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My story on my struggle with acne and now starting up Accutane. Follow me on my journey to clear skin!

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3 Months After Accutane

So its been about 3 months since I've been off Acuutane, and the whole time I've been breaking out. So I made an appointment with my derm and she basically told me that the brand of Accutane I used (Claravis) does not work in many cases because it doesn't absorb into the body. So she told I could go on it again in another 9 months but for now she put me on Epiduo and told me to take probiotics and not to eat anything with Dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy, sugars. Which I think is insane and impossible for me to do, but I've defiantly tried to cut back quite a bit on those types of food. Also I will be getting my hormones tested because I think that also might be a cause of my breakouts.


9 Days Post Accutane.

It's only been 9 days since I stopped Accutane and I'm already breaking out! I have very small white dots on the surface of my skin but in my cheeks I see clusters of cysts! I also noticed the pores in my cheeks have as enlarged.


3 Days Post Accutane

Hey everyone! I know I'm only been off Accutane for three days but I can already feel an improvement in dryness with my lips. I now can go with applying chapstick only about 3-4 times a day and not every 15 minutes! Also today I decided to buy a acne wash just as a preventive measure, so that hopefully my acne wont return. I'm still super paranoid! So I bought the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash with 1% Salicylic Acid. I figured that this was more on the gentle side of acne washes but I'm not really sure as I haven't used a acne wash that doesn't need a prescription in about 5 years! So I have tried every brand before and I'm not a big fan of Neutrogena at all! And I remember having little success with Clearasil and Acne Free before. Also eventually I will buy a scrub and probably start exfoliating once or twice a week but that wont be until I notice my skin starts moisturizing a little on its own. I still have some that are under the skin and have been there for maybe a month that just wont go away!

Another thing I'm noticing is that my legs really hurt and I'm getting frequent headaches. Does anyone know if this might be from stopping Accutane?

Thanks guys! I hope you guys are doing well with your treatments or enjoying clear skin!


So I went to the dermatologist today and surprisingly my derm left so I now have a new one! I actually really like her! She's really friendly and positive sounding! So anyway she looked at my face and told me I could finally be done with accutane after taking it for a long 7 months! My skin isn't completely clear but its 99.9% better than it ever was before! They also told me to come back in a month so I can get a cyst removed that I have on the back of my neck. They also said to come back if I have any more breakouts that don't go away. A few posts ago I mentioned that I had a ton of hair falling out so basically they told me to take biotin ( i am already) and prenatal vitamins , which I'm super on edge about because I've heard that your not suppose to take them unless your actually pregnant or trying to get pregnant. So yeah that's it!


Day 207 Of Accutane

So no new breakouts since the last post! I'm doing pretty good on 60mg the only side effect is that the inside of my nose is soo dry! My face isn't that dry which is really surprising and weird since I was super dry on 20, 40, and 80mg! Also I was super dry last time I was on 60mg. I'm not even using a moisturizer anymore! Basically I wash my face in the morning with Burts Bees Moisturizing Cream Cleanser and at night I use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I can not wait until I get off Accutane! Hopefully I will at the end of the month! And hopefully it won't return!


Day 187 Of Accutane.

Went to the dermatologist today and he lowered my dose to 60mg. So I plan on taking 60mg for the first week and then Im going to lower it to 30mg to see if my face stays clear then I want to get off of it. Its been 6 months now and I figure if my skin doesn't clear up during the 7th it probably wont. Also I don't want to be on Accutane while in school because its a pain in the ass. My hair is still falling out more than usual, that's another reason I want to stop taking it. Good luck to everyone!


Day 185 Of Accutane.

Finally I have made it to my 7th month! I go to see the dermatologist on Thursday. Basically this month I was suppose to be on 80mg but I've only been taking 40mg which was the recommended dose from my dermatologist if I was going to be out in the sun. I'm still not totally clear. I have a few small whiteheads on my cheeks and on my chin and one above my lip. I just back from a trip to California and I saw my aunt who also suffers from acne and who was on Accutane three times with no luck. She has recently gone back on birth control which seems to be the only way to help clear her acne. We both have very similar skin types and problems based on irregular or unbalanced hormone levels. So if Accutane fails me (I really hope not) I'm going to get my hormone levels checked even though I already know something's not right with them and then either try spironolactone or birth control.


