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When I first started this blog, I had full intentions of regularly updating my progress on Roaccutane, but unfortunately I just never got round to doing it. But now ... 180 days later, I can honestly say ... Going on Roaccutane was one of the best decisions I ever made smile.png

I'm going to try not to babble on too much, but I just thought id share my final blog with you guys, to give you all an idea of what I went through and the results I got. Although everyone's different, I hope in some way it might help anyone else who may be undecided about going on the drug or wants to know about side effects etc.!

So... I started on Roaccutane on the 16th January 2013 and took my final pill on the 27th may. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't the easiest journey to clear skin, but my god, the results are amazing! Since coming off the drug the majority of the side effects have gone and my skin is better (and clearer) than ever!

Here's a list of the side effects I got whilst on the drug...

  • Cracked Lips & split corners - obviously I was expecting this, and it was an absolute nightmare at times, But all worth it, lips are back to normal now - made me appreciate and look after them so much more.
  • Back/spine pain - was mild through most of it, until last month which was very severe! I was worried (after reading a review on this) that it wouldn't go away, but within a week or two of stopping the pills, luckily the pain stopped.
  • Achy joints - especially my knees! Also wasn't very nice if I was to sit still for a while and then try to move .. Totally seized up! Made me very sympathetic for my poor Dad with his arthritis!!
  • Dry skin - another thing I was expecting, got quite severe on the tops of my arms and hands at one point (like a rash), which I told my derm about and she prescribed me some steroid cream ... Which worked like magic over night smile.png
  • Feeling sick after food - this wasn't all the time, but after eating certain things, like pasta bake for example I noticed I would feel very nauseous. Occasionally had mild stomach cramps too.
  • Non-greasy hair - this side effect has its pros & cons ... Pros is not having to worry about your hair being greasy - ever!! Cons obviously with lack of oil in my hair, it became slightly weaker & thinner. After coming of the pills, my hair still doesn't get greasy, which I hope (mad for saying this) it eventually will, otherwise I'll probably end up bald!!

So there we go, my brief journey on Roacctune! Had my final appointment with the derm last week, who explained that if the spots are to return (which is very rare) it will usually be roughly 2 years or so from now ... So fingers crossed I wont be in that small %.

Hope this may have helped someone and the best of luck to anyone starting or currently on their own roaccutane / Accutane / isotretinoin journey!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Iv posted below a before & after pic, I'm sure you'll agree its pretty amazing results! X





Arm rash



Roaccutane - Day 5

So after loads of thought about whether or not i really wanted to start taking Roaccutane, i can safely say i must have changed my mind about it more than a million times! One minute i was positive i needed to start taking it (usually when another spot decided to pop up on my face) and then the next minute, id be unsure about it again (usually when i read another bad review) ... But here i am on my 5th day of taking it, and up to yet i still feel i've made the right choice.

On the 2nd day of taking the drug, i felt really rough ... had severe headache and backache, and in the morning suffered from sickness ... i'm guessing these side effects were just my body either trying to reject the tablets or adjust to them?! Did anyone else suffer from this?

Didn't really see or feel any side effects on days 3 or 4, but day 5 (today) i've woke up with loads of spots, which are mainly on my right cheek & jaw. Really upsetting having these, makes me just want to stay inside away from people, and i'm dreading having to go college tomorrow, but ... i know that this 'initial breakout' is a normal side effect and it was to be expected. Even though my face is looking pretty hideous at the moment, i know hopefully within time (not too long) i'll never have to worry about or get upset about these darn spots again!!


Please note, i wrote this last tuesday, but havnt had chance to actually put it online until now!!!!!

Hi everyone, im pretty new to all this 'blogging' malarky so please bear with me, as im still trying to get used to it! Basically im a 21 year old girl who suffers with moderate/severe acne on my face and (sometimes) top of back. After trying loads of different creams and tablets, i've finally been prescribed roaccutane, and after reading other reviews and blogs about other people's journeys, i wanted to join in and share mine.

So here's a little history about me and my acne... I first started suffering from spots when i was roughly around 13, they wern't too bad ... just the usual teenage breakouts, but as you know, school years can be tough ... and as if dealing with my raging hormones wasnt enough, i was 'blessed' (thanks whoevers up there) with these horrid spots!! They stayed as 'mild' spots until i hit 17/18, which they then started to become worse. At this point i wasnt on any medication as they hadnt been too problematic up until now, but after going on a girl's holiday with my friends in the summer, and realising i looked absolutly disgusting compared to the rest of them, i finally realised it was time to do something about these horrid things taking over my face!!

So after having lots (and i mean lots) of appointments with my doctor, i can safely say i've probably tried every 'usless' medication (bar roaccutane) that there is for acne. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration there, but i'm sure you get what i mean! I've tried ones such as the bingo dabber one (not sure of its name), doxycycline, minocycline, lymecycline, duac anti-biotic cream and a few others that i cant remember (that's how effective they were) oh and some stupid locum doctor decided to prescribe me with retin a gel/cream (something only derms can prescribe) which totally messed up my face even more!

Anyway after hitting the 21 mark in my life, i suddenly noticed that i started getting worse acne (i didn't think it was possible) sad.png so i decided enough was enough! i stormed into the docs office and demanded she transfer me to the dermatologist .. (ok another exaggeration but i did tell her i was sick of being put on usless medication that doesnt effect me in the slightest). Thankfully she transferred me with no hesisation, then it was just a case of playing the waiting game for my appointment to come through.

Finally i made it into the derm's office and the lady i saw couldn't of been any nicer. She asked me to explain my situation and i also added in that my brother had suffered from severe acne and he had been put on a course of roaccutane, which he had had brilliant results from. She then went on to ask how i would feel about going on roaccutane ... I felt so relieved .. finally a chance to get rid of my acne once and for all! I had a pregnancy test (routine) and had my bloods took (routine) and was prescribed with 30mg a day for a month.

As soon as i got home, as you do, went straight on google and started researching, reading and watching reviews about people's different stories with roaccutane/accutane/isotretinoin ... which absolutly scared me to death, i had also watched the 'dying for clear skin' program a few months ago, which had always been in the back of my mind! I must admit i did start to have second thoughts about going on the drug because of some of the possible side effects, but just thought i would have a good think over the next two days (until my blood results came back) and decide if i really wanted to start taking this controversial drug.

So indecisive?!?!?

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