of Korea trip

Week 7: Korea trip breakout, all healed but one massive one

Week 8: Back in LA, Clear for 3 days then breakout on whole jawline, very little redness only


Hey readers!

So I began Dan's Regimen on February 8th, 2013 and I have been keeping track of my progress on my phone. The Regimen includes being extremely gentle, and using large amounts of cleanser, moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. By the time I started this, cysts were already coming back since the time I finished Accutane. Also, I was having weekly breakouts of cysts mainly on my jaw line. For more information, please go check out

Month 1

Week 1: Many whiteheads, itchy, breakout on jawline

Week 2: Itchy, less pimples, redness, right cheek breakout

- I want to say that the first two weeks were very hard. It was very itchy and I was so red. I would recommend doing the regimen a hour before you sleep. So your skin is calmed down by the time you sleep. As I could not sleep one night because of the itchiness.

Week 3: Major breakout whole week, no more itchiness/redness

- I think this week was when my initial breakout peaked. I was so depressed and actually felt emotionally insecure like I did before I went on Accutane. However, the jojoba oil (I will talk about this in another post) I ordered came in and the redness disappeared; at least one good thing.

Week 4: This week will end on March 8th. I can't believe the change, my cheeks are totally clear and I has like only one active pimple the whole week. I got a cyst on like the 4th day but that is only one and I can live with it.

I want to say that I was VERY skeptical of this when I began as I used benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments in the past. However, even that had caused irritation and dryness. I will tell you not to worry, because my skin is not peeling or itchy as long as I take it of it. I mean your skin will definitely need time to adjust to the BP so I recommend starting with a very small amount of BP.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates. I will make posts relating to the Regimen before month 2. Hopefully I will be fully clear by month 3!

- Austin


Hey guys! I have not blogged about my skin since I finished Accutane. However, I recently started Dan's Regimen (Clear Skin Regimen) and I will make another post about that. However, it has been about one year since I stopped using Accutane and I think it is a good time to post an update.

So after I finished Accutane, my skin gradually worsened; however, I will say that my skin has been clearer this year than before I took Accutane. Do I regret taking Accutane? I don't regret taking it because although it was not the miracle for me, my skin did improve and my back acne and chest acne completely went away. Furthermore, there were way fewer cysts and the pimples I got were not the deep painful type.

THEN, about 2-3 months after I finished, I began getting these really small, pus-filled, red and itchy pimples on my face. They felt like mosquito bites and were extremely red. So upon researching after I thought it was the sweat I got from exercising irritating my pimples, I discovered that I had folliculitis. Basically, it is the infection of hair follicles from bacteria. When I went to my dermatologist, the intern did not believe me. However, I was pretty sure what I had since the itchy pimples appeared in the areas I used the razor. So I ended up having to take probiotics to restore my good bacteria.

When that finally disappeared, my skin continued gradually worsening. However, I vowed not to go on another round of Accutane as it is not anywhere near as bad as my acne before. So I researched many things and discovered Dan's Regimen. I will blog about that in another post. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will stay with my for my new journey!

- Austin

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