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Accutane Ahahaha

I have no idea what's up with my title. Seriously. No clue. I've been off Accutane for a month and a half now. And okay... my skin is smooth and I break out around my period, but I think I'm that 20% that needs a second course; I am never without acne. There is always something I have to cover. Can I hear from anyone else's experience going on Accutane a second time? All the best to you all.


Has anyone... ANYONE been breaking out after 8 months of Accutane? That just seems crazy to me. I currently have... six... I would say... inflamed red spots on my face, which is super weird because last week there was NOTHING. I do not get it. And I'm so tired of obsessing over it. But, I literally don't know how to stop until the acne stops. I refuse to be that 1/1,000,000 statistic where Accutane does not work for that individual. I'll go on Accutane for three courses if that's what it takes. And the thing is... I would be totally, TOTALLY fine if I just had small break-outs every now and then. Every two weeks you have a few. THAT'S FINE. I would understand and be like "You know what, I forgive you, body, I forgive you for these pimples." But, right now. I can't forgive my body. Because I don't know what to do. I am on the most powerful acne drug available... and my face is not how it should be.

Any motivation or encouragement would be GREAT. Also, I'd love to hear from someone who has gone through two courses of Accutane. Because I think that's what I will need.

Much love,



I don't know. I don't know what happened. My face was so clear. Now, I have five zits that really are bothering me. I don't get it. Accutane was supposed to rid me of this disease. And I'm nearing the last week of treatment and my skin hasn't looked this tragic since April. I don't know.

I want to be done with this drug. I truly do. It's not good for me to have this harmful Accutane in my body for seven months. It disrupts my system. Humans aren't meant to take these kind of harsh treatments. But, we do. Because we'll do anything.

I came across a holistic website the other day called "Acne No More." And I'm going to give it a shot. It explains the importance of vitamins, natural ingredients, detoxing, and pure skincare products. I think this is what I need. I need to take control over me... over what food I eat that determines my acne... over what face wash I use that strips my skin...

The author of "Acne No More" states that it might be helpful to start a list of all the reasons why clear skin is important and why we want it so badly...

1. To put on make-up to actually enhance features and not cover them up.

2. To take pictures in bright light

3. To look in mirrors in bright light

4. To have a boy touch your cheek and not be worried about them running their hand over a zit

5. To not wear make-up while swimming

6. To live freely

7. To feel beautiful

I could go on and on. I don't know. I'm out of words now.


Lucky Number 7

It's funny. Well, maybe not funny. But, not what I expected. My dermatologist thought that I would be done with Accutane by month 4. And guess what? I just filled a prescription for month 7. It's so weird how nothing is how you expect it to be with this medicine. I'm so thankful for Accutane, though. Truly I am. I would rather stay on it forever and have the dried lips, the constant blood tests, the pregnancy tests, and the side effects... then ever have to deal with insecurities through acne.

I really feel blessed. Even though I am still experiencing MINOR, MINOR breakouts... it's so much better then it was when I started. At the beginning, I never looked in a mirror. NEVER. Now, I put on mascara, take pictures with my friends, and just live. That's all we want. Is to live without the thought of ugliness tapping into the back of our minds. Accutane has given me that.


Heyo hey!

Has anyone ever experienced some purging from switching Accutane brands or increasing the dosage?? I switched from 60 mg claravis to 80 mg Amnesteem. And have like five small breakouts and im in month six. Whaaaat! I'm hoping this is just a small reaction to the new medication. But mama Mia how long is totally clear skin gonna take?



Hello Month 6

I seriously cannot believe I'm going into six months on Accutane. And it's also hard to imagine that six months ago I was this girl so desperate to be herself again, to be able to look in the mirror again. My doctor has bumped me to 80 mg a day and the brand I am now on is Amnesteem (spelled right?). I've heard this brand is more effective then Claravis. But, I honestly have no idea. As far as my face goes, it's completely smooth. I do not have any breakouts at the moment. It looks SO much better then when I started in February. I still have those small purple/red marks on the left side of my face, though. Not sure what to do about those. Maybe I'll have to wait to do a chemical peel or something. Or they should just fade with time which is honestly the hope.

