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I am 99% CLEAR :D I didn't think I'd see such dramatic effects in such a short amount of time. Still experiencing extremely dry lips, inside of nose and very dry/red eyes but alas, the acne has just about completely gone!

Currently using:

Lucas Pawpaw for lips and inside of nose (otherwise I get nose bleeds :/ )

Clear Eyes eye drops

Cetaphil normal skin moisturiser

Simple face wash/exfoliant for acne prone skin

Head and Shoulders dry scalp shampoo

Dosage: 40mg a day

Pictures attached of how my skin is currently. HUGE improvement.



Day 29 On Accutane

So my skin is looking amazing! It suddenly started improving dramatically in the last few days so I guess it's all finally happening! I also started drinking loads more water, exercising and eating healthy so I'm not sure if that played a role in it as well. My skin is looking the best it has in a LONG time. I can't say I have one active pimple at the moment.. a few whiteheads here and there and acne scarring but no more cysts! I had a few small pimples but they all came to the surface within 24 hours and were pretty much gone the next day.

Lips are still very dry and getting cold sores because they're so bad but it's nothing in comparison to having a face full of acne. I can only hope things keep on improving. My knees have been quite sore as of late also. I have been using head and shoulders dry scalp care which has helped plenty with the flaky scalp. I'm amazed at only having to wash my hair once or twice a week. I've never experienced this before. I also started using a gentle exfoliant/face wash and finally used cetaphil moisturiser as my skin is dry enough for it not to make it oily.

It's 1am where I am and I'm exhausted. Will be sure to post photos of my progress in the next post :)


Day 25 On Accutane

So in the midst and stress of moving house over the past week, my skin broke out quite bad. Nowhere near as bad as it used to before I was on Accutane however. I'm finding it quite difficult to be patient at the moment, it's hard seeing only minor improvement each day but I guess I don't have much of a choice but to stick to it.

My lips have just gone insanely dry. I can't eat a hamburger without them cracking. Also, waking up in the morning and forgetting about my cracked lips and then yawning has proven to be quite painful. I'm literally applying lip balm every 5 mins. Have only washed my hair once this week and it's still dry! Loving it. I hated having greasy hair that was constantly weighed down.

Skin is flaking absolutely everywhere. It just falls off my skin like I'm sunburnt. My knees have been quite sore as of late, probably due to all the running I've been doing. I started cycling at the gym instead to ease the tension.

I find myself drinking so much water but still feeling dehydrated. The Accutane is definitely working in drying everything out. It's just a matter of getting those last few pimples to hurry up and push through!

One of these days I'll find some time to take some decent pics :)


Day 17!

Stoked with the improvements my skin has made! It's getting better and better each day. Skin is ridiculously tight at the moment and flaking everywhere. I'm still getting a few small zits here and there but they're not very deep and are gone within two days. So for now, I can say the cystic acne has disappeared! Surface acne and scarring is still apparent but it's slowly fading. Lips and scalp are extremely dry now.

Not too much else to report today. Happy with the results so far.


Day 16-Pics!

Noticing very dramatic improvement today! I can't believe how much my skin has improved in the last couple of days. The cysts I had on my chin and neck have dramatically reduced on their own. I did dab a little Panoxyl on them but didn't think it would make much of a difference. One side of my neck is practically clear of bumps, obviously the scarring is there but it's such an improvement it really doesn't bother me. So far, I'm still noticing the same side effects - dryness everywhere but it's very minor. No joint pain and I've been training hard at the gym.

I had a couple of very small pimples appear on my left cheek but they were so tiny it didn't even matter.

Here is how my skin is looking now!


Day 15 :d

Well, my skin seems to have made an amazing turn around after yesterday. I upped my dosage two nights ago so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I can legitimately say that my acne is fading now and for the first time my skin feels super soft and even smooth in a few places! I did get a bit sun kissed yesterday, which I know I'm not meant to do while on accutane, but I find it speeds up the process a little. Lips, scalp and eyes still extremely dry so nothing out of the norm there. I'm hoping I'm on the way to clear skin and not just having a good day. So far, I've found my skin to be very back and forth whilst on accutane. One day it will look like my skin is clearing, the next it will be back to its usual self. But today, I can say my skin is looking the best it has in a LONG time!



Day 14 :(

Skin has gotten 10 times worse. I don't even want to think about it. I just upped my dosage to 40mg. I have a HUGE cyst forming on my chin which is killing me, my entire chin is swollen and it looks ridiculous. Have been dabbing Panoxyl on it day and night but it's not making a difference. I'm going to try putting a hot compress on it as often as I can to get it out asap. The huge cyst on my neck still persists. It's so so painful. One thing I hate more than how acne looks, is how painful it is. I'm considering getting these cysts injected. Not a great day for me :(

Does anyone have any advice/tips on what to do with a huge cyst forming??


Day 12

Not so good today. Got next to no sleep the night before which I think is why. Had a few angry spots coming to the surface and got frustrated so I popped a few :( Argh I just can't help myself! Really need to stop. End of day two without washing hair and still no oil! Loving this. Lips are so so dry at the moment, going to need to invest in more lip balm soon.

