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My Lates Attempt To Beat Acne

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Month Five

So...I have been on the Dianette and the Lymecycline for five months now. And my skin is finally clear! I'm still getting the occasional spot or two (mostly when I eat something I shouldn't, or don't drink enough water) but they are usually tiny due to the medication, and go away within a day.

My face has been left covered in red marks, which were getting me down to the point that I started using Differin gel which, being a retinoid, is meant to speed up cellular turnover and help with red marks. Unfortunately for me, it was too strong for my skin despite only using it every other night. The flaking wouldn't stop, the red marks looked worse, and my acne started to come back. So I stopped. I gave it a month which probably wasn't long enough to see results, but I didn't want to risk getting the acne again.

Since then, I've started using Aloe Vera gel which has been fabulous! It dries up the small pimples, takes the redness out of my skin, and all of the marks have started to fade! I've only been using it for one week, but the result has been so impressive that I've even left the house without makeup! Something I haven't done for years!

So, my current regime is to cleanse my face morning and night with La Roche Posay Micellar water because it is the only thing which doesn't result in a bad reaction. I then moisturise in the morning with La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturiser, and use Holland and Barretts 98% aloe vera gel at night.

Fingers crossed that these results last!


Month Two!

Well, it's been two months!

I went back to the doctor a week ago, and she couldn't believe the improvement. I wasn't sure that much had changed, but she showed me some pictures she had taken before I started treatment, and wow! There really is a difference!

I'm still getting a couple of spots, but they're no where near as bad as they used to be. They're small, instantly form a head which I can pop, and then they go away. Whilst I don't have active acne per-say anymore, I am covered in red marks. I think it's called hyperpigmentation? Anyway, it looks like I have chicken pox, but at least I can cover it with make-up, unlike my old spots which were noticeable even with make-up. So now instead of having to wear thick layers of foundation, I'm getting away with a BB cream. I'm using the Witch BB Cream, as it matches my skin tone perfectly and has really good coverage for a BB cream. Hopefully it is also helping to keep spots at bay and fade the marks as it contains Witch Hazel.

So here is my current routine:

Morning -

Take Dianette pill and Tetralysal pill.

Swipe La Roche Posay Miccelar Water over face on a cotton pad.

Apply Witch BB Cream, and some Benefit Boing Concealer if neccessary.

Evening -

Take Vitamin D

Drink a Glass of Carrot Juice

Use La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo Cleanser to remove make-up.

Swipe La Roche Posay Miccelar Water over face on a cotton pad.

Apply La Roche Posay AI Breakout Targeter all over face to prevent breakouts.

I'm also drinking at least two litres of water a day, and my five a day of fruit and veg. Although I have to admit I haven't been perfect, I still snack and eat dairy when I probably shouldn't, as I'm convinced it's linked to acne.

But so far so good, and I'm only hoping it will get even better :-D


One Month!

It's been a month!

And in the past three days my skin has been a total rollar coaster. It felt like all of the spots on my face decided to pick up and move to my chin. I had twelve inflamed, under the skin nasty spots all on the right side of my chin. There were so many and they were so painful. But after an intensive course of steaming and hot compresses they all came to a head, were popped, and a liberal coating of honey was applied for most of the day.

As of now my entire face is clear of active acne, but covered in red marks and drying scabs. And hopefully when they go... nod.gif

I've just taken my first pill from my second strip of Dianette, and I'm over half way through the antibiotics.


Day Twenty-Eight

I've been on the antibiotics for a month now, and in three days it'll have been a month on the Dianette. I'm on my seven day break from the pill at the moment and (fingers crossed) don't seem to have had a flare-up.

So, my skin. It has improved, but it still looks awful. Due to all the red acne marks (which I never used to get) I look like I've got a mild case of chicken pox. There are red dots all over my inner cheeks, lower jaws, sides of chin and a couple on my forehead. But, in the active acne department, I only have six active spots and unless they turn Hydra and sprout new heads, they're on their way out.

