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A Rosacea Diagnosis

So, while I came back to this site a year after Accutane to talk about dealing with moderate acne and sensitive skin. In the past two weeks I started getting really tight, dry skin (presumably from the dry, hot weather). However I have had never dealt with that much tightness so I went to see the dermatologist. I am still getting some pimples especially around my jawline and actually on my neck. Basically I was diagnosed with Rosacea. This actually might be what I believe was the cause was for my onset of inflammatory acne almost 2 years ago. Needless to say I am back on a medicated acne treatment. Well somewhat. Acne isn't the issue as much as my redness sensitivity. So I will add my regimen and progress for Rosacea/moderate acne. Due to some other medical issues I have I won't be starting the complete regimen for treatment until my blood tests come back. But so far and what I have read I am doing the most basic steps right now:

Nars gentle cream cleanse- night and day

Morning: Metrogel 1%

Night spot treatment: Eradikate

Pills: Doxycycline

Additionally once my blood tests come back I will use sulfacetamide 10% topical at night. Once I use that I can no longer use Eradikate spot treatment because that is also sulfur. For anyone with moderate acne Eradikate is amazing. In a couple days most pimples are significantly reduced.

Well this is my update. Rosacea is worth looking into if like myself inflammatory acne came out of no where. My skin is also a very sensitive complexion. It makes sense it is Rosacea since my redness has been getting worse. Thanks!


Cover Up/ Makeup Tips


As much as I hate the implications of saying to cover up acne and everyone who used to tell me not to worry about I still got very good at covering up my spots. I do not have some crazy routine that involves layers of foundation or stuff like that. My skin shows redness really easily. Even a moderate pimple will leave a mark for a few days. I am doing this because I have found some products that are cheaper and do a decent job with cover up. My skin tone is uneven, red, and I still have marks as well as recent pimple ones. Some basic stuff can give me a more even face.

Foundations: I have been using BB cream- Maybelline (it is really light coverage) or SK79 (a Korean thicker coverage). I don't glob this on my face. A dot of cheeks chin and forehead goes a long way. Neither product has broken me out.

Covering red/pimples: I use a brush- small and thin bristles works best. I will dab some bb cream on the spot. Blend it with the brush. Next I used Exposed Organics concealer in green- really great to blend and counteracts red. I usually will put Dr. Murad salicylic acid concealer stick-this is in a lighter shade for me. I use these all with a brush and do variations of seeing the best coverage that blends and does not look like to much and matches my skin shade. I finish off with my powder foundation- light on the powder. I will use my brush with the powder to finish the spots.

Tips: it can be frustrating. Sometimes I have to start over. Best to work in the tiny layers to see how it goes. Sometimes depending on the pimple or mark a little bit of white eye liner can really take away red and makes a better base for skin matching foundation. With a whitehead that is pretty big using a really fine point brush and a dab of brown eye shadow on it can actually make it look nonexistent. However this is tricky. You don't want it to look brown and like a mole. Be aware that it stays on the whitehead part and not lower on the pimple. This trick takes practice. Visine dabbed on a spot can work with redness especially after popping a zit. The key is to have moisturized skin before. Dryness will show the coverage. If that happens for me I will use Vaseline of the area.

For anyone who struggles with red cheeks I will start using Clinique's foundation for redness. I will see if that is better coverage than BB creams. Again this for people like myself who do cover marks/ acne. It actually does not amount to much makeup. Makeup has never been a cause with my acne. Cover up is not a solution by any means to acne. Even celebrities have to cover up spots. I hope this helps anyone if they do chose to cover up.






I used to have an account here when I was on Accutane a year ago. I forgot all my stuff and log in etc. I am starting this a year later as I hope I can help other people out. My skin was amazing after Accutane for 5 months. Acne started returning usually mild with some moderate to severe flare ups. I have been frustrated in trying to find a way to get control over my skin. I am writing this to log products I use and the stuff I have researched. I have decided not to ever go back on Accutane or prescription pills for my skin. For the past few months I have struggled and I think finally I might be getting somewhere. Dealing with the painful infected acne a year ago has made me a bit obsessed with my skin. I always need to remember to let go of the obsession. I am also a 21 year old female.

A Little bit about my skin now: I am fair skin, easily red, winter is harsh for me because I dry out. Right now I have a hormonal flare up that brought me about 5 bigger pimples on my jaw/ chin. I have been getting spots randomly the past few weeks.

Today I have changed my cleanser: I am stopping bp wash. I now use a BB Cleanser from SK7. It is more for deep pore cleanser and no added acne stuff. I am trying to see if this will help my skin from drying out.

I use a moisturizer in the morning- alba botanical green tea and at night Neutrogena minerals( I love this one)

I have just started using EradiKate spot treatment last night. I don't want to jinx anything but this could be the best spot treatment ever. It is 10% sulfur, smells, but after this morning it has really dried up my chin ones. I think this over like 3 nights could be a cure. It is really drying so I put coconut oil on the spots. It is easier to cover up red patches than a huge pimple.

I am starting the supplement Clearetto- 2 in morning/ 2 at night. That will take a few weeks to judge.

So far I have learned a few things. Purging when using new face washes is normal but after 3 weeks it probably isn't a good thing. I am coming to realize acne cleansers might be stripping my skin more than helping. I might start using a pH toner but I am trying to ease my skin into these changes. Diet is important and can really help others but I have not found a significant connection with mine and food. I am pretty sure my skin is hormones and I am not a fan of birth control or spironolactone. Clearetto is intriguing because it supposedly aids with hormone production. I am trying that first. I have done a lot of research and if anyone has any questions message me! I will update as I see fit with products like EradiKate. Thanks : )

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