Not too much else to report. Not long until I up my dosage. I may start a day early, simply because I can't wait :) I have my graduation ceremony in April so my goal is to have relatively clear skin by then. It won't be perfect, but it has to be a lot better than it was during those last stressful months at university.

Posting photos this weekend for my weekly progress update. Here's hoping these angry spots calm down by then. Getting them in all sorts of places I never did before. Oh dear, this was always expected however so it's ok. Dealing with it.


Day 11-Still Improving!

Definitely seeing some minor improvement today. Only just enough for me to notice. Not as much active acne and skin is drying out plenty now. A lot of the redness seems to be slowly fading also. Still a few pimples rising to the surface but that's expected. Lips are drying out INSANELY. I feel like my skin is reasonably balanced at the moment, now that most of the oil has been eliminated. I know it's only going to keep on getting more dry however, but it's such a nice contrast in comparison to having constantly oily skin. Scalp has been quite itchy lately. Only have to wash my hair every two days which is amazing! Loving most of the side effects so far. Considering it's the middle of one of the hottest summers we've had here and humidity is at a constant high, I'm so surprised that my hair is still clean after a day or two!

Question to those of you on accutane (I will probably ask my local pharmacy but just wondering what the general consensus is).

When upping dosage from 20mg to 40mg, does this mean I take two 20mg tablets at separate times of the day or do I take them both at the same time?

:S It doesn't say on my prescription how to take them.


Day 10 - Improvement!

So, day 9 was terrible. I felt like my skin was exploding with acne. I was seriously feeling a bit down about the whole thing. Fortunately, as it was a long weekend here, I got some much needed fresh air and sunshine and I'm finally seeing some improvement today! I've been drinking a tonne of water and have done a lot of exercise the past two days so I think that may have helped. Right now, the only side effects I'm experience are very dry lips and a flaky scalp. All in all, not too bad for my first 10 days on accutane. I'm hoping the terrible acne I experienced in the last few days is the initial breakout over and done with, but I'm upping my dosage this weekend so I'm yet to find out.

Feeling positive and excited as I get closer to clear skin!

Will post photos in the next few days.


It's Day 8

So it's day 8 on accutane, which means it's less than one week until I can up my dosage to 40mg and speed things up! This is a little exciting.

Still experiencing dry lips, but I go to bed with plenty of lucas pawpaw ointment on and wake up to soft lips. Again, I woke up in the early hours of the morning with an extreme urge to itch my face, I made a couple of spots bleed again but it was so itchy I didn't know what to do.

I definitely noticed my scalp is drying out and flaking now, so I'm going to invest in dandruff shampoo today.

I have a huge cyst on my neck which is not going down so I dabbed a little panoxyl acne cream on it which helped a little, but not much. My skin looks very much the same as yesterday with a few more spots coming to the surface. I used to be terrible with my skin and would squeeze every spot that came out but have stopped since being on accutane.

I did notice a few of the spots starting to dry out now. I'm not sure if I've experienced the initial breakout yet or if it's still coming? I have a feeling it may arrive when I up my dosage.

Not too much to report other than that. By the looks of it I don't need to wash my hair today, yay! I had days where I would wash it twice a day because it got so oily. Once in the morning for work and if I was going out that night, I would have to come home and wash it again.

I will be posting photos once a week or every few days so stay tuned :)


The Beginning Of The End

Hey there smile.png

I'm a 23 year old female and I started my accutane journey seven days ago on January 20, 2013.

After trying numerous attempts of healing my acne, I have finally decided to resort to accutane. Previously, I completed two courses of doxycycline in conjunction with differin cream - the first course worked like a charm, my skin was clear for nearly two years. Having recently completed my final year in university, the stress brought on my acne in full force so here I am. Degree completed but now with a face full of acne which won't budge.

I definitely started noticing the expected side effects in the last few days - dry lips, itchy and flaky skin and less oily hair. Considering my face is normally dripping in oil and I have to wash my hair every day, I'm rather pleased with the side effects thus far.

Here is what I'm on at the moment:

-20mg a day for the first two weeks. Increase to 40mg thereafter.

Products I am using:

-Lucas pawpaw ointment for lips

-Cetaphil oily/acne prone skin cleanser twice a day

-Clear Eyes eye drops for dry eyes

Currently, I am not using moisturiser as my skin is still in the process of drying out. Where I'm from, humidity is generally at 70%-90% during the summer so I find that makes up for it.

I haven't noticed anything out of the norm in terms of side effects, however, I did wake up in the early hours of the morning last night with extremely itchy skin where my acne is (jawline, neck and chin). I couldn't stop scratching and made a few of my pimples bleed (woops :/ )

I think I may be experiencing the initial breakout, I have a couple of huge cysts which have come out on my neck and my skin is much the same if not worse than it was a week ago. I knew it was coming and it's only going to get better so I'm not too worried or stressed about it.

My acne is mainly on my jawline, neck and chin. Oddly enough, my forehead, nose and cheeks have always been clear. Here are a few photos of how my skin looks so far. (Not the most attractive, but it is what it is).


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