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Day 34

I started my second month a few days ago with a increase dose from 40mg to 60mg/day. I am still breaking out but my red marks are fading fast! I have two cysts on the right side of my face and about 4 nodules on the left side of my chin. My forehead is clear other than a healing blemish. Overall, my skin tone is improving but I am suppppppperrr dry. I apply moisturizer more than 3 times a day and I always have my carmex within reach. I've been using head and shoulders because my scalp is so itchy..not really flakey, just itchy.

I've been doing yoga instead of my usual insanity routine and it's been pretty easy on my joints. I've had a little bit of lower back pain. Anxiety seems to be increasing a bit. Also, had a very strange dizzy spell this afternoon.

Can't wait to start seeing some BIG improvements!! Hoping for smooth skin by the end of the month! xoxo


Day 18

I just finished day 18 today. No big difference yet. I think I'm going through my IB, not sure tho..I've been dealing with constant breakouts so it's nothing new for me. The overall tone of my skin seems to be improving so that's a good sign! I've been able to put my contact back in with no major problems (knock on wood). My aren't watering like crazy anymore. My hands have been super dry and I have a few cuts that won't heal. Also, my shoulders have been super itchy..not sure what that's all about. I'm not getting anymore headaches, although I do feel pretty tired most of the time. I am not napping a lot because whenever I do, my anxiety seems to spike. Anyway, that's all that I have to report.


Week 1

Well, here are the week one results on Accutane. I actually just popped my 8th pill.

The only side effects I have to complain about are extremely dry eyes and my joints are a little bit stiff. Also, my scalp has been feeling pretty itchy lately.

I've been washing my face with cetaphil 1-2x a day, applying cetaphil moisturizer 2-4x a day, using my carmex and aquaphor about once every hour, moisturizing my body (not face) with baby oil and vaseline lotion 1-2x daily, and I also sleep with the humidifier on. Also, I've been drinking about 6-8 bottles of water daily, I use head and shoulders for the itchy scalp, I take a benadryl at night for itchiness and watering eyes, visine and ophthalmic eye drops for watering eyes (I also wear my glasses instead of contacts..I just look amazing right now!! hah), and I take advil occasionally for headaches and stiff joints.

As for the progress of my skin..not a huge difference. I've got more bumps than usual which makes it feel a bit more rough. Not a lot of cysts (I know I will get them, just a matter of time). I haven't noticed any major dryness but I'm pretty good about moisturizing.


Ready, Set, Go! My Start Of Accutane

3 pregnancy test, 2 needle pricks, 2 visits to my therapist, multiple trips back and forth to my dermatologists office, 1 iPledge test, and about $50 spent on chapstick, lotion, and a humidifier..I am set for Accutane!!! It never felt so good to hold that box of pills in my very own hands. :)

I have only been on it for 3 days now so there is nothing really to report! My skin is still retaining moisture, my lips aren't chapped (I've been using carmex hourly to prevent the chapping right in it's tracks!!), and I haven't had any change in breakouts yet. The only slight change that I have noticed is that my lower eye lids (where my tear ducts are) feel a little stingy and dry. I know that is all soon to change though once my body starts to respond to Accutane.


Calming Down

It's been almost a month since I've been on doxy, retin-a 1%, clindamycin, and benzol 5% and I already notice a HUGE difference. The cystic acne on my cheeks has gone down drastically, but there are still a lot of the under the surface bumps. My face is also still pretty red and there are left over red marks from the previous pimples. The improvement has made me second guess the whole accutane treatment, but I still plan on going through with it! I start on the 30th of this month with approval from my hopefully she will give me the OK to go.


Anxious For Accutane

Well..the new year has come around and I'm starting accutane in less than 30 days with approval of my psychologist (I have a history of depression/anxiety/OCD...yikes I sound crazy!!). I think a lot of my "mental issues" these past few months have been a result of let's hope I get the OK from my doctor.

Even though I have not actually started to take accutane, I feel as though I'm already on it! I just finished my first month on microgestin (birth control) which has made me break out terribly..feels like the initial breakout. My derm has me on doxycycline for a month which makes me tired and a bit nauseous. She also upped my retin-a percentage which makes my skin feel tight and peel, even with 2 applications of moisturizer. My lips are really chapped and I've been applying aquaphor and carmex literally about every 5-10 minutes. I don't know if this is all due to the cold/dry winter weather, my new medications I'm on, or if it's a combination. But I'm worried to see how badly my skin will react when I go through the initial breakout on accutane. Maybe it won't be as bad..maybe it will be worse. Time will tell!

Xoxo Sara


Day 1

Today is my first day posting pictures. My history with acne is super extensive! I finally got the courage and OK by my doctor to start the course of Accutane, which I am both excited and nervous about. I have suffered from acne since age 13 when I started the Pro-Activ regimine. It worked wonders for 2 years, then I broke out with mild-moderate acne. It was at age 16 that I saw the dermatologist. He prescribed me with a benzol peroxide wash, clindamyacin lotion, duac cream, and solodyn pills. That regimen worked well until my freshman year in college when my face broke out in horribly painful cysts and nodules. I was then switched to Zania, which I quit after 4 weeks of no improvement. My derm put me on .04% retin-A, clindamyacin lotion, duac cream, and cetaphil wash. He also recommended that I go on birth control-Trisprintec. I was also getting microdermabrasion treatments every month for about 6 months. That cleared my skin up quick! I had clear skin for about 3 years using that regimen. About 4 months ago, my skin started to break out with about 2 cysts. They would heal and my face would clear, then about 3-4 would appear. My face progressively got worse and worse. Cysts, nodules, white heads, black heads, you name it, came and never left. I saw another dermatologist and he put me on differin which did nothing but dry my skin terribly and make it red. He also put me on minocycline. I used that for about 2 months. I had finally had enough with trial and error!! I went to the derm yesterday in tears with hopes of getting a prescription of Accutane. This dermatologist was so uplifting and showed that she truly felt my pain and wanted my skin to succeed! She encouraged me to begin the process (believe me, I didn't need the persuasion..I am READY to beat this battle). I have to wait a month to prove I'm not pregnant and then I can begin the process. Currently, I am on 100mg of doxycline twice a day, Retin A .1% every 2-3 days, clindamyacin 1% lotion and benzol peroxide 5% lotion with Olay moisturizer with SPF during the day, and Cetaphil wash twice a day. Sooo excited and anxious to start my journey back to clear skin:) xoxo Sara

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