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Ziana, Doxycycline, Clindamycin Regimen

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Wow, it's been a very long time since I have written an entry!

Sorry, I've been super busy with my new job, which I actually happen to enjoy! smile.png

Update Pics:


Redness is almost completely gone. Nothing a little makeup can't fix!


I currently have one tiny little zit on my chin, but other than that... NADA!

  • I stopped taking the antibiotics once I ran out (around day 50), but other than that, my routine has been the same.
  • My skin completely stopped breaking out after the middle of the third month or so and the redness started to fade after the fourth. I currently deal with one or two minor pimples right around the time of my period, but they usually go away after putting Ziana on it for a night. Once my skin got used to the Ziana, it became a magical pimple eraser.
  • My skin is still on the oily side, but I really don't mind. Oil absorbing sheets rock!
  • I have not had any gigantic in-grown pimple (the main reason why I went to the dermatologist in the first place) since the end of April.


Please note, the initial break out SUCKS, but it only lasts for a month or two. If you are seriously considering to get rid of acne once and for all, DO IT. Sometimes I really wonder why I didn't go see the dermatologist sooner...



Sorry, lately I've been super busy with job interviews and working, but I always make sure to take pictures.

BUT, as I predicted a few days ago, I BROKE THE HELL OUT!

It's absolutely fukin' lovely because my birthday is in 2 days! Yay!! FML

And the best part is, I don't think I'm done breaking out because I feel new ones surfacing. Can't wait till tomorrow morning to find 20 more new zits!! Ughhhhh!!! eusa_wall.gif

Daily Pictures + Info

Day 17 Commentary: I don't know if you remember, but from my previous post, I knew something was up because my face felt super tingly and looked blotchy. Here is what happened:


Day 17 PM after wash


Day 17 PM after wash

Day 18 Commentary: My neck is really starting to get itchy again and it feels like it's spreading further down. It's weird because the redness on my neck is mostly a rash.


Day 18 PM after wash


Day 18 PM after wash

Day 19 Commentary: Just took these pictures now after I took a shower. I'm breaking out like CRAZY. I keep thinking that I've done something wrong in my routine... I don't know. It also feels and looks like this is just the beginning of the break out which really scares me. My period isn't for another two weeks or so, so I can't even blame it on my hormones. One thing I might be able to blame it on is a clay face mask I put on in the morning of day 17... Ugh. My face looks horrible.


Day 19 PM after wash (just now)


Day 19 PM after wash (just now)


Oh, and the good news! (I think) The gigantic zit on the back of my neck disappeared.. It seriously vanished into thin air.. :eh: It kinda scares me. I really hope it doesn't relocate itself onto my face.


I woke up this morning with a big zit on the back of my neck right by my hair line.

It kind of hurts but thankfully it's not on my face. I would take a picture of it, but I can't seem to get a good one so I'll just keep you posted on it's "daily activities." I put Ziana on it not too long ago so hopefully it disappears in a few days at most.

Daily Pictures


Day 15 AM after wash


Day 15 AM after wash

No difference in redness but I feel like the last of the bumps under my skin are finally starting to surface. Hopefully I don't break out ridiculously again, but this time I'm prepared. oompf.gif

Got another job interview Thursday! Hopefully my face won't look atrocious. eusa_pray.gif

***Edit*** 10:13 PM Just washed my face before bed. I feel a bad breakout coming. My face is tingling like last time and it's blotchy. I am dreading tomorrow.


Wow, I sure was busy this weekend! I worked all weekend and didn't have much time to update the blog, but I made sure to take pictures in the morning smile.png Enjoy!

Daily Pictures


Day 13 AM after wash


Day 13 AM after wash


Day 14 AM after wash


Day 14 AM after wash


Day 15 AM after wash


Day 15 AM after wash

From what I can see, the redness has once again dramatically decreased! Go me!!

On day 14, I ran out of the sample of Monodox the doctor gave me so I started taking the generic pills I got from the pharmacy. I'm also currently on 2/8 samples of Ziana the doctor gave me. Ziana seems to last forever! So far I am pretty happy with what is going on with my face because I haven't gotten a gigantic zit (what I went to the dermatologist in the first place for) since I started my cocktail of medications. My one complaint today is that my lips are super dry! Sooo, I started using Aquaphor on my lips today.