I'm just ready to be at peace with everything. With my skin, who I present to the world. Everything. Because there are too many amazing things in this world and too many reasons to be happy to let one small flaw on your face ruin it. And if someone doesn't like the way you look, they can go look at someone else haha and then you can spend the time with the people who really love you for everything you are.


Uhhhh... soooo... this month was a real break-out month. What the heck. I mean I've been on Accutane for 5 months and you'd think during the final months of this drug that I would really not be breaking out. Hmmm... weird weird. Don't really get it. I did try a new cleanser so maybe that had something to do with it. Uhh my spastic skin. Okay so I go to the dermatologist on Monday and will be put on Accutane for another month. I'm not sure if my dosage will be increased to 80 mg or not. I personally think I should just to make sure I have ZERO breakouts in month 6. Then, maybe I'll do a maintenance dosage of about 30 mg to make sure I stay totally clear. Good luck everyyyyyyybody!



Hey Hey Hey!

So it's been about a month since I've posted and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results of Accutane. I mean... my face is soooooooo smooth. I only have a couple red marks that can be easily covered with concealer and those marks will fade with time. I'm still on the 30 mg Claravis 2x a day. I have my appointment today to go into the last month. FREAKING CRAZY. I remember when I first started this blog... I felt so miserable... like I was the ugliest looking thing on the planet (granted I exaggerate and my acne was moderate if even that). But, I feel like my old goofy, self again. And I don't avoid mirrors. And that is an amazing feeling. For anyone who has doubts about Accutane... give it a shot. You'll have dry lips. But that's why God invented Aquaphor. So it's really a piece of cake medicine to take. I'm so blessed for the results I've had and I can't wait to enter my final month!





So I'm about five days away from going into my fourth month on Claravis. When I look at how my skin was when I started Claravis to where it is now... it's a definite improvement. I really only have two little pimples... but the left side of my cheek has this AWFUL DISGUSTING cluster of dark marks. Blahhhhhhhhhhh. So I guess my focus has changed to taking care of those... this is my body dysmorphic disorder being super perfectionistic about my skin. Really not fun.

Products I'm Using:

Biore skin balancing cleanser


Cetaphil cream (in the jar)



Almay cover-up

Neutrogena pressed powder

Anyways, things are still iimproving. I'm going to hope that by the end of the fourth month that I will be TOTALLY clear and that the marks will have faded some. I think I'm going to ask to go on 80 mg a day... we'll see! Good luck to everyone on this treatment! And you are beautiful no matter what. Honestly.



What up everyone!

So dang, it's been 60 days and let me tell you... things have gotten better. I currently just have... two-ish breakouts. Which is really amazing. I can't remember the last time I washed my face and felt smoothness. I do have some red marks, but those can be covered with make-up AND will go away with time. Plus, my dermatologist said that between the second and third months is when people REALLY start seeing a blessing in their skin. So yippee yeahhh that's really exciting.

Oh, but what's a total pain is having to switch dermatologists on Accutane. Holy hell it's like the worst. You have to go through iPledge and contact another dermo and have them accept you ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. And I have to switch since I'm coming home from college and going back to my home state. So, whoever is on Accutane... try your hardest to keep the same doctor haha

Much love everyone. If you're unsure about Accutane's effectiveness and you're only just starting... stick with it, okay? I know it's hard. But, it will pay off. Like all things good, it just takes time.



50 Dayssss

Hey, Hey Crowd,

So it's been fifty days on Claravis. Honestly cannot believe it's already been that long... but things seem to be halting. I have my next dermatologist appointment a week from today and am debating asking about being raised to 80 mg a day. My face has improved, don't get me wrong, but I am still getting a few break-outs that I don't think should be happening. I could just be impatient, though, not gonna lie and the Accutane may still be "working its way through my system".