Sorry to go into gorey details but I am keeping this as a record of my progress so I can look back and see if there is an improvement. I've got one big ex-cyst on my left cheek, and one spot on the left side of my chin. There is also one big spot on my left temple. On the right I have what was one big spot and now is a cluster of dying small spots on my inner cheek by my nose, one spot by my mouth and another on the right side of my chin, almost in symmetry with the one on my left. These are all (at the moment) in the process of dying and leaving yet more gorgeous red marks.

I keep telling myself to just be happy that the active acne seems to be dying. But it is quite hard to feel optimistic with tons of red marks which, to anyone looking at my face, look exactly like spots. I know they're not because they're totally smooth, just marks on my skin. I wish I could find a product which would fade them, but I'm scared that I'll aggravate the active acne. I suppose I just have to wait it out. At least flat red marks can probably be covered by make-up, unlike the lumpy spots.

I'm still drinking carrot juice, still taking vitamin D, still drinking at least five big glasses of water, still eating 5 of my 5 a day, still eating as much fish as I can (to the horror of my family who all dislike fish) and I'm using more La Roche Posay products. My regime is:


- Cleanse with LRP Micellar Water and a Cotton Pad.

- Moisturise with LRP Effaclar H (I don't normally bother with moisturiser but seeing as I've become more aggresive in my spot attacking, my skin was getting quite sore and dry. This is fantastic, as I only need a tiny amount, and it doesn't make my already oily skin hundreds of times worse. I'm hoping it might also help fade the marks).

- Treat any sore pimples with a dab of honey.


- Cleanse with LRP Effaclar Foaming Facial Gel

- Treat with LRP targeted blemish A.I (I smoother this all over the breakouts and the marks).

So that's it. I'm hoping to leave the house to go and stay with a friend of mine in two days time. This'll be a big leap for me, as I'll have to take my make-up off at night whilst I am there, and let my scary skin be seen. I don't mind my friend seeing, she is my friend after all, but she has no idea that I've had acne this bad. And this is it getting better! Also, I don't really want her housemates to see, but I suppose I may have to get used to people seeing my skin one day, as I may have to accept that it'll never entirely go away.

Sorry for the long ramble. I'm feeling oddly mixed emotion wise at the moment, and typing it through sort of helps me.


Day Twenty-Five

And I've changed my regime again! Just washing with water doesn't seem to do enough, and the epsom was making my face really red and irritated. It was certainly bringing the infection to the surface of my skin (loads of new whiteheads) but I think it's too harsh to use everyday.

So, seeing as my skin seems to have become intolerant to pretty much everything, I asked around and a friend recommended the La Roche Posay products. I've seen them before, but never actually tried them. The bottles are very confusing, and it's hard to tell which does what. I've started using the Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser which says it is for intolerant skin which is allergic to pretty much everything. It's a new experience as the product is quite creamy, and doesn't have to be washed off. I do rinse though. Having oily skin already, I don't really want to leave an extra film. I've used it once so far and my face was a lot less red the next day. It's also really soft!

I also, on a whim, bought the La Roche Posay targeted breakout cream. It's in the E range, and has A.I in the name. It seems to have really helped in just one night. The really big spots are still red, but no way near as large or bumpy. Lots of the smaller pimples have gone, and even some of the scarring has faded! So at the moment I'm really pleased, and fingers crossed it'll keep working. It does dry out my skin a bit, but I think that'll balance with the Dermo-Cleanser.

I'm drinking a lot more water, and still having my daily carrot juice. I still don't really like the taste but if I water it down it isn't so bad. I'm currently on my seven day break from Dianette and haven't - touch wood - had any dramatic change in my skin.


Day Twenty-Three

Right, I've changed my regime a bit. Well, a lot, actually. My face was bright red all of the time, more red than I think acne can cause. So I've got rid of the cleanser, and I'm not moisturising either because I'm convinced it breaks me out. Now I'm washing with water in the morning, and soaking my face in water and epsom salt at night.