My next dermatologist appointment is set for April 1st and I can't wait to see what he's going to say. catdance.gif


Last night I went out with a bunch of my girl friends to the local bar and I don't know if I did my makeup really well or if my face looked not bumpy or what not, but I got a "you look beautiful" compliment from an acquaintance. It felt really good!

I'm really starting to think the combination of medications the dermatologist prescribed me is spot on!

Not gonna lie, I've been pretty worried about breaking out again (as bad as I did on day four) from researching information on my prescriptions but hey, maybe this is the end and it's only going to get better from here? Hopefully I'm finished with the "initial breakout" stage and I'm moving on?

One can only hope.

Daily Pictures


Day 11 AM after wash


Day 11 AM after wash

A lot of the deep underlying bumps on my cheeks are starting to get a lot smaller and the raw redness is slowly turning into a brownish red color (which I hope means that they are starting to give up). I don't know if you can tell but the two zits I was complaining about yesterday have already dried up!

My one complain about my skin is that it's super oily! I have to use two oil absorbing strips to get the oil off my face before I put my makeup on. Oh well, I first have to conquer acne before I can start worrying about oiliness.

Sometime today before work I'll post a picture of me with makeup on! smile.png

Makeup On


Off to work now!


I currently have two zits I really want off the left side of my face, but the right is pretty damn clear. I definitely admit that I look great compared to what I looked like on the 4th-5th day.

It's getting there. The redness is slllooooowwwly starting to fade. Thank God!!


Day 11 AM after wash


Day 11 AM after wash

The pictures' lighting taken by the window shows the redness a lot better so I will only take pictures by the window from now on.


Day 10. Whatevz

Okay... It could be my imagination, but it looks like my chin skin hangs a little lower? Haha maybe I'm getting fat!

Also, I realized that my white/black heads are slowly coming back on my nose. Eh, good thing I don't really care too much about them. I'm more concerned about the bigboys taking over my face.

Daily picture in the same lighting:


Day 10 AM before wash


Day 10 AM before wash


Day 10 AM after wash


Day 10 AM after wash

Weird, it looks less red in the "after wash" pictures. huh.png

Got a job interview in the city today.. Guh, I hate wearing makeup!


My skin seems a lot "happier" this morning. No new breakouts, my face also seems a lot less red and bumpy. I realized that there is a major difference in how my skin looks before and after my shower (but dumbly, I took the two in different lighting). Therefore, today I've got a good amount of pictures to post.

I also decided to post my daily routine so I can stick with it. Also for your viewing pleasure rolleyes.gif


1. Eat: Raw spinach and whatever else I feel like eating.

2. Shower: Cetaphil (normal to oily skin wash), CVS self foaming facial pad, shampoo and conditioner. Cetaphil cream afterwards

3. Take one Monodox 100mg, one 750mg L-Tyrosine, one Portia BCP(levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablet, USP 0.15mg/0.03mg), & 20mg Adderall (generic).


4. Eat: Raw spinach and arugula, fermented soybeans + whatever I'm in the mood for.

5. Wipe with one CPTSU wipe all over face.

6. Gym: 30 minutes - 45 minutes


7. Eat: Raw spinach and arugula with whatever I'm in the mood for.

8. Shower: Cetaphil (oil control foam wash), CVS self foaming facial pad, wash hair with water throughly.

9. Wait five minutes for face to dry before putting a pea-sized amount of Ziana all over face and neck.

10. Wait two minutes for Ziana to dry then apply Cetaphil cream all over face and neck.

***Get at least eight hours of sleep***




Washes and Creams


Pills minus adderall(didn't think it was relevant)


Day 9 AM before wash


Day 9 AM before wash


Day 9 AM after wash


Day 9 AM after wash

Tomorrow I'll take both before and after pictures in the same lighting. The before pictures were taken in the bathroom right before I took a shower and the after pictures were taken at my desk by the window.

I think my face gets a lot redder after I shower because I exfoliate eusa_think.gif . I think exfoliating is really important because when you're on Ziana, the skin cells are rapidly proliferating and desquamating. Therefore, helping your skin get rid of the dead cells is essential.

This maybe too much information and kinda gross, but I'm trying to be completely honest.. I had these super small odd bumps on my butt (exactly where my butt bone meets the seat) for maybe five years, which really weren't noticeable so they didn't bother me much... but this morning I noticed that they all disappeared! I guess that means that they were zits?


Ugh my face is really dry and itchy!! I think by tomorrow I will start flaking (I'm not sure how I feel about this).

