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day 55

my face isn't THAT bad. And it stayed pretty clear tough this reallly streasful week... but um.. i popped a few b/c they hurt badly. I'm gonna try an at home peel hopefully (lactic acid 30 % ) I hope it helps w/ scarring & redness n stuff . we'll see


i missed 2 days of b5 b/c GNC desn't have any more... but, I ordered.. it's coming on monday.. so now... Im gonna miss 4 days total !!! AHHH i really hope i dont break out bad


Day 40

i still get pimples, face is still sorta greasy... i dont know why i bother to keep taking 20 pills a day. A little girl asked me today "what happened to ur face." all i could say was "stress"... every day for over a year I've been praying to god to rid me of this misfortune... he hasn't listened. I'm not saying i deserve to be clear... there are better people in this world... I'm too depressed. i'll stop now



day 35.... face is still less greasy... i'm still broken out... i'm still on 10g... but, I still have hope... crazy? maybe.... =\ but, school's still stressful.. so it's taking longer perhaps.... I changed my routine AGAIN... now I wash my face w/ neutragena oil free acne wash.. and.... DONE.... no topicals no moisturizer. I have diarrehea :)... one of the side-effects of B5, i read. Umm.. it's pretty bad.. hopefully it will go away... update in a few days


day 26.... MArch 17

SO.. I changed my routine a bit... Now I wash my face for 10-20 sec w/ same wash... I then apply cetaphil lotion... wait 10 min and apply a pea sized amount of tazorac .1 % all over my face. I'm also up 10 g(finally) of vitamin b5... It's been almsot 1 month hopefully by month 2 I'll be clearer.. I am DEFINATELY less oily.... I used to wipe my face w/ one of those oil blotting sheets and be able to see through IT!!!! (no joke) now i wipe and get a clear spot on the sheet (as opposed to the whole sheet) Anyway, even though no body reads this... :confused: I'll keep myself posted :dance:



Day 24

I think my skin is less oily. up to 9 grams... up to 10 in like 3-4 days... i think it's getting better... but i'm still broken out (maybe it's b/c of stupid school stuff) =\... hopefully it'll get better.



Day 21!!!

My face sucks :confused:(.. It was getting clearer, but the stress in school never stops!!!..I am almost completely sure that b5 was working for me, but b/c of school i only get 5 hourss of sleep (or less) a day.. maybe this is hindering/ slowing the process down?... anyone try b5 and know how long it took?.. I'm trying to be patient, but swallowing 20 pills a day is getting pretty annoying.

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