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About this blog

This is just a blog for myself to keep track of how my treatment of roaccutane progresses

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Day 102

okay i havent posted in a long time wow, well im in my fourth month and since the last time i posted nothing has changed, in general my skin hasnt got any better or worse, except i got an accutane induced spot that was huge on my cheek but just became a massive lump (gross), it didnt bleed or pus didnt come out and it went away in like less than a week leaving a dark mark which is very irritating ugh but it was very weird yes?, but really i just want my scars to go away more but the accutane doesnt seem to be doing much except stopping me from getting spots atm


Day 78

Hey! sorry i haven't updated in a loong time but that's because there haven't really been any changes at all in my skin, until recently ive had a small break out of pimples not like the cystic acne but i think thats mainly cause my exams have started and im stressing so badly, haha.

ive recently had extreme dry skin on my face, like it peels off my forehead, nose and chin and its so disgusting if i dont moisturize and exfoliate! (i know ive not to exfoliate but seriously i cant help it!) what does this mean? because its a lot drier and peeling than it has the past month or two ish?

and thankyou sorry thats all ive got to say! i dont really get any other side effects at all anymore! except a sore back sometime but its only a small pain. bye and thanks again for reading lads:-)


Day 57

i havent posted much recently because my skin hasnt chnaged very much in the past week, i have only one or two spots and scars i really want the scars to go away but i dont see that happening, ugh makes me so stressed. im like crater face omg

does accutane realy help get rid of scars well?

well the only good thing is my hair doesnt get oily at all, like never! i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week, compared to when i used to wash it every day! anyways thats about it, bye:-)


Day 46

Day 46 already, its gone really quickly tbh! First off i'll give you the names of the creams and topics the hospital have given me, which are brilliant I would definetly recommend them. The first cream I use is normally on any part of your body that seems slightly drier than the rest or peeling a bit, called Dermol Cream. Second one is Epaderm and comes in a cream and an ointment, I find the ointment works better and I use them for really dry places like my elbows and sometimes my knees, works fantastic! This third one called Eumovate i used for dry scaly skin, i had on my hands and a spot on my back and the dry skin was gone in a few days, it literally was incredible.

I haven't seen much of a change in my skin, mostly just the same as the last time I updated. Still no spots on my face except one on my forehead now but my hair mainly covers it:) the skin is still very red and dry no matter how much i moisturise. Ugh and my issue of horrid dandruff is more or less gone, i just have to wash my hair alot less frequently around every 3/4days and leave in conditioner for longer!


Day 39

ugh day 39, it's gone quite quickly surprisingly but i havent really seen a change in my skin, it still looks the exact same and red, i get less spots like only 1 or 2 but my skin still looks bad i have to wear quite abit makeup:/

im starting to get itchy again and if it gets as bad as before im actually going to cry, i couldnt sleep before it was so difficult.

and ofcourse iv still got that horrid dandruff, i admit its not as bad now but its still not very nice:( ugh, so bored just want it over with now thats if it even works:L

oh well its just a quick update, cause not much has changed since last time:(


Day 32

ugh okay. symptoms still the same. dry skin mainly on face all other side effects have gone away except this fucking itchy dry scalp its pure gross and does my head in! dandruff has to be the most horrible looking thing in the world and i can actually just scratch it off my head like snow omfg. ew ew ew ew help me!

and on my acne i have only one spot and its in the crease under my nose so it cant be seen, but i have scars and my face is red and doesnt look very nice wether i have spots or not atm:(


Day 27

first visit back to the derm yesterday! woo. i got given so so many creams and ointments, i left the hospital with 11/12 packets of creams! but all the check ups were fine and my side effects have definetly settled down quite alot

the only real problem im getting now is a very dry scalp and the back is almost scaling, ive been given a steroid cream to use for 2weeks and hopefully this will be resolved. So i get the main symptoms everyone else gets such as dry skin, dry lips and once in a while itchy skin but thats all i can think i have right now:)

but has anyone else here experienced such dry scalp or dandruff? its so horrible and doesnt seem like a common side effect but it is very very irritating. And finally i still havent experienced any change in my skin! dyou know how long it will take for me to see a result? its so annoying, i feel like ive gone through all the pain and crazy for no reason, ah!