The spreading down my neck has seemed to stop. I really hope the redness in my cheeks will go away soon.


Day 8 AM after wash


Day 8 AM after wash

***PM Update***


So, I was inspecting my face after my shower around 11PM and I didn't see any white or black heads in the area between where the side of my nose and cheek meet!!! Since I started getting ance, I ALWAYS had something there, be it a bunch of small blackheads or white heads. I'm just really surprised!!

-end PM rant


I've come to the conclusion this morning that my acne is still spreading lower down my neck, but also finally starting to heal.


The bumpiness is starting to smooth out and this morning my face wasn't bright red like it has been for the past few days. I'm thinking/hoping that my face has finally gotten used to the medication.


Day 7 Afternoon after wash


Day 7 Afternoon after wash


It's day 6 and my acne seems to be spreading further down my neck. It's quite upsetting.

Today I started my new cycle of birth control so lets see if it helps. ::crossing fingers::

I consulted a good friend who went through the whole antibiotic, gel, and wipe routine and she said that it'll get better soon (probably).

I hope she's right.


Day 6 AM after washing face


Day 6 AM after washing face

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures but there are all these little whiteheads ALL OVER my face. It's really nasty. I was able to pop a bunch of them by exfoliating, but I missed a ton.


My face is a disaster.

I have NEVER seen it this bad.

I basically have about a million little zits all over my cheeks. Some are also starting to form on my neck. It's really gross and I really feel like crawling into a deep dark hole and crying. Hesitantly, I showed my boyfriend this morning and he was very supportive. I am soo lucky to have such a great guy.


Day 5 AM After shower


Day 5 AM After shower

Yeah, so basically I look atrocious. Thank God for really expensive full coverage makeup (I really recommend the brand CoverFx).

Okay, I have to mention one thing that is a major plus. There was a soon-to-be gigantic zit a few days ago on my left cheek, but it dramatically decreased in size (probably due to the lack of space it had to grow).

My face looks like a Risk board game (red is winning).

Also thanks to Fadedjay for giving me information about what I'm currently going through! I was seriously about to superglue a mask on my face...


Broke out with a million little zits!!! UGHHHhhh Last night my skin felt a little warm and funny, so I knew something was up, but WTF!

It's quite bizarre because my main acne problem has always been gigantic zits, not really the small ones.

I'm hoping to God they go away soon because my skin has NEVER looked this bad.

(I'm almost embarrassed to put these pictures up... If anyone is actually reading this thing, let me know. I'm about to put the setting on private)


Day 4 After shower Afternoon


Day 4 After shower Afternoon


Day 3

I can already tell that my skin got a lot smoother and softer after this morning's shower. But for some reason (could be my imagination or lighting), I feel like my skin got a lot more blotchy... Blotchy as in, redder.

Oh well, at least there aren't any new zits popping up!


Day 3 AM after shower


Day 3 AM after shower


Day 3 AM hq pic

***I take side-shots because my cheeks are my #1 problem area***


I realized I don't really like writing blogs. I actually don't mind anymore, but I would much rather post a lot of pictures.

Therefore, I will be making this my acne picture blog! smile.png

A little about me:

I am 24, asian, and have had mild-moderate acne since I was around the age of 13. The type of acne I get the most often are the really stubborn, gigantic ones that take about a month to disappear. Yesterday, I finally went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life because I had a pretty bad breakout and seriously, I'm almost 25! I shouldn't have to deal with acne in my mid-20's. I need to get this "situation" under control. I'm 90% sure I started to breakout due to stress. I recently finished college and I'm currently looking for a job (which is SOOO STRESSFUL!!). I've been working on my résumé and job hunting non-stop for about two months now and it's been quite fruitless. I guess the reason why I decided to start blogging about this experience is because blogging looks good on résumés and why the hell not?

The dermatologist prescribed me: Ziana (clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and tretinoin 0.025%) Gel, Monodox (Doxycycline Monohydr) 100mg, and Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution USP 1% (Pledgets).

Routine Dermatologist gave me:

Take one Doxycycline 100mg in the A.M. after eating, one Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution USP 1% wipe in the afternoon when skin starts feeling oily, and a pea sized amount of Ziana all over infected areas before I sleep.

The face washes and moisturizer I use are the Cetaphil brand and I exfoliate with CVS's self-foaming facial pads.


Day1 PM after shower


Day1 PM after shower


Day2 AM after washing


Day2 AM after washing


Day 2 hqpic

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