Let's see, I have a baby cyst on my chin, a new cyst on my left cheek, and a few breakouts on the left side of my forehead. Plus, leftover red marks that will go away with time (but these are freaking annoying). So, I'm really leaning towards the 80 mg route haha. Anyways, that's 50 days in. Update in about a week.



It's like a new me. I don't exactly know how to describe it. I looked in the mirror for the first time in months the other day... and I didn't look away. I actually put on eye-liner, which is something you cannot do without looking in the mirror, like you can with mascara. I felt invigorated, ferocious even. A sudden calm washed over me and I felt genuinely satisfied with myself for the first time since last August.

1) Claravis 30 mg 2x a day

2) Biore Skin Balancing Cleanser

3) Clarisonic

Done. Done. And done. The cleanser truly is wonderful. I honestly cannot praise it enough. I think that anyone on Accutane should give it a try. I truly adore it.

I could not be more pleased with how my skin has progressed on Claravis. And honestly, I barely had any side effects. Once you push through the "initial break-out/flakey" stage... you notice things changing. And you notice yourself changing as well. You're lighter, you smile more, you're a better you.

I know that things will get better and better. My skin looks near perfect with a few touches of concealer and powder. Crazy, huh?

To everyone considering going on Accutane... I'm only 41 days in... and well... read above and maybe you will STRONGLY consider it.

Much love,



Dear Everyone,

I wish I had a button on a remote control... one where I could hit flash-forward and it would take me to the end of my treatment... so that I could see just how beautiful I could be. I'm not saying that in vain; I'm saying it because I feel beautiful when I feel like me. And having to battle acne... it doesn't make me feel like me.

It's day 32 of my Claravis journey. It's getting better, slowly but surely. I actually have a strange feeling that at the end of this second month, my skin will look a lot better. But, as of right now... it's just a waiting game and I am probably one of the most impatient people on this planet.

To tell you the truth... I don't really look into mirrors... which is extremely sad considering that I maybe have four pimples total on my face. I'm pretty sure I have some type of body/acne dysmorphia or whatever it's called. I'm hoping that at the end of treatment... I won't have this anymore.

Well, sorry for the sob-like story hahaha update more in about a week!

Much love,




Hi you guys! Just wanted to give you an update! Today is day 26 of my Claravis journey. I am still taking 60 mg a day. My one month is this Monday, March 4th when I will have my dermatologist appointment and then go into month two. I'm pretty sure I'll be staying on 60 mg a day for a total of five months. PRETTTTTY EXCITING STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little update about my face! I switched cleansers haha and I FREAKING LOVE WHAT I'M USING. It's called "Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser". I have been using this for two days and already my skin feels way better. My face feels smoother, not so dry, but still super clean. I'm in love. I'll definitely continue using this throughout my treatment and will keep using it after Accutane as well. For a moisturizer, I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream and for make-up I just use Almay spot treatment concealer and the Neutrogena pressed powder. I really hate foundation, so the concealer with light powder is perfect!

I currently have nothing active on my right cheek. It's actually really smooth with just a few little marks. My chin has some scabs that are still drying up. My left cheek has one cyst and one tiny pimple with red marks. And my forehead is relatively smooth with some leftover red marks. So, I think I'm now in the healing process which is actually SUPER SWELL.

I did develop some eczema haha that's for sure. It's on my neck, the tops of my hands, and on one arm. It's not horrible; it's not like oh dear God what happened to her. It's just red and itchy. But, that's just a sign the Claravis is kicking in! So, I'll take it. I think in the next month my skin will be doing really well. So, I'm stoked for that. It's kind of crazy to see the effects of Accutane actually showing. I guess I'm a nerd like that. I get PUMPED.