Day 20

Almost 3weeks! oh my days, it feels like 2 months! soo many side affects but they are starting to stop now, i used to be exetremly itchy but now not so much, i would get a sore, bloodshot eye etc but no longer that but possibly worst ive been getting very slightly blurred vision in my left eye, what should i do about this? i can barely notice it but when i can its pretty annoying? has anyone experienced something like this?

the eczema on my hands are starting to peel and make my hands not look very nice but its no longer itchy, but i think its mainly bad because my hands are always dry and i never moisturise but oh well:( i also get quite bad dandruff its really horrible:( does anyone know how to stop this or reduce it? like with shampoos or conditioners or? please please please help! i go back to my derm next wednesday, so i guess ill have to tell him everything, i hope i dnt have to go off this because of my eye problem but we shall see!

and lastly my acne, it hasnt changed very much yet. still getting breakouts so yeah...


Day 15

just over 2 weeks of accutane! i have to say the most terrible thing is itchiness, im so itchy all the time so i cant ever get to sleep but im so tired! and its been 2 fucking weeks:( also my eyes are terribly dry, around my eyes and one eyes always quite bloodshot when i wake up. its pretty horrible, my elbows are peeling too and i feel like im getting dandruff from this which is absolutely horrible but if i condition and leave it in for 3minutes it seems to get rid of it.

and ive not had any spots in about a week, but today i found one on my chin which i was expecting sooner or later. and im going to buy some tinted moisturiser instead of foundation so it clings to dead skin less, does anyone have any good brands or know any decent tinted moisturisers?


Day 10

okay its been over a week since i started roaccutane, and i feel dreadful:( but im already getting positive results! i have no active spots and i havent got a new spot for about 4/5 days which is a record for me! but my skin is so dry its looks terrible anyway so it doesnt really matter, my makeup looks nicer over big cystic spots than it does this dry skin, is everyone elses skin this dry?

my whole body is incredibly itchy! but ive heard this is common because your body is getting dried and dehydrated so this causes itching but im starting to get small itchy spots in random spots around my body which is annoying but it goes away if i dont itch it:)

also my elbows are so dry they're peeling and im putting vaseline on them! does anybody else get this?sad.png

from starting roaccutane ive never really had spots on my back really just my face but ive started getting spots on my back, but really id rather my back than my face, haha.

my dry eyes and around my eyes have continued since day one and my left eye sometimes goes red and irrited and they are always very delicate such a pain in the arse!

So really im just hoping the dry skin just doesnt get worse because its inevitable to get dry skin on roaccutane/accutane and im hoping the itching goes away in a week or two and my eyes dont get so painful but i can live with the rest of it, would love some feedback please! thankyou x


Day 4

okay! Day 4 and i already look like a scaly dragon, its terrible:( and my makeup looks awful aswell, does anyone know a good foundation and concealor that i could buy out of the drugstores thats not too expensive? please help.

anyway except for my face peeling off, ive got my naval pierced and its starting become quite dry and red (not very nice) ive got stretched ears and theres no problems with them? im really annoyed im refusing to take out my piercings because i love them, and there not badly hurting or anything just a bit itchy but its making me so sad, wah:/ does anyone else have this problem with piercings?

also my eyes! my eyes, are crazy and sore the past couple of days they were bloodshot and very sensitive at the edges and even walking would cause a wind and my eyes would start watering! today i was sitting in class and my eyes are very very very sensitive to light now and it was bright and i was getting a terrible headache like i thought a monster was jumping about my head, god!

this is only day 4 and already all this! everyone is so lucky that dont get symptoms until 2weeks after starting it, awk well its just making me very excited to see results! plus i dont know anyone or any of my friends that have taken accutane/roaccutane so would just like to know im not alone in my symptoms, great thanks guys, give me some feedback and comments please!


Day 1

First entry to the progress of roaccutane treatment

30mg dosage daily

In addition to starting roaccutane the corner of my lip has cracked and looks like a cold sore and theyre so dry they peel all the time and ive not even started it yet.

took my first set of tablets today, clearly no problems or symptoms yet not looking forward to the breakouts and symptoms but having looked at people before and after pics it looks definitley worth it in the end. Even people complaining about extremely dry skin, im looking forward to it just a bit because right now i get really really oily skin, like 5minutes after i was and dry my face my skin will become oily again, drives me crazy. so dry skin will be a change for me.

I'm using burts bees beeswax lip balm during the day while im out, and a huge tub of vaseline in the house to use whenever.

Cetaphil facewash and moisturiser are said to be brilliant also!

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