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Day 7-9

Day 7-9 has been about the same.. Flakey Flakey Flakey!

My skin isn't terribly dry, but it just has areas with flakes and is seeming to get more acne. I've still not worn ANY makeup besides mascara to school.

It's getting harder because my skin is looking bad, but I'm getting used to not wearing any.

If anyone is reading this, let me know how long it took for your skin to start improving and the flakes to go away!

Waiting for results...


Day 5-6

I guess I've just entered flakeville.

Hello, raw red skin and snakey scales! :D Hope to not meet again.

How long will this last?

Moisturizer is helping though. It's mostly just around my sides of chin/mouth/right next to my ears.

I feel like I should be letting my skin be a little flakey, though. I'm still confused about that. If the flakiness is what is getting rid of the acne, then why moisturize so much? ehh, maybe I'm wrong.

I am still doing a dose of about thick 2/3 of pointer finger of BP...(this is week one, i know, but I was using BP before this in smaller amounts)

Gahhh. I'm not wearing makeup at school anymore, and my skin looks pretty bad.

I'm going totally all in for this regimen.

Hopefully the dedication will pay off!!

How long until my skin starts to improve??


Day 4

My skin is looking worse and worse :( , but I am not giving up! :)

New, painful pimples are coming up and a very small amount of flakiness.

I will continue to follow the regimen to a T until I get results.

ever since day 1 I haven't applied ANY face makeup, and I am getting more and more confident without it.


Can't wait for this to start the clearing process!


Day 3

My skin seems to be getting worse! New pimples today and now my face is looking pretty bad... I had to pop about 2 of them because they looked SO gross.

Did anyone else experiencing they're face getting worse during the first week???

My face is slightly dry, but not bad at all.

Still using about 2/3 finger of BP 2x a day


Day 2

Three new pimples today! :/

But overall, my skin actually looks better, less red.

It is a little dry when I try to make facial expressions, but not too bad.

My lips have been pretty dry, so I've been putting a bit of jojoba oil on them.

I am putting about 2/3 pointer finger of BP.


Day 1

Okay, here goes Day 1!

Today I did the Regimen 2x. Here are my first impressions of the products:

Cleanser: It gets so so so lathery and soapy, which I didn't expect and I love. It allows you to barely touch your face while applying it, which means less irritation. People were comparing it to Cetaphil's wash, but I totally disagree- cetaphil's cleanser does not lather up at all like's does. I love the pump packaging.

BP: first of all, you get a good amount of this stuff. The proactiv was much smaller and the drugstore variety's never come this big. I am still slightly unsure if I am putting the right amount on my face because of the squeeze tube. The pump is easy to measure with. But I like the product so far!

Moisturizer: does it's job so far. I put two pumps on and it seemed like SOOO much, but it eventually soaked in. My face felt moisturized throughout the day, yay!

All in all, I am a huge fan of the products. I can't wait to see how my skin will do with them. I have done a bunch of research and found that it can take up to 4 months to start to be fully clear, so I am planning on continuing until at least then (May 10) to get results. This seems like the perfect regimen, so I am not going to give up!


Day 0

I recieved my package in the mail today and will be trying it out tonight. Day 1 will officially be starting tomorrow. SO excited for this.

BTW, I ordered off of and it arrived one day before it said it would, which rocks!

I ordered the kit (8oz), a travel sized kit, and AHA+ (which I will refrain from trying until at least 1 month on The Regimen!) First impressions and such will come tomorrow!


Hello there!

I'm a teenage girl who has been struggling with acne for about 4 years. I feel like I have tried everything to clear it up (Proactiv for over a year, SkinSonic, and countless drugstore products), but it is only getting worse.

I just started really figuring out what tinydan.gif and is all about. I ordered The Regimen a few days ago!! It all seems to make sense to me, so I thought I would give it a try!!

I am looking forward to seeing where this will take me!

Stay tuned for results smile.pngcheer.gif

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