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My completely natural journey to clear skin!

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I want to talk about that mysterious, often times unseen, silver lining of acne.

This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Growing up, I was basically the only one of my friends who had acne and, after moving out of my teenage years and getting ready to graduate college, I am STILL one of the very few people with acne. This is something that I have always been very aware of and has caused me a lot of turmoil. Because of my acne, I have dealt with depression, feeling worthless, and feeling just plain ugly!

Until about a week ago, I have still had these feelings. However, I have come to terms with my acne and I am beginning to realize that our attitudes totally and completely affect our entire bodies. Yes, even our acne-prone skin! I believe that having the right attitude and overcoming such negative emotions can have a huge impact on our skin. It may just be wishful thinking, but hey, we gotta hold on to hope!

So here it is, my list of all of the things that have come about because of acne that I am grateful for!

  • I have taken so many steps in my life to really assess the health of my entire bodily system. Constant acne has taught me that it's time to start looking at whats on the inside, which is the ultimate reflection of ourselves on the outside. I am more aware than ever now about what I put in my body and how that food will help fuel my system and encourage the healing process. So, thank you acne, for helping me make huge changes that will benefit my health!

    • I am not ignorant! Now, I will preface this by saying that I don't believe I ever was in any way, shape or form. However, I hear so many stories about how people will see someone with bad acne and blame it on their inability to use soap, their love of chocolate, or their lack of caring. Because I have gone through SO many struggles with my skin, I know just how hard it is to deal with this issue. On that same note, I have much greater empathy for others dealing with similar issues.

    [*]I do not and will never ever take clear skin for granted. I have so much hope that I will get there one day, and it will be one of the greatest days of my life! I already know that, when it comes, I will be so thankful each and every day and continue to treat my body kindly. So many people take their beautiful, clear skin for granted--and that really frustrates me! But, if they haven't been through what we have been through, then they will never now how lucky they are! But when we get there...oh, and we will!...we know how special it will really be!

    So, in conclusion, thank you acne! There actually are some nice sides to you! I may be getting rid of you soon, but I am grateful for the lessons you have taught me. eusa_clap.gif

    If you are following this, I hope it has helped you find your silver lining as well. Think about it for a while, mull it over in your head, write it down in your secret journal, or post it here! I dare you! grinwink.gif



Hello everyone! rolleyes.gif

​First off, I would like to say that I am a little nervous! I have never written a blog before, and I have admittedly been following this forum (and many of you!) for months, mustering the courage to actually share my story. But, I think this is such an important website and I am really excited to share my experiences and hopefully help others along the way!

So here it is, my never-ending struggle with acne! I'll make it short (promise!). For me, it all really started around my freshman or sophomore year in high school. Throughout the rest of high school, I struggled with pretty severe acne and tried everything: antibiotics, every new face wash I could get a hold of, BP, and--the monster of them all--Accutane! Some of these things worked, but it was temporary and acne always came back with vengeance!

Flash forward to today, I am now a senior in college. This year, I have had my worst break out yet, and I am struggling to maintain my composure and finally put this beast to rest. I have decided that now is the time to stop playing 'tug-of-war' with my face, and actually heal my acne from the inside out. So far I am loving my completely natural route and I can't wait to post pictures of my results in the future!

Here is what I am doing:


I am on the paleo diet (lifestyle)! I'm sure many of you have heard a lot about it and are probably thinking "how could anyone ever do it?!" For me, it was easiest to do it cold turkey. I gave away all of the"bad" foods and I restocked my fridge with fresh veggies, fruits, and meats. I am on my 11th day, and have been following it to a T! Initially I went through some pretty difficult withdrawals, but I made it through that stage. I hope that I can one day I will not have to restrict my diet so much, but until then I am looking forward to finding any intolerance or trigger that might be causing my acne.

When it comes down to it, I love the idea of the paleo diet. Sure, I may not get to eat yummy greasy pizza or french fries anymore, but I am finally understanding what REAL FOOD actually is! The best thing about the paleo diet is that it is so more checking the 10 or 20 ingredients listed on the box. What you see is what you get--simplicity is a beautiful thing!

If you are at all curious about the downfalls of our modern food system, how it affects our bodies, and are as in love with documentaries as I am, I STRONGLY suggest you watch "Hungry for Change" It is fantastic!


The normal--fish oil, probiotics, zinc and vitamin D. I have also just started B5 and L-carnitine after reading many success stories. So far, so good!


This is my biggest battle! I used to constantly change my routine, however I realized my skin could not keep up. Now I use sulfur soap and grapeseed oil as moisturizer. That's it!

I have adopted this new mindset about my skin--the reason I (we) have most likely have acne, is that we have an excess amount of toxins in our bodies that is trying to expel itself through our pores. Essentially, our skin is not broken, bad, unmanageable, etc.--it is trying to help us! So, rather than lathering on tons of chemicals (creating more toxins!), I think it is super important to actually be nice to it once in a while! Your skin is your friend! hifive.gif


  • Exercise! Usually I run all the time, but this cold winter weather has put that on hold. I still 'move & groove' as often as I can though! grinwink.gif
  • Sleep! I know, so much easier said than done.
  • Water! I drink it often.
  • Change in attitude! This one is huge! But it is so important to start loving yourself, totally and completely. Try to forget about your skin, get outside and just enjoy life! Our skin is healing and it is important not to bash our self esteem during this process--it will only make it worse. One thing I do every morning and night is stand in front of the mirror and tell myself aloud: "I accept myself unconditionally, right now." It sounds cheesy, but trust me, you will start to believe it in no time!

So that's my story so far! I know you all might just pass over this blog and move on, but if you are interested in the natural route to healing acne or also on the paleo diet or whatever, I would love to meet you and hear feedback! I'm also a total newb on this site, so I don't really know anyone yet!

Hope you all have a totally rad day! cool.png

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