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My sudden struggle with acne

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Krissy Melo


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I started using the Retin-A and The Regimen hoping that everything would work perfectly and things would be great.....and so far its been a disaster! The other night when I was applying the Retin-A, I went too far down and spread some on my neck...check out what happened...


and today, i went to put on some make-up for the first time since i've done the Retin-A and this is what it ended up looking like......


a dry flakey disaster!! and i used TONS of moisturizer..before i applied, while i was applying and even after i applied my make-up to see if it would help! NOPE!

So i descided to take some pics of my skin so I could see how things are progressing...and noticing the date, its really only been like a week and a half, but it feel like its been sooooooooo much longer!! and I'm not really seeing much improvement...


how long until i see some real improvement? and how do i get rid of this bumpy neck rash the damn Retin-A caused and when will i be able to wear makeup without it looking like a disgusting flakey mess?!?!!?

Ugh, I'm so frustrated...

Krissy Melo

Upping The Dosage

Well, the doctor made a mistake with the prescription...he upped me from 0.025% to 0.1% of Retin-A...well there was some kind of miscommunication, and I've been using 0.01% (like i said in the previous entry) wonder it hasn't been working very well lol. so today, I got the right prescription, and it's in a cream version now...i deffinitely like the cream better than the lets hope this correct prescription works!

Krissy Melo

First Entry

Hi, I'm Krissy.

I'm a 27 year old, mother of 2 from East Taunton, MA. I absolutely never had a problem with acne until after I had kids...and even then, it was nothing like it is now. Over the past several months my acne has gotten completely out of control. I've tried everything, from Proactiv to Neutrogena to Cetaphil to Clean & Clear to Clearasil...I don't think there's anything in stores that I haven't tried. I finally went to my doctor and he prescribed me with Tretinoin Gel 0.01%. I've been using it for about a month, and where I've seen slight improvement, it's still terrible (as you can see by the pictures).

So last night I came across this website and I descided to join the Community and order The Regimen. I'll keep updating as things change. Hopefully this works!

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