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Someone said they were interested in knowing, so I've decided to post my regimen, or my daily routine.

The only prescription from the doctor I have is this Benzoyl Peroxide facial wash that is working quite well over the past three weeks. I began using it once a day, scared to waste it because I had only two refills, but I've started using it twice a day now.

I've changed my diet significantly. I've gone on this Clear Skin Diet that is becoming hard to maintain because my family doesn't eat very healthily and eating healthy is expensive. Pomegranates sell for two bucks a pop! I've bought some whole wheat granola and eat a salad every day at lunch. i try to remember to drink 6 cups of water, 1 cup of green tea, and take three Omega 3 fatty acid fish pills daily.

At first, it was hard to be on this diet because the healthy food isn't always around and I would be hungry a lot. Also, my culture makes very greasy, fatty food, but I drink lots of water with those meals to even it out. Some days, I feel as though I would kill for a juicy burger from McDonald's, but quell the temptation and go for a salad instead. i still treat myself to a brownie or some soda every now and then.

Lastly, I've made the habit of cleaning. Every weekend, I clean all my sheets and pillow cases and my hair wrap--basically anything that comes in contact with my face.

The habit I've found most difficult to stop is face picking. It's like an addiction. I see a pimple and instantly think "Must. Destroy." My brain screams at my hand not to do it, but it ignores it and does it anyway. I've thought about wearing gloves as a reminder, but have none.

Here's the link for the Clear Skin Diet: 5 Foods For Clear Skin article I read if any of you are interested. I follow it because I believe that you must put good in to get good out.

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