I've seen a huge difference this morning from doing that. My face is a lot less red, lots of the smaller bumps have gone, and a couple of the marks have faded. So yay! Pleased at the moment rolleyes.gif I'm still drinking a glass of carrot juice a day, and I'm starting to drink even more water - at least five bottles a day. So the improvement could be from that. Now I just need to cut out chocolate and I'll be set! Yeah, like that'll happen...



Okay, I thought everything was getting better, but I woke up today to find that I have broken out everywhere. My forehead, my chin, my cheeks...most of them are lots of little white headed pimples, but there are at least four full blown giant spots. I'm trying to reassure myself by saying that this is the initial breakout to either the antibiotics or the dianette, as I hadn't had one yet. But I still feel miserable and ugly, so I'm hiding myself away for awhile and hoping that it'll get better.


Day Eighteen

Things are looking up! My skin is a lot smoother, and there are a lot less spots. My forehead and nose are completely clear, my cheeks are covered with red marks and dry flaky ex-spots, but both of these are fading/disappearing. My chin is still the worst area, with three active spots and a lot of marks, dead flaky spots. But it is so much better! And every day there is even more improvement. I do seem to have a rather large spot growing on the underside of my chin, by my neck, where I never get spots, but that is the only new breakout.

I've added the simple scrub to my regime, and the Witch Blemish Stick to tackle those big pesky remaining spots. So now it's:


Wash with Water and some Cotton Wool

Treat with Witch Blemish Stick


Wash with Simple Facial Wash

Treat with Witch Blemish Stick

(Every Other Night) Moisturise with Simple Light Hydrating Moisturiser

(Twice a Week) Exfoliate with Simple Smoothing Scrub

I've also started drinking carrot juice which, whilst tasting disgusting, might be making quite a bit of difference to my skin. I just hope things continue to get better. I've almost been on the Dianette for just over two weeks, and the antibiotics for almost three weeks.


Feeling Down

So it's been over two weeks on the lymecycline, and it'll have been two weeks on dianette tomorrow. I'm just feeling down because my acne is still really bad, and I need to go back to university next week. It's one thing to hide away at home and convince yourself that it is getting better, but it is another to face reality. I keep trying to focus on the positives - my forehead is so much better, really smooth and only one or two spots. The tops of my cheeks just have marks on them, and my nose is clear. But my jawline is a mess of spots and small cysts, with loads of dry flaky bits and raised red bumps. I keep hoping I'll wake up and it'll be so much better.

I turned twenty the other day, and I don't want to be wasting my life, hiding away. But at the moment I have no self-confidence. I know it can take a long time for this medication to work, and that I'm just being impatient, but I'm so fed up of this! Just feeling really low.


Day Eight

Okay, so I cracked last night and used some moisturiser. I couldn't help it, my skin was so dry and felt really itchy! Apparently it was also quite red. I used the Simple hydrating light moisturiser, and I was utterly paranoid that I'd either wake up with ridiculously oily face, or tons more spots. But I didn't! In fact, I think it has helped a lot. My skin doesn't feel as rough or bumpy, lots of the spots which had reached the dry crispy stage have either gone or shrunk, and I'm not itchy anymore!

So, I've been on the Dianette for a week now, and the antibiotics for just over. I don't know which is working, but one or either is. I'm guessing it is the antibiotics because I don't think the BCP has been in my system long enough to have much of an effect on my hormones. I've still got at least seven active spots, and quite a few more red bumps or dry ones, but compared to what it was, that's quite an improvement. And I can't get over how much smoother my forehead is! Seeing how my diet has gotten worse these past few days, it is definitely not what I am eating that is helping. Two months before this I started drinking only water, making sure I had my five a day, eating loads of fish and cutting out gluten, dairy and anything really sugary. So soda drinks, crisps, chocolate, biscuits and cakes all went. These past few days - wait for it - I had some chocolate, some biscuits, a cup of tea, a hot chocolate and a glass of coke! Not to mention a couple of slices of cake! Shock horror smile.png I am still drinking loads of water and getting my five a day, and lots of fish though.

