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I picked!!!! I couldn't help it...i was bored in a well lit room :redface: it just happened! I could see all these little white heads by my lip and when i started and i saw that i could get they out...i went crazy! I have no idea what my face will look like tomorrow but hopefully not tooooo bad! I put a ton of baking soda on there for spot treatment...but i have no idea what will happen by doning this on a freshly picked pimple...eh :) welllll i'm going to bed and hopefully i don't get too big of a suprise in the morning!


Week or so in

AH! i was looking soooo damn good...and BAM, breakout! I got like 5 new pimples today! I partied this weekend and didn't put on all my creams:( GRRR i just want to have nice skin...is that too much to ask? Well i'm trying not to think too much about it but it just pisses me off that i have to work so damn hard to not breakout. Will i ever be clear? :) i guess i'll just have to wait and see! :redface:


So i've been trying this all natural way of curing acne with baking soda and ACV, and amazingly it has been working! I've been on it for 2 days, and haven't gotten a new pimple yet! This is so odd cuz i usually wake up with a new spot like clockwork everymorning. Even when i'm at daycare and kids are touching my face I haven't broken out! I'll follow up on this later:) Only drawback...my face is a little dry. It's liveable thought...:)?

* Note: The mask is crazy...i can't MOVE my face...oh well..i'll see if this works :redface:

Here is what i am following...




So frustrated! So i did something STUPID! My face was looking pretty good, my cheeks were glowing! just my chin was broken out....and i was readling about cleaning your face with oil. Well i used the wrong kind of oil and now i look like a pizza face! i'm so pissed! when will my skin EVER clear up..... :)


clearing up

Benzaclin is helping! I am not clear by any means, but i went to bed with 4 big pimples and they are flat now! Just to make sure my skin didn't get worse today i didn't wear makeup...although i HATE my red marked scared skin:( I'm hoping the scars fade soon...but by the time they fade i have new pimples, thus new scars. Well it's summer soon so maybe getting a tan will make this cycle better and swimming with dry me out some. *sigh* i hate acne so much!


Face wash

Hey i'm looking for a new face wash, any suggestions? I have oily skin but it gets dry too, such a great combo eh? Well if anyone has the same kinda skin and you have a facewash that is helping let me know! Thanks a lot guys:)



I've found after many years that "Pur" make-up is my favorite. I've gotten so many compliments and it is lightweight and covers SO well! It's oil free and won't clog pores so it's great for acne proned faces. It doesn't cost a lot too which is nice! So if your looking for a new make-up give it a try :confused:

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