Day 172 Of Accutane.

Hey guys! I am now in my 6th month (I think, I'm honestly no longer keeping track) so everything is good right now. I just got back from my vacation in the Bahamas. On the second day I got terrible sunburn on my feet! It really didnt hurt too bad and I just had some blisters. But it didn't ruin my vacation! I did get sunburn all over the rest of my body even though I used SPF 60+ and reapplied it as often as I could. I guess it was just unavoidable! Also that week I was only taking 40mg instead of 80mg. I did get one or two small pimples during the week but they went away very quickly. I did have a small disaster where I put sunscreen on my face and it was peeling really really bad and people were starting at me and that's why! So I was literally exfoliating my face with a towel!

Now that I'm home I decided to go back up to 60mg because the 80mg was a little too harsh. So now I have had no new breakouts so far which is good! I also started taking Biotin because I am having some hair loss and my hair falls out really easily. I'm not really sure if this works or not but I'm just going to take it because it can't hurt!

I'm also headed to California this Friday so I think I will be going back down to 40mg while I'm there because I will be at the beach one day and maybe a few days at the pool.

Last time I went to the dermatologist he told me I would probably be on Accutane for a few more months. I'm hoping to be off by the end of August because I don't want to be in school while on Accutane because its a huge hassle for me. It's difficult to have to constantly drink water, use the bathroom, deal with you face peeling like crazy, reapplying Chapstick, etc. so in hoping to be off it and acne free by September!

Also I just want to mention some products!

For a few months I have been using a serum it's called Peter Thomas Roth Viz 1000 75% hyaluronic acid complex intensive hydrating serum. I bought this at sephora for $65. Which I'm well aware this is super expensive! But this is the biggest lifesaver for me! It's a 1oz bottle but a little drop covers you're whole face and will defiantly last you 6+ months. So if the lotions you have aren't working for you or you hate layering on really thick lotions I would suggest purchasing this.

Also I've been using the Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet that I bought at Sephora for $40. And this does a really good job at moisturizing my skin. I don't think I necessarily need this product even though I love it. I think the CeraVe moisturizing lotion works just as well. The reason I love this so much is that it's very lightweight, doesn't irritate my skin at all, it's very gentle, and it smalls amazing.

I still wash my face with Cetaphil and use Aquaphor and medicated blistex as my lip products.

So if you're looking for a good moisturizer while on Accutane I would suggest:

Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 hydration serum

CeraVe moisturizing lotion

Use both morning and at night

Apply to face and neck ( I also put it over my eyelids and around my eyes and over my lips which is weird but it works!)

Also on my body I use the CeraVe SA cream which is really good it you have really rough dry patches or little bumps on your hands and feet. I believe you can only buy this at Walgreen or Walmart ( I know they defiantly don't have it at CVS)


Day 142 Of Accutane.

So I'm 10 days away from the end of my 5th month of Accutane. And I still have acne. I just had a pretty big breakout on my cheeks that is now almost healed but I'm still having little breakouts on the side of my face and under my chin and jawline. Also in my last post I told you all I got 2nd degree burns on my face. So I went to my dermatologist and he gave me a topical and told me when I go outside to only take 40mg instead of 80mg. Also my recent breakouts could be because of stress. It's my last week of school and I'm taking finals and all that. So hopefully my face will be clear soon. I'm guessing ill have to go on another month and then hopefully I will be done by the end of the summer!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to say that so far my face is doing great acne wise. Almost no pimples a few here or there buy definitely better. So yesterday I was outside for most of the day. I had on SPF 30 and I only reapplied it once during the day so obviously that is where my problems started. I probably should have been wearing at least SPF 45 and I should have reapplied it atleast every 2 hours. But I'm stupid and didn't. So now I have second degree burns all over my nose and cheek and they're covered in sun blisters and they are gushing this nasty stuff out if them so I didn't go to school today. So I'm not sure what to do about this. I googled it and it said a bunch of home remedies which I'm not going to try and it said go to the doctor. So I called my dermatologist and I have an appointment in a couple hours. I'm not sure if they can really do much but I figured it wouldn't hurt to go and have it checked out. Except my derm is an hour away but whatever. Also I hope I don't get skin cancer one day from this. I really need to be more smart going out in the sun.


