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March 4th

I started this blog to keep track of my improvement. I started B5 on March 4th,2008 and finished 100 pills on march 13th. Thats 10 a day which is 5mg.I started seeing results in about 2 days. I had few new pimples at first but nothing major. As im writing this its my tenth day I only have one active pimple on my face, which is a really huge difference.Lips are really dry. No diarrhea. So today im cutting back the dosage one fifth, thats is two pills a day. Im gonna be at 1 gram a day now until I see acne coming back. I also got fish body oil capsules from GNC. I took two of them already. So as of my tenth day , no major break out. Back acne is almost gone. I also noticed that when I do get a new pimple it heals faster now. I dont know why that is though. I would say im about 75% clear.

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