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I'm a nineteen year old girl who's been plagued with acne since the age of ten. I can't remember a time when I wasn't covered in pimples and cysts.

When I was younger, friends who hadn't hit puberty yet would ask "Why do you have all those tiny bumps on your face?"

Every time, that question hurt me and when they eventually got their fair-share of teenage blemishes, I was happy.

However, as I watched my friends grow out of that awkward phase and into young adult, with their skin blossoming into something beautiful, and I saw my skin getting worse and worse, I began to fear that I might never escape my acne.

Even now, at nineteen, this is true.I look into the faces of my siblings, both younger and older, and see flawless skin. So why? Why should I be the one with the hideous face?

There was a moment when I had graduated high school and was feeling emotionally stable and my skin was getting clearer. My pimples were disappearing one by one and I was starting to feel beautiful.

However, like most good things in my life, it came to an abrupt end. Now, my acne is the worst it's ever been. In the summer of 2012, I decided I didn't want to take birth control anymore due to articles I read about the danger of synthetic hormones. It caused my skin to immediately flare up and now I am covered in cysts.

After giving up the fight against my skin alone, I decided to seek the help of a naturopath. I've been seeing her since October and we've tried various methods to help my skin. None were very effective and now my skin is even worse.

I have tried changing my diet, taking various natural herbs for hormones, cleanses, etc. What else is there to do? Is there no way to cure your skin 100% naturally? Must I look into chemical treatments...and perhaps even accutane?!

With the new year approaching, I'm pulling out the whole natural arsenal. This is the start of my new journey. A journey that will hopefully have a happy ending. I must work hard to completely "cure" my acne or I will die trying.

Each day is a struggle to even get up in the morning because of my acne, and no one understands because they have never had such a problem. I hope that with the advice of members on this forum, with the advice of my naturopath, and with my own advice I can help my skin be beautiful.

The journey begins...NOW!

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