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Drug Free

Sooo I went to my final derm appointment one month ago and he said I was good to stop taking accutane. This made me very happy!! After 13 months of medication, almost 10 of them being accutane it actually feels like I'm forgetting something in the morning without the need of medication! My face is still extremely pigmented with a few dints.. They are fading but I understand this will take a long time, I have an appointment with a skin specialist for 5 months time to get it looked at once accutane leaves the system. Another summer of me being scared to death of swimming! (No make up eeeek) all symptoms have left! Amazing that I don't need lip balm every hour and the joker like ring around my lips has gone . Also my hair has started to grow back which is amazing as it got pretty thin towards the end there! So all in all, I would recommend accutane but only if your skin is realllllly bad, i believe I got cysts that I would never had have ever if I didn't take it- and it was these cysts that left the purple/red marks that I still have almost a year after!! Good luck every one!! I'll post again in a few months


29 Weeks

I go to China in 3 weeks,super excited.. I wonder how I'll go with all of my pills haha. So I still have 2 lumps under my kin, same places as the dermo thought they would 'go away them selves' ha.. that was almost 2 months ago now so I'm going to try and get back in before I travel. Im super happy as I can completely cover my redness now just with Clinique Red Solution foundation in Ivory, I have had the same 30ml bottle since about March and it's still about half way.. I also found it on ebay for cheaper for when I am out.

I am still accutane, possibly until mid next year, dragging, the only thing thats annoying me about it is the corner of the mouths, just cracks and really dry and flakey. (as you can see in my gallery.)

well i just thought id put up some pics to show my sloowwww but sure progress.


Six Months

I remember when I first got put on accutane they said it would be for 6 months. Well happy six months, if all went well I would now be done. I had my last appointment about 2 weeks, had another injection into my check, darn thing is persistent. I am back on antibiotics, E-Mycin these ones are called and they are suppose to stop the bacteria that is causing any lumps.. and I have to stay on these until I return in about 2 months. right now my face is completely dot free. flat and with make up you would never know the terrors hiding beneath. Haha it has been worse, and the red i slowly going.. i think the massive patches of red are smaller, I have been applying lemon juice for the last 5 nights as I have read that it fades (or probably bleaches- what the heck) hyperpigmentation as im not allowed to put any thing on it until January and Im going to China in a few months and I would prefer not to have to paint my face every day. Has any one tried this? I put rose hip oil on with my moisturiser every morning also so it isn't drying. Ive almost used a bottle of rose hip in the last few weeks, no idea if it does any thing but can't hurt.. well that is all i have left to report!

good night!


Week 21 (5 Months)

OK. Not much has changed. No new dots. Just the same lumps near my nose that will most likely get injected in 3 weeks when i have my next appointment, I have never been so excited to get stabbed in the face!!

I am still on 20mg of Accutane a day.. they said I still have another 7 months to go, finishing up in Dec. A whole year! arg. But it has gone quick. My hyper pigmentation is still very much there, i got some dermablend concealer ( you can cover tatts with this stuff)

it was pretty cheap and completely covers all signs of purple/red marks. (which is great news) also it stays on all day, im pretty sure you could go swimming with it on and it would not budge! i just wear it under mineral make up and it looks like i have a normal face:)

Side effects. My face is not dry any more, just moisturise twice a day. Ive got really shitty scabs up my nose which is a delight, and instead of my lips cracking they just kind of peel, like a layer will kind of rub off... no so bad.. if i did not have marks I would be 98% better.. it will take months before it goes! blah.

thats about it!!! :)


So its about 9 days since I had the injections in my face and wow, the swelling has completely gone

and my cheek is flat for the first time since september hooray! now i can cover the red marks easily as they

are not all gross and bumpy. I wish I got one in my chin too cause it is still a big lump, Ill be back in 7 weeks

so I might ask then if it is not gone.. A few bumps cam up on my other cheek and I put some refining mask that I

had from the Proactive bundle from a few years ago...(sucked) the mask is amazing, left it on for 2 nights in a row and

the bumps have completely gone.

