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Accutane and the sun

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Accutane On Vacation

Hello Everyone-

I have been on accutane for 44 days now, and I have not had to worry about sun exposure being that I live in cold, gloomy Chicago, but I will be heading to Mexico in 2 weeks. Of course I will wear sunscreen, however, I am hoping to get a little tan on vacation. I talked to my doc about the concerns with accutane and the sun, and he advised me to go off the meds 2 days before vacation and start back up when I get back. He said I could be in the sun but not intentionally lay out and bake. He also said accutane is in your system for 7 days, and there won't be any issue to stop for that short time. Well....that is what I plan to do. Stop 2 days before, then start back up maybe after 6 days? I'll be in Mexico for a week, but I don't want to wait longer than 7 days to be off the meds, so I'll re-start at the end of my trip. Has anyone ever done this before? I really hope this doesn't cause a bad breakout, I'm kind of towards the end (I think) of the IB stage, and I am really looking forward to the clear skin that I've been dreaming about for years. With all this being said, does anyone have any input about skipping accutane for a few days? And being in the sun during that time? Am I still just as sensitive? How about drinking? Lets be honest...I will be on a much needed vacation, and I will definitely be drinking Corona's on the beach! I've been good otherwise with my alcohol consumption; it's very limited. I'm hoping that by giving the meds a short break, I will be at least a little bit safer in the sun (still wearing spf!) and not as hard on my liver.

I realize that accutane is still in my system regardless, but if it didn't make any difference, then why would my doc recommend me to do this?

Would love to get some input! Thanks!

P.S. My first month I was on 30 mg, now I'm on 40 mg and will stay at this dose for the remainder of the time

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