So today I will be starting my 5th month! I went to the dermatologist today and he put my on 80mg now. He told me to take 40mg with breakfast and then TWO 20mg with diner. The reason he is having me take two 20mg is because I I don't tolerate the 80mg I can always go back to 60mg. So I will pick that up at the pharmacy tomorrow and hopefully they will have it in stock because I will run out by the time it comes in.


So yesterday I forgot to take my pills and I didn't even realize until this morning when my dad mentioned something about them. I already got a few new pimples, two which are cysts. I'm not sure if its from not taking the Accutane yesterday or I just happened to have a breakout. I also started using my sodium sulfacetamide 10% sulfur 5% face wash that my dermatologist prescribed me before I was on Accutane. I know your really not suppose to use anything like that while on Accutane but my face has been breaking out pretty bad and I haven't noticed any extra dryness. My next dermatologist appointment is on Monday so I will be coming to the end of my 4th month. I'm not sure if he will increase my dose because last time I was there he really didn't even want to put me on 60mg but my face is still breaking out pretty badly. It seems every time I go to the dermatologist my skin clears up! So he never really gets to see how bad my skin really is.


So last night me and some friends were up all night long at this event we went which was from 12am until 7am this morning. And basically I was awake for 27 straight hours. When I got home I was washing my face and I noticed my cheeks were covered in clusters of little tiny whiteheads! So I have no clue what happened! Lat night I put on some makeup after not wearing makeup for a few weeks. But it was only a little translucent powder because I knew I would be sweating and didn't want my face being shiny and sweaty. I've also used the same makeup before and it never broke me out! So I don't know if it was because I didn't sleep or because I haven't used makeup in a while. But anyway I used so clearasil on my face because I wanted to use something that wasn't really strong but would help clear it up without a lot of drying. So yeah that was pretty weird. I have no clue why that happened.


So I have two giant cysts on my forehead right now. Not really pretty and not easy to cover. I also have some blackheads still in my nose. For some reason those just never go away! I also have quite a few scabs from recent pimples and I still have quite a few little bumps under my neck. Besides that things are pretty good (: I'm just really hoping to have clear skin when I go visit my family! They have never seen me with clear skin! I haven't even seen myself with clear skin!


So now I have transitioned into 60mg a day. And tight now in pretty sure I'm in my initial breakout that happens every time I increase my dose! But luckily this time it's not that bad. I also stopped wearing makeup Because it would just peel off my face during the day and that's not really pretty lol. Also now everyone keeps asking if I'm sunburnt lol. I just say yes.

I still have bumps all over my hands so the lotion my dermatologist gave isn't really working I also can't find this lotion in any store near me so in trying to save what I have from the little sample he gave me.

Since I've gone up in my dose I have been considerably more dry and itchy but whatever! I need clear skin!


Day 97 Of Accutane.

So I just wanted to update you guys on how my skins doing since my dose has been increased. So far it's not too bad. I have two cysts. One above my eyebrow and one on the side of my forehead. Although they are small and not too noticeable. I also have two pimples on my cheek that are now scabs. One that was right above my eyebrow that is now a scab and one or two very small ones on my hair line that are now scabs. So no really active ones besides the cysts and I also have a few of those really tiny pimples. Also I have a lot under my jawline on my neck but those aren't really noticeable.

I have notices some more dryness but I'm managing well.

I wash my face every night with Cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types. Then I moisturize with the CeraVe lotion, then the Cetaphil Creme, the the Cetaphil lotion. I know that's a lot of lotions but I find it moisturized bet when I use all three and I layer them before bed.