Stay beautiful (:




Clarvis... Day... 16


So I totally lied about getting over an initial breakout. My face decided "haha, fooled her" and decided that I should break out just a little bit more. My cheeks are about 95% clear, but my chin has a little cyst and a whitehead and my forehead has like... three little bumps near my hairline and a couple whiteheads. Not horrible, but PLEASE CLARAVIS KICK IN BABY.

Still using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cleanser, Clarisonic, and Cetaphil Moisturizer (just around my nose). I've also added Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser at night which is really refreshing. Me gusta mucho! :)

Not much else to report... I'm not really dry haha my lips are a little, but if I have chapstick then I'm golden. If any of you have an idea about when your initial breakout stopped... I'd love to hear for some motivation haha.




Day 11 And... 1/2...

Hey Hey Hey!

What up everyone! So everything is going grand with the Claravis. I honestly don't have dry skin... which is really weird... haha I was kind of expecting to be like the Sahara. I'm totally good with not flaking all over, though. But, I am pretty oily so maybe by the end of month 1... then I'll be a little drier. I'm expecting that to happen.

I think I'm just getting over my beautiful, fantastic, wonderful initial breakout. It's so lovely. So my entire forehead was CRYSTAL clear then BABOOM WAMPOW... three new little whiteheads popped up. I woke up and was like "NOOOOOO" haha but they're going away now. And I also got a small one above my lip and a few on my chin that are now scabs. But, I think the Claravis is going bueno. I'm sure by the end of month 2... I'll be able to really tell.

Not much else to report on... I'm debating using a sulfur mask as a spot treatment overnight to help with drying out the random ones that pop up. Might be too much on Accutane, though. Oh decisions, decisions haha.




Welcome, Claravis

Hi everybody!

So, I've been checking out this site for an obnoxiously long time. I think I first stumbled upon it last August when I started college. And now, walla! I am going to do a blog about my experience with acne and now Accutane.

Let me start by saying that I am doing this because I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to consciously be aware of every blemish and red mark on your face, whether they are gigantic or microscopic. It consumes you like a sickness. And I know what it's like to feel helpless and to look around you and think... nobody knows what I'm going through... nobody fears the dreaded mirror every day like I do... nobody understands the silent suffering...

So, I want to share my story. Hopefully, it will be a story of success. Because every single person on this planet deserves to wake up every morning and say, damn, I am beautiful. We should all be able to say that and I'm hoping that by the time my Accutane experience is over, I will be able to not just say, "damn, I'm beautiful" but I'll be able to scream it.

I am now 8 days into my accutane treatment. I am on 60 mg a day of Claravis. To be honest, I do not have severe acne. It is moderate, but extremely persistent. I have tried every antibiotic known to mankind and every drugstore cleanser, lotion, and toner out there. It kills me to think of the money that I have spent on trying to cure this disease. But, I would spend $10,000 easily if I could be guaranteed to not have to worry about looking in the mirror and being disgusted at what I see.

So, 60 mg a day along with Beyaz birth control. Oh, by the way, I'm a 19 year old girl who loves country music, plays college soccer, and cannot wait for the day that her five month Accutane course is over and I can BEAM at the mirror.

As far as side effects go... just some dry lips. I'm currently using Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Cleanser. Once I run out of that, then I will switch to Cerave's foaming cleanser. I use Aquaphor and Blistex for my lips and I also use my Clarisonic when I feel like I need some extra cleaning. I am sure that once the dryness of my face increases, then I will have to stop using the Clarisonic because it will be too harsh on my skin.

I have one red mark and a few small bumps on my right cheek, two scabs from old zits on my chin, two cysts on my left cheek with a few red marks, and three moderate pimples on my forehead. I think the Accutane is helping a bit.

If any of you guys have suggestions about what to do about red marks during and post Accutane... please let me know! And I'd love to hear your stories about when your Accutane really started to make a difference in your skin!