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A college student's struggle to rid himself of acne once and for all

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Week 6

Hello all,

I know I wrote before that I would keep a weekly journal of how things go with me and accutane. Accutane and the Stievamycin have pretty much gotten rid of my acne. This has been a walk in the woods compared to what I had been trying to hard to do before to get rid of acne. I even drank a Dr Pepper without any fear yesterday. I expected a harder battle with acne. I'm pretty diligent in taking the pills. I've forgotten twice; one of those times was today. I feel like I can now go on with my life. I can talk with people without feeling self-conscious. I can be more social and more of myself. I thank God for this medicine.


Week 3

Everything is going well. The styevamicin has done its job and I have no acne on my face; only a few whiteheads; which is nothing compared to how it was before. I still have some on my neck but they have been receding also. Next week I will start taking accutane everyday instead of every other day. Blistex has been working fine. The cold weather doesn't seem to affect or aggravate my acne in any way. I am surprised at how well I'm doing; I even ate dark chocolate cheesecake yesterday with no consequences. This has been a breeze.


Research I Need To Do

There are a few thing that I need to find out or look into.

What kind of shampoo to use.

What the best chap stick is.

Eyedrops, maybe, for dry eyes (possible side effect.)

If anyone has any recommendations, please post. (:


Let Us Begin

Hi fellow travelers,

The purpose of this blog is for me to record my journey with accutane and that hopefully someone will find it useful. I'm a nineteen year old college student that has taken his first Isotretinoin (Accutane) pill yesterday. I hope that I will finally get rid of acne. I've had this dreadful disease since I was fifteen. At first it was just light and moderate. When I turned 17 it became worse. I moved to Arizona and the weather must have helped to aggravate it also. When I was eighteen, I got my wisdom teeth take out. The dentist game me clyndamycin (a form of cleocin) to prevent infection. In just five days, It got rid of all my acne. But since I only took it for a short while, it came back with a vengeance. Until now I have tried to combat it the natural holistic way. I followed the RBTI diet, which I still think is great, and I took vitamin a and zinc. It still didn't get rid of my acne though. During the summer, I went to Mexico and I had a strict regimen with which I got rid of acne. Since I have a quick digestion, I would wake up at 4 am to use the bathroom. I would shower twice daily. I would use Cetaphil bar of soap and moisturizer. I was also putting Manuka honey on my face everyday. I would use ice as much as I could. I would put avocado with lemon on my face for fifteen minutes twice a week. I exercised every day so that I would sweat. I also followed a strict diet. Near the end of the summer I was een having small desserts with no problem.

But then I moved to Idaho. I could not follow this regimen and my acne came back again. I kept trying to do the honey and the avocado mask, but school and life made it hard to be as disciplined. So now we come down to this.

So how did I end up with accutane if I had avoided it so long and went the natural way first? I had always read about the side effects of accutane, and that kept me far away from it, plus I am allergic to some kinds of medicine. But during this Christmas break that I returned home from school, my mom took me to a dermatologist. I did my homework. I got all the hardest questions and reasons not to take accutane that I could. I asked about demodex mites, laser treatments, vitamin a, everything. She was really smart and proved her superiority in the subject. I was left with no objections. So i decided to take it.

This is my regimen:


Shower and wash face with Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap. Use Cetaphil moisturizer for all kinds of skin.

Before I go out I put on some Sunblock, Neutrogena Age Shield spf 70.

After Breakfast I take my pill, 20 mg.


Wash with Cetaphil bar soap

Use Stievamycin 0.025%

Stievamycin has a really drying effect on me, I sent an email to my derm to see about it. I've used it for three day and have seen some improvement already. That's all for now I guess. Just trust God and my doctor.

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