Then in the morning when I wake up I just rinse my face with warm water and mosturize with the CeraVe lotion and I use the Revlon photo ready BB Creme SPF 30. And then I use a very little but of pressed powder so my face doesn't look oily.

Then for my lips I use medicated blistex during the day and aquaphor at night.

The other side effect I have is dry patches on my upper arm but that first really bother me!


So I don't really have any updates on my skins progress since its the same as a few days ago but I have a story about getting my new prescription.

So for the last three months I've been on Claravis even though my dermatologist gave me a prescription for Absorbica. So they first month this happened I told him they put on that instead and he said it was fine. But every time I get a new prescription from him for Absorbica I always get Claravis. And every time I go into his office they're always like "so you've been on Absorbica for 3 months now" and I'm like "no I've been on Claravis for 3 months now" And yet every time they give me a prescription for Absorbica and the pharmacy always gives me Claravis. But this month I went to the pharmacy and they gave me Absorbica and I told them I've been on Claravis for the past 3 months why am I all of a sudden getting Absorbica and they were like its what the prescription says! And I was like it says that every time and you always give me Claravis! And they made a huge deal out if it and they couldn't even give me my full prescription because they only carried 40mg and I'm suppose to have a 40mg box and a 20mg box.

Then the lady went on to tell me that I'm suppose to have severe acne to go on this medicine and that I should have tried many different topicals and antibiotics before that. And I'm just thinking that this lady has no clue what I have tried and she's not my doctor. So I don't know what her business was telling me that.

But I don't even know if I'm allowed to just switch medications like that halfway through my course! And I don't even have all my medication yet I have to pick it up Tuesday! And if they give me a hard time picking it up I'm going to be so mad.

Also the Absorbica pills are huge. They look like pills for a horse.

Sorry for my rant. It'a just I think it's so weird that my medication is switched halfway through my course.


Day 90 Of Accutane!

So my 4th month is just about to start! In the middle/end of my 3rd month my skin had terrible breakouts! But over the last week it improved and now I have quite a few scabs and dry patches, along with one cyst, a few whiteheads, and some blackheads. I also have lots of red marks.

So basically my dermatologist increased my dose. So for the first two weeks I will be taking 60mg and the next day I will be taking 40mg and every day I will switch between the two. So today I took 60mg and tomorrow I will take 4mg. Just switching between the two dose so it will be like taking 50mg each day. Then for the last two weeks of the 4th month I will be taking 60mg everyday.

Also a side effect I've been having is these little white bumps all over the palms of my hands which he told me were trapped oils inside of the bumps because Accutane made my pores smaller so oil couldn't escape through them. So he gave me some type of CeraVe lotion called renewing SA cream that I just rub on my hands and any dry spots.

So that's about it! So far everything is going good and I hope this month is better than the last! Good luck everyone!


Day 81 Of Accutane.

Getting a lot more breakouts. I have breakouts all over both of my cheeks and I'm getting a few on my forehead. My dermatologist definitely should have upped my dose last time I was there and now he'll have to do it for this month since I'm still breaking out. Also I can hardly wear makeup anymore since my skin is so dry and flaky. I really hope to have clear skin by the beginning of June! Which I know probably wont happen but I'm really hoping it will! Also I normally have allergies when spring comes but it seems so much worse this year and I don't know if it is related to Accutane.


Haha not really its day 75! I think... Well the reason for my title is that I feel like I've been on Accutane for forever and 9 billion years. And I'm slowly going out of my mind. My acne is still here, just when it seems to get better my skins like oh no! Lauren can't have clear skin! Lets give her 5 cysts, tons of black heads, and throw a bunch of whiteheads in there too! Then we'll trick her and clear some of it up only to leave ugly red marks and breakout all over again!

I'm serious. The struggle is real. Also my back and chest decided to break out again after they were like 4 pimples away from being clear. Also I developed weird rashes on my palms of all these little tiny bumps! That are probably the most horrendous things I've ever seen! Yeah I won't be holding anyone's hand anytime soon... Or even giving someone a handshake or touching anyone. I should actually just wear gloves.

