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Givin' it a go.

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Hello! I just recently remembered that i had started this blog. Of course, life got in the way, and i didn't update periodically as i planned. I wanted to post a final update after over a year of being on the regimen. This regimen completely, 100%, worked for me. I am so so happy that i did this. My face is completely clear. Occasionally, i will get a single pimple due to everyday life.

My everyday routine:


Wash face- Purpose gentle skin cleanser

Moisturize- Spread thin layer of Jojoba oil over face, then a thin layer of Simple replenishing moisturizer


Wash face- Purpose Cleanser

Apply BP- Benzoyl Peroxide

Moisturize- Jojoba oil, Simple Replenishing moisturizer

My skin stays clear only applying BP once a day, i realized after that my skin was too dry to use it twice a day. The thin layer of jojoba oil i use before moisturizing also helps keep away the flakey dry winter skin.

All in all, my skin is great. Knowing how inflamed, irritated, and zitty it was before, i can say my skin is now wonderful. It is no longer an insecurity of mine.

I suggest that anyone struggling with acne, please give this regimen a try. Modify it to your needs. Do anything, just try it out because it truly changed my skin, my confidence, and my happiness.

Here are some before and after pictures.





Day 30 - Aha

Day 30 Update

This entry is to really just say how the AHA went last night. After the BP dried, i just kind of put AHA all over my face.. It burned like crazy haha. After about 15 minutes it felt better, I was kind of scared to go without using moisturizer so i just spread a pump and a few drops of jojoba oil on after. I woke up this morning and i was sososo happy. My face was actually soft and some what smooth for the first time in like a month!! It was like the best feeling ever. banana.gifeusa_dance.gif

So i'll use it again in a couple days. But even though today i was feeling super happy with my face; some kid came up and decided to say, "Hey what happened to your face." and ruined it all... eusa_wall.gif


Week 4


I still have a few pimples... but i don't care about them.. what i care about is my skin shedding like a snake. It's so disgusting. I really just want it to look healthy again... I've been using a full finger's length and so I think i'm going to try the AHA. I honestly have nothing to lose because it can't look any worse in my opinion. I'll let you know it goes..



Day 16

Day 16:

My god is my face flaky!! cry.gif It's terrible. I guess I got away easy the second week. This is the third week and i'm not having fun. Let's hope this doesn't last long. I'll be dramatically increasing my jojoba oil amount kiss.gif Maybe the fourth week will be better.

Oh and happy New Year! eusa_dance.gif


Week 2- With Pictures

Week 2 Update!

So i've gotten through two weeks with no serious complaints.. eusa_think.gif I'll just consider myself lucky?

Haha. Well so far i've only experienced tightness and a little, but not terrible dryness. I don't have any zits to really

complain about.. I guess my concern is more on prevention now because as you can see my scars are HORRIBLE.

I'm just thankful that they're mainly on the sides of my face and aren't too noticeable with makeup.. Especially when my

hair's down. Back on topic.. I just increased the BP to a line the length of two knuckles on my hand. So yep. Here's some pictures..



Day 12

Day 12:

Skin still hasn't peeled or flaked yet; only a little bit on my nose.. But my face hurts! I don't know how to describe it and i haven't had this before.. It feels maybe like a sunburn feels. Is this supposed to happen?

And yayy i'm almost at 2 weeeks! Over this past week, i subconsciously increased my amount to a blob about the size of my fingerpad.. By next week does anyone know the amount i should up it to??


9Th Day

Day 9: Updatee.

Updateeee: My skin has been pretty decent lately. Until this morning! I broke out with like 4 new pimples. eusa_wall.gif

But i'm into my second week and i haven't had any bad peeling/flaking/dryness! *knock on wood*

Maybe i'm speaking too soon, but maybe my skin isn't as sensitive as i thought?.. and maybe it's adjusting to BP a lot easier than i expected? Anywho, i'm praying that this doesn't change! nod.gif


End Of Week 1

End of 1st Week

1 week done, many, many more to go. In this first week i've seen significant improvement! Nothing is inflamed, and i have no active pimples. But a ton of PIH marks. angry.png

Today (Sunday) was the first day i applied BP twice- still only using a pea size amount. After this week, I will up it to a bit more twice a day. I'm still slathering on the moisturizer and jojoba oil in fear of flaking too badly.

Here are some pictures; sorry the lighting is so bad. I should probably try updating this blog earlier than 10 at night..



Update: 5th day

So far i haven't had much dryness, and my acne has shrunken a ton. Any zits i had, are now just small bumps, with some discoloration from scars.. But I know this will not last for long. By next week, when i up the BP to twice a day, i'll be expecting way worse.

I'm going to try to post new pictures every week to track my progress. Wish me luck! biggrin.png


I'm new to this guys and honestly i have no idea what i'm doing. Please feel free to comment or whatever. Help me out. eusa_pray.gif

  • washed face
  • waited 10 minutes
  • distributed pea sized amount of treatment to sides of my face and on pimples. (forgot to wash hands, oops.)
  • waited 10 minutes
  • washed hands
  • got like 1 1/2 pumps of moisturizer and mixed with 5 drops of jojoba oil. (ended up moisturizing my bