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Everything about accutane.

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Simple, yet absolutely mind-boggling: Why is accutane still prescribed?

As of the latest and most relevant information i can obtain, The FDA has received reports of 66 suicides and

1,373 psychiatric adverse events other than suicide related to Accutane.(1)This information is sadly from the year 2000. This is also only the number of events that have been reported directly to the FDA. The actual number of either or could be astounding as is the amount of cases that go un-reported to the FDA.

"More than half a million people worldwide have been prescribed Roaccutane, despite the fact that it's intended to be used only as a last resort (and even then its use is highly questionable). But UK dermatologist Tony Chu said that often Roaccutane is being offered far more than that:

"Roaccutane is grossly overused …I've seen patients who have been to see a local dermatologist to treat four of five spots and still been offered it … If you read the guidelines it should only be used for people who have severe acne."" (2)

This statement is exceptionally true, as I myself were one of those sufferers. Slain by the double-edged sword or what we call trust. The overwhelming reliance on doctors and confidence that they are only there to help us. You then later find out that not only do the highly "intelligent" doctors not know what accutane does, but absolutely NOBODY does. Ask anyone how it works and you will either get no answer or you will receive a different opinion each and every time.

The worst part is the thought of what drives these people to suicide and depression. Is it the possible theory that accutane so disrupts your neurological function that it in turn causes depression or that looking at the side effects in the mirror causes one to think of suicide. Just think of your own story or stories you read all over. The scarring side effects all because you were drawn in to a false claim: clear skin permanently, for nothing in return. Some people do not even maintain clear skin and their acne comes back ten times worse probably because of how out of whack your body then becomes. It's disgusting to think how different peoples lives would be without accutane especially those with mild acne before who now face side effects. Premature aging, hairloss, creaking joints, system wide dryness. If any of you have ever been to All Things Male forum, you know how bad it can get. Some men their have linked accutane and Propecia ( a hairloss drug) together, claiming erectile dysfunction and many neurological issues. Who is not to believe them. At one time when we were all normal we would of thought someone like that to be a hypochondriac and would have simply gone on with our lives without looking back. However, now we can not help but to look back and wonder if that will soon be us because of the things that have gone wrong with us. It's terrible that people praise this drug to high heavens, it is even worse that doctors readily prescribe this with no understanding of how it works, and most gruesome is that after all the adverse effects (Depression, IBS, Crohns, link to celiac disease, alopecia, suicide,etc..) it is still available for anyone!

There has been countless lawsuits. Do not quote me directly on this, but the amount of losses accutane faced in court was somewhere around 25 to 30 million dollars. Then they up and left the US. Hmm coincidence, no. No one with half a brain believes that. They claimed that they were unable to compete with their generic counterparts..

Ahh, generic drugs. A entirely different yet just as abhorrent of a case. Did you know if you are affected by a generic drug, that there is hardly anything you can do about it? On June 23, 2011, the United States Supreme Court in Pliva, Inc. v. Mensing ruled that the makers of generic drugs cannot be sued for failing to warn of risks associated with their products. Though federal law requires the makers of brand-name drugs to update their product warnings as new side effects are discovered, the high court ruled that this duty does not extend to the makers of generic drugs because federal regulations require those drugs to carry the same warnings as their brand-name counterparts. The court concluded that state laws requiring generic drug manufacturers to unilaterally change their product warnings to add new safety information, which would necessarily result in product warnings that differ from those of their brand-name counterparts, are “pre-empted” by federal law prohibiting such differences. Finally, the court suggested it is the responsibility of Congress and the FDA to revise federal regulations in a way that would allow lawsuits against the makers of generic drugs. As generic drugs account for 75% of prescriptions filled in the United States, this decision is a blow to our rights and just about strips the possibility of a lawsuit or justice away.

The corruption in our medical system is debilitating. The ignorance of our doctors (sorry not doctors dermatologists) is overwhelming.

This should not be allowed. Dont take it, you will regret it.




2 BC News November 26, 2012


Come vote! Also comment. Accutane is one of the most controversial drugs on the market, well in US now Claravis amnesteem etc.. Anyways, it seems that through reading many forums, that many people go on to develop autoimmune like disorders or serious body malfunctions after Accutane. Not to mention the "normal" side effects like dry skin that persist well beyond the last treatment date. I'm trying to gather a poll to see just how "coincidental" all these things after accutane are. It doesnt matter if you think accutane caused it or not when voting. But, simply put, if you have an ailment that appeared after accutane, then vote it in the poll.

If you've had something serious, please share your story.


Don't Stress!

I can't stress this enough..

If you've experienced side effects from accutane do not stress. I believe it makes them worse and there's a chance you might not be able to get out of a funk as is common with so many post tane users. I. E depression. It's a lot easier said than done, but you have to avoid it.

I went through a breakup and therefore went through extreme emotional stress. I'm turn this caused me to experience telogen effluvium on top of my already thinned hair from accutane. My facial flushing was exacerbated and skin went into remission. I have worse acne now because of the stress than I've ever had in my life. I've never had backne or really any body acne and now my shoulders chest and stomach are covered. And the healing sucks because of impaired healing after accutane.. Just do everything you possibly can to avoid stress

My skin got even thinner than it was and my premature wrinkles got even worse. I'm only 20. Firstly, don't take this drug I'd you haven't. Secondly even if you haven't, avoid prolonged stress. It's detrimental to your body


Are you serious?! Have you read the side affects associated with Accutane... DON'T DO IT.

There is so many things effed up about what this drug can do to you. Why take the chance? So you can have clear skin? There are many other options. Especially if you don't have SEVERE ACNE. And really look at yourself to determine if you have severe acne. I know that most, having acne, are already extremely self conscious about themselves and think it is the worst acne ever. Google severe cystic acne and if yours is not comparable to that than Accutane should not even cross your mind and your doctor should be sued for malpractice and pure fu**in stupidity.

SOME SIDE EFFECTS ( In case you weren't already aware)

  • Thinning hair
  • Thinning of skin
  • Facial flushing/ Rosacea
  • Impaired wound healing (leads to easier scarring)
  • Dry skin,mouth, nose, eyes
  • Joint pain
  • Depression
  • Accelerated aging (Due to dry thin/fragile skin)
  • Birth defects
  • IBS
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Other autoimmune diseases
    • ​Raynauds syndrome
    • Thyroid issues

These are just a few of the numerous lasting side effects. While those are only a few side effects, they are all side effects that would hack at the quality of your life. Please dont take accutane, it could ruin your life forever.

During my course of accutane (at 17 years old), the only side effect that i noticed was that my hair thinned, which to say the least was detrimental. I mean besides the notorious dry scaly skin and nosebleeds. I guess i also noticed i was more pale. Not until later, years later was i affected with other lasting side effects. Or maybe it was possibly that i had most of them all along and i didnt notice them until rosacea and fine lines at 19 years old came up that caused me to look at myself more carefully... Now looking back at pictures of myself before and right after accutane, i can see that my skin thinned, which it is supposed to do at first. My skin never regained its thickness nor did my hair.

And as to depression I don't think depression is a direct act of accutane. But if a severe emotional event comes upon one of post tane users i believe it makes it much harder and impossible for some to get out of that state of mind. Possibly due to the slowed or stopping of proliferation of certain cells in our minds or, idk. No one knows. No one with power cares enough to find out everything 13 cis retinoic acid (Accutane) does to the body.

I wish i could go back in time and whoop my dermatologists ass for even thinking about prescribing me the drug for my mild acne as a first treatment.. I would of rather been locked in juvenile prison and had to of payed thousands in fines than have taken this drug. I don't know if there is anything i can really do besides look at myself slowly deteriorate. With my words i do however have the possibility to save the quality of your life and i really hope i can.



I would do ANYTHING to have never taken accutane. At about 20 I feel like I've wrecked my life. My skins thin and fragile and wrinkling. My shoulders shot (tendinitis). My hair thinned bad. It's embarrassing. It destroyed the quality of my life. I don't know if I wanna wait to see wha lies ahead sometimes. I just constantly think of going back in time and having never taken it. Literally runs through my mind every single day...


Water Fast?

Lately I've been reading of all the great benefits (possibilities) of water fasting. I would like to do it to detoxify my body and hopefully "cure" itself. Has anyone tried this and what were your results?

Also any opinions or advice welcome


This is a touchy subject, because i know that there are many of you out there that have depression directly related to accutane. I think my feeling of constant "shitty-ness" and worthlessness comes from indirect side effects of accutane. I also feel that accutane, whatever it does do to the mind and body, makes it harder to come out of a chronic stress/ depression situation. Later last year i went through a very stressful moment in my life where i went days without eating and i had to be moving or else my mind would just run and run and run, into things i didnt want to think about. For the most part i believe that Ive moved on from that situation, but the pit in my stomach is still there. Throughout that period i developed telogen effluvium on top of my already thinned hair from accutane, splendid! But more or less the depression continued after i started really looking at myself in the mirror . The stress took a toll on my already thinned and reddened face from accutane and i developed breakouts all over my body. In places that i never even experienced acne before. So that too obviously took a toll on my stress and self esteem. But i can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror any more. My hair is thin, my face is red from accutane induced rosacea at 20, i have wrinkles around my mouth and eyes from such dry skin and i think decreased proliferation. Im embarrassed to laugh or smile when i talk to someone because it will amplify the laugh lines that i now have which wont go away until the next morning after sleep. Which will then return as soon as i talk. Because of a hurt shoulder, which i believe also to be related to accutane (call me crazy) i cant do any heavy lifting to take my mind off of things. My whole body creaks now. At night i just constantly look up ways to reverse these effects and clues to the method of action and constantly stare at myself in the mirror wondering what if i had never taken this drug. And wishing to see a transformation before my eyes of my face and body going into a state of being that was accutane free.

I was never depressed while on the drug. I mean i had some self esteem lows when my hair first thinned and walking through school with a dry irritated red face was somewhat embarrassing, but besides that i was fine. But now through looking at myself and learning something newer and even worse every day tears at me..



Accutane Hairloss

Ahh the joy and happiness that this drug has brought to my life is endless eusa_wall.gif (Laying on the sarcasm as thick as butter used for a fat mans dinner roll).

Where to begin.. First of all, i used to have a thick, thick head of hair that i would treat like a girl. I put the concoction of mayonnaise and eggs and such in there a couple times to make it soft and shimmery, (make fun of me, whatever haha) i would only shampoo it every other day to maintain oils, and being a guy it was obviously always cut regularly.

Any who.. I think accutane works in many ways to contribute to hair loss and i don't have the time right now to compound and corroborate my information, but its on my mind so.. By shrinking sebaceous glands through apoptosis accutane makes the hair dry and brittle. It also increases your igfbp-3 (insulin growth factor binding protein) hormone which prevents IGF-1 from binding to the androgen receptors. It too is also possible that just the shock to your system from the drug can cause acute telogen effluvium which will be in the from of mass shedding that should come back in 6 to 9 months. I've also read things about vitamin d receptor sensitivity and fuction being messed with along with other hormones. My hair thinnned. Like the actual follicles thinned and they never returned .

Accutane works on many different levels.

For some they will just get telogen effluvium, a temporary hair loss that is shown in the form of shedding and should last anywhere from 4 to 9 months. If your hair is shedding, try not to stress it WILL come back.

For others their hair will thin. Maybe not in follicle number but thickness of the actual follicle will thin. Or both. Both can be related to adverse affects that high dose vitamin a has on the thyroid. Vitamin a acts almost ubiquitously within our bodies and it is supposed to be based off of a checks and balance system but retinoid derivatives bypass the checks and balances and go straight into the active form.

Because of the nuclear hormone superfamily that retinoids belong to, it affects everything within that. PPARs which promote gut health, LXR which keeps liver healthy, Thyroid which is a body wide regulator (skin, hair, nails,eyes), VDR vitamin d receptor which also affects skin hair nails eyes. Liver, kidneys, gut , and all organs have a large say in how your skin hair and nails look. I believe that there is simply too much affected for hair to return to pre accutane.


If you did and you experience hair loss among other things. Get hormones including thyroid (T3, T4, TSH) checked. Check for gut health issues IBS Crohns ( If you so suspect that) Celiac Disease. Check for diabetes. And pray that everything will be alright or at least manageable.

I will be back to update and support information in this thread.

What are your theorys? Any success stories?


Although I believe that people are getting closer, I dont think that anyone really knows exactly what accutane does to the body and how it does it. There is so much information out there. How do you know what to believe, if anything? Here are some links to possible mechanisms of action related to accutane and how it works, i guess you can determine for yourself what you believe to be possible/true etc..

  • Report on how accutane could shorten telomeres
    • Possible epigenetic effects of accutane such as dna methylation of histone modification

      • Accutane regulates gene expression through FOX O

      [*]Gene changes

      I will probably be adding to this list, this is just a few of the possible explanations of accutanes mechanism of action on our body. From everything I have read and what i believe to be true is that Accutane does modify gene expression somehow. I have to believe that, because if it does not change anything permanently then wouldn't acne and oily skin just come right back after the treatment was completed. I also do believe that it can shorten telomeres, but i also believe that for all people this isnt permanent and telomerase enzyme is regulated back to normal after treatment. I do believe it permanently slows cell proliferation through apoptosis (programmed cell death) . I believe there is far too much cell death going on and lastly, i believe that not everyone will experience these side effects. Some people, i believe, are more genetically predisposed to experiencing these side effects just based upon their genome.


Accutane For Scarring?

When i went to back to my dermatologist to ask why I had been prescribed accutane in the first place, he told me for scarring. I said " I thought it was supposed to be a last resort treatment?" he replied " Haha, not at all." Through everything Ive ever known and learned, I have never once heard of accutane being prescribed for mild acne and scarring. If anything i know that accutane slows the healing process and therefore can lead to more scarring during and after the treatment, but can possibly prevent future scarring.


Life After Accutane

I was 17 years old, playing sports, working out, eating right. I was of optimum health and I was loving life. I had a thick, thick head of bushy hair that ironically enough i wished was thinner. I now realize that i just didnt know how to care for it, and i wished it was easier to tame. At the time i had a girlfriend who had taken accutane and had pretty good results, after the dryness etc( she ended up having a relapse).. She had cystic acne that wouldnt respond to other treatments. That said, when i went to the dermatologist i asked about accutane and without a second of thought they gave me ipledge and prescribed me accutane. I had never tried any treatment for acne except proactiv at this point. That was honestly my first visit to the dermatologist in my life. So after being explained that accutane would cause birth defects if i got someone pregnant and that it would cause drying of skin that would subside with treatment i filled out ipledge and began taking accutane (claravis). I thought eh dry skin for 6 months and then clear skin, awesome. This was a sick, sick joke. First of all i had mild teenage acne that in the summer was mostly nonexistent. Anyways, I was supposed to take 60mg of accutane for 6 months, but i stopped after about 4 because i noticed that my hair had thinned. The doctor told me this was impossible and almost looked at me like i was retarded for even suggesting something so ridiculous. Now about 3 years have passed and the side effects never subsided. I still have dry skin, dry eyes, dry nose and now have premature wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. I sometimes still get the random nosebleeds. My hair has never returned to what it was. My skin overall has thinned and I have rosacea at 20. I cant even hardly stand to look at my face in the mirror anymore and Im embarassed to smile for the fine line that will form stay for the remainder of the day. I also experience cold extremeties (hands and feet) that i now think could be raynauds phenomenon. Lastly, i have tendonosis (tendonitis that lasts over a year) in my left shoulder that came out of no where. Accutane ruined my life and I would do anything in the world to go back in time and have never taken it..

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