My hair is falling out more than usual. Which I don't really care about. It's not like its a lot. And my hair is still oily even though my skin is super dry! And I'm really get tired of putting on moisturizer all the time and putting o. Tons of it before bed. It's uncomfortable and annoying.

So obviously I'm getting really irritated at this point and kind of had enough. But I hope I can make it through this fast.


Day 69 Of Accutane.

Cysts. I hate them. I have a new one on my chin. One under my nose. One on my forehead. One next to my ear. One under my chin. And one scab from one. Oh also one next to my eyebrow. I hate these things they take forever to go away! Oh I remember I have another one on my forehead. It's just fantastic! My back is also breaking out again! I really think my dermatologist should have upped my dose last time I was there. This is rediculous.

So besides my horrible cysts I still have lots of whiteheads and blackheads. I swear it feels like I have been on Accutane for 69 years not days. My face is so dry and I seriously am about to go crazy. Not to mention the redness is horrible and my hands are peeling and I have wired bumps on my palms. I can't even wear short sleeved shirts.

My friend uses hand sanitizer on her face. Like literally she takes hand sanitizer and runs it in her face. And a few months ago she had acne that was moderate and now her face is so smooth! She was like it burns a little but it works! I seriously wish I would have tried that!


Day 65 Of Accutane.

Soo I'm breaking out again. My cheeks and my chin are breaking out after being almost completely clear. Also I'm pretty sure my hair is falling out more than usual but I'm not sure. My hands also got all the bumps all over the palms. So my third month isn't exactly going so well. But I'm trying to keep a good attitude even though its hard. On the bright side I think my forehead is clearing up a little. Good luck to everyone else.


Day 59 Of Accutane!

So today I went to the dermatologist and he is keeping me on 40mg for my third month. He said that if by the end of the third month I'm still getting breakouts we can up the dose and if not he will keep it the same. He also said he's going to lower the dose when my face is clear until I'm completely off Accutane and see if I stay clear. He also said I probably won't have any permanent scarring and the marks I have will fade away.

I also started using Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil to wash my face and I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and definitely helps with the dryness.


Day 56 Of Accutane!

So today I went to get my hair done at my neighbors house who I've known her and her family for years! And basically I got my hair colored and it burned so bad. Which I was aware that might happen but just a warning to everyone it hurts like hell. But nothing happened to my head! Also her daughter in college has always had bad acne and I told her how I was doing taking Claravis and how my skin is better and I've never been happier and blah blah blah and she was so excited to tell her daughter who has also tried every topical/natural/ antibiotic product out there. So I'm really excited that I might get to help someone along there Accutane journey and get to talk to them!

Other than that! My skin is really clearing up now. Earlier this week I had some cysts that are pretty much gone or are scabs also my chest and back are pretty much clear. I'm so happy right now. And I can't wait to go to the dermatologist on Monday an possibly increase my dose. Also I'm going to request blood work.

Side effects: Dryness, itchiness, mild eczema, easily bruising and getting cuts.

Products for nighttime: wipe off makeup with Yes to Cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial towelettes. (These are super gentle on my skin, non-drying, and are 98% natural)

Cleanse with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for all skin types(to remove and access makeup that might be left in the skin) I found that even moisturizing face washes still dried my skin out and it was better to just use this.

For moisturizer I use Ceraphil Lotion and once that dries I put aquaphor all over my face and neck, including my eyes and lips. Everyone says not to put on aquaphor on your face but my skin is so much less dry, it doesn't break me out, and it heals my skin so fast! Better than any moisturizer I have used! And it's so gentle on my skin and can be used on any part of your body.

Morning: I wash my face off with just warn water because my skin doesn't get as dry during the day.

Then I moisturize with CeraVe lotion and apply liquid foundation (haven't found a specific brand I like) then I cover spots that show through by putting powder foundation on a eyeshadow brush.

During the day I use medicated Chapstick.

For shampoo I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Aussies 3 minute miracle.

I honk that's it! I just wanted to give an updated routine because I changed it up and this works so well for me and so much better than my other one!