I would really recommend these antibiotics to anyone with acne, although I know they can take a lot longer than this to have an effect. I read a lot of horror stories on the internet about antibiotics not working which really put me off going to the doctor in the first place. And yet, according to my doctor antibiotics are effective in about 90% of cases. She did say it might take some trial and error to find the right one. I don't want to give false hope as they may not work for everyone, and I know they do have risks and side effects. But I was at risk of doing something very stupid, my acne had made me that depressed. I couldn't leave the house, I hated the way I looked, and I was not living my life. So, it was a risk I was willing to take.

I'm still using the Simple cleansing gel morning and night, and now I'll add the moisturiser in once a day. Can anyone recommend a good, gentle exfoliator? As I really want to try and get rid of more of the dead skin.


Day Six

So I have been on the antibiotics for 1 week exactly now, I started them on Tuesday the 19th of February. And I've been on the Dianette for five days, having started it on Friday the 22nd of February. I wasn't expecting to see results for a good number of weeks - although I did secretly hope it would be sooner.

I can't say for certain if anything has changed, seeing as I am avoiding looking in mirrors in order not to pick and pop my skin. But my grandmother asked tonight if I was wearing make-up when I wasn't, and said how much better my skin looked. Apparently it hasn't broken out since I started the medications, and lots of the acne has healed. My forehead is a lot smoother and clearer, as is the area around my nose. I still have several angry spots and lots of dried out ones, not to mention the red acne marks. But it is a sign of improvement, so I'm over the moon!


Day Two

No change yet. Not that it should come as much of a surprise!

I'm going to start using the Simple Refreshing Cleansing Gel. I used it a couple of years ago when my skin wasn't as bad, and it didn't make it worse. In fact I think it made it better, although I was in a hot country at the time so it might have been the sun...

I'm also taking vitamin D3 from reading the forums on here. Does anyone know if this can interfere with antibiotics? I'm taking the antibiotics in the morning and the vitamin D3 in the evening with dinner.

Having read up on Co-Cyprindol (Dianette) I am feeling a little nervous about the potential side-effects, and having an initial outbreak. But my skin is so bad at the moment that I'm willing to take the risk. Hopefully taking the birth control at the same time as the antibiotics will ease any initial breakout and speed up the healing of the acne.

Might not update everyday, seeing as this 'clearing process' could take months.


Day One

So I've suffered from acne to varying degress of severity since I was about fourteen. It started off as the usual couple of spots around that time of the month, and gradually increased to five or six which would never leave. In the past year, it's become much worse. I can't remember the last time I had completely clear skin. My jawline and cheeks are generally the worst. At the moment my forehead is covered in bumps and four actual spots, I have 1 cyst on my cheek and at least ten other spots of varying heights and redness. My jawline is pretty much covered in spots. Some are big and active, some could just be red marks. It's hard to tell. I have five or six spots on my chest at a time, and one or two on my back, both of which I can cope with.

I've reached the point where make-up can't hide the acne on my face, and I can't even look in the mirror. I've had to take time off university because I'm so depressed by it. Having been to the doctors, my acne was labelled moderately-severe, and I am going to start on a regime of Lymecycline antibiotics and Co-Cyprindiol birth control. The latter is actually Dianette.

I'm just going to wash my face with water. Every product seems to break me out, my skin is so sensitive. If it gets too greasy/flaky, I'll do a wash with my Purely Naturals Oily Cleanser. It's 100% chemical free, and may be the one thing which doesn't make my skin worse.

I don't plan on leaving the house unless I have to, so won't be wearing make-up. If I do have to it'll be Bare Minerals Matte foundation. It doesn't irritate my skin, and it doesn't have the Bismuth in it like the orginal.

My doctor told me it could be about eight weeks before I begin to see an improvement. It'd be great to hear from people if they had an improvement before on either of these medications? Or if they could let me know what to expect? Also if anyone else has just started on either of them, it would be nice to support each other.

I'm taking the Lymecycline an hour after breakfast, and the Co-Cyprindiol at 8.30am.

Until tomorrow...

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