That's about it for now..


Month 3 (Week 13)


I had my first cortisone injections yesterday, as well as a shit load of squeezing or pressure or just ouch that made me sooo dizzy. I looked in the mirrow afterwards and my face was white and bloody.

Today the swelling has gone in half I suppose, which is really good as this thing on my cheek was massive and hurt so much. I think it might keep going down as the day goes on up until 24 hrs or something, hope so! he also prescribed E-Mycin (have not had this one before) that is meant to calm down the cyst a bit too. Apart from that one lump, my face has been dot free for a few months now.. The pigmentation is still realllly bad but im finding that rosehip oil is slowly doing its job (im keeping it away from the lump).

They are getting me to do another blood test as my hair was falling out a fair bit the other week and the want to see if its the tane or an iron deficiency or something. The rest of the side effects have completely stopped. I don't even have dry skin or lips any more... which is pretty awesome.

I have to go back in 2 months, this time they said that I would prob stay on accutane for up for another 12 months, as I reacted really bad to the small dose- upping it would prob make it worse again, better then 18 months like that other dick said last month.

Make up! to hide the red. I have been using clinique red solutions foundation as base, then using physicians formula powder (the one that has green, pink, yellow and beige in it) thennnn nude by nature mineral foundation. and you cannot see a thing under it. its amazing. I have found that make up does not effect or make it any worse (as most of my marks are just pigmentation) I prob would not recommend that much makeup for someone who has lots of active dots, might make it worse- also this wont work if you have flaky skin, have to put on moisturiser first smile.png

Well that is all I have to report!

Have a good day smile.png


Week 12Ish


So I am still on the cortisone and it has helped alot, might not need those face injections next week! that would make me happy. I have stopped using Epiduo (it was amazing) just don't need it any more.

annddd apart from those deep bumps the rest of my face is completely free of any dots. It still looks like hell from all the pigmentation but i can say ive had no new dots for a good few weeks now horay! so my skin can finally start to heal. For the last 2 weeks I have been using rosehip oil mixed in with a sukin night moisturiser before bed (too oily for the day) and the day time sukin moisturiser in the morning under make up- if for some reason my face is extra dry Ill use the cetaphil one instead- but my dryness has gone. Its strange, I dont have dry lips any more or face or any where like im not even on accutane- soooo good.

so i go back to Melbourne for the derm appointment next Friday and hopefully they change their minds about the extra long (14 more months of tane) because that sounds like forever!

Have a good day!


Week 10

Okie Dokie

I kind of forgot last week, but no real changes to report any how!

I went and saw the dermo yesterday for the first time since starting (accutane) and they actually apologised for not putting me on prednisolone at the start- said no way it would of gotten this bad and swollen! (thanks guys). So I left with a script for that and the sad news that they are just going to keep me on this dose (since I had such a bad initial breakout) for the total time of 18 months!! WTF!?

i am hoping badly that it gets better wayyy before then and I can stop earlier. My face has actually cleared up ALOT with no new marks for about 2 weeks now, it is just still red and kinda mushy in places, and if I put pressure on it will leak like yellow watery puss stuff (sorry). Fair gross.

Any how, no new side effects. I remember when I was on pred last time it made me not hungry- and tane makes me starving, so maybe on both I'll go back normal haha


Week 8

so ill call this week- all my hair is falling out week. fine up till now then BAM!! hair every where, clogging the sink,

car seat head rest is hairy, brush full.. i dont want to be a bald person haha. im hoping it doesnt get much worse

because i think i would rather a few dots then no hair..

any way.

face is pretty much the same, massive thing on my chin is getting smaller, but it has been there since before

christmas so about time hey..

my face is heaps drier this week too, but my cheeks are still crappy dotty.

ah well. they will get there. 2 weeks till review.

have a good wkd every one!


Week 7

No news reallllllly. I think my eyes are getting a bit dry but eyedrops fix that right up, also alot of dryness around my eyes

and nose. But all good with moisturiser. I got a new night time moisturiser for the parts of my face that are clearer, still sticking with the cetaphil for the red parts, not really sure I trust the new one yet! I have totally ditched the cetaphil facewash now, it sucks big time. Also noticing that thing are taking way longer to heal then they usually would, like blisters on my feet from new shoes, still there from new years! its crazy. Annoying.

Nothing else to report!!

Like I said in previous post, I can almost cover it now with make up! fabulous.. so here is my brave photo with no sneaky eye block outs haha

have a good day!!


Week 6

So the last week has been pretty super, I can actually almost make this shit vanish with makeup, apart from my chin, its all pretty flat- i think the epiduo has just made it reallllly red, I know this will take ages to go, but Im happy the drugs are starting to kick in and hopefully I dont get any new dots (so far so good). If I can cover it, all is good. Ive put the difference in one week on this blog, maybe to me it just looks better but i can see much more improvement, the photo actually makes it look a little worse.

got about 3 weeks until I go for my first blood work and check up- wonder what he will say.



Wholly Shit

So I don't know what is working right now, but something is surely doing its job..

In the past week my face has cleared up sooo much, yes it's still hell red and has

bumps, but like half! and for the first time in maybe 4 months I wake up and it doesn't

hurt! no more feeling like my skin is too small for my face- it is amazing! and make up

can almost cover it completely hooray!!! which is extra good because I have a job

interview in 2 days.. i wonder if it will be even better by then.

I have switched from Cetaphil face wash- as i think it sucked, didn't ever wash off my make

up, instead I am using Sukin- foaming cleanser. It's all natural and smells like heaven..

it has lots of nice ingredients.. I am thinking of changing to sukin moisturiser as well

but I wont push my luck yet. bonus is its only $10 :)

I am almost done with week 6. I will post photos in a few days and you can see what I

am raving about. MAGIC!! haha

have included pictures of all my lifesavers :-)


Epiduo Sting

I have been applying Epiduo for the past 3 nights, all is good. But when i apply the moisturiser after it

its stings soooo bad and wont stop. Im just using Cetaphil.

Can any one recommend a moisturiser that doesn't sting? If I just leave it I turn in to super dry peely red face :/

I put it on about 40 minutes ago and it still hurting.. I do not like.





Sooo i started applying Epiduo gel last night followed moisturiser, it stings like a bitch so I hope it does something.

i know they say not to use anything else while on accutane but I have gross white dots every where and im trying

so hard not to pick so hopefully this dries them out without me having to attack them. i went to work today and wanted to

hide under the counter. shall see how that goessss.


Week 1 To Week 4


So I've decided to come on here and chat about my accutane progress, I am driving my family

crazy so thought I'd chat to you guys instead.

So I began the treatment a little over 4 weeks ago, the derm recommended it when I failed to respond to

Doxy, Antibiotics and the usual other treatments. I had never had acne in my life up until about 6 months ago.

I am 25 and this flare up came out of no where, just one side of my face red raw, lumpy, pussy and horrible, my nose

was all distorted and lumpy too.

The doctors didn't actually know what it was it was that bad. I went on a course of Cortisone and Flucloxacillin for about

month which fixed me right up, but the derm said it would probably come back- I was like noooooo, and yeah he was right,

a few weeks late i started getting lumps on the other side of my face so bit the bullet and got the script for accutane.

Week One:

No change, didn't seem to get better or worse. Stocked up on lip balm!

Week Two:

Lips starting to get a tiny but dry, but kept them moisturised so no big deal. No change in acne apart from a whopping lump

coming up on my chin (clear before)

Week Three:

More breakouts of both sides of face. Way more lumps and increased redness. Chin lump massive. Hurts to put on make up but don't really want to leave the house without it.

Week Four:

Still more breakouts, hoping they will stop soon as I do not want my whole face taken over. Has probably doubled since before treatment. Lips ok still.

Finding the cetaphil face wash does little to remove makeup. Any suggestions for a facewash that does this?

Heres hoping that it gets better from here! Suppose to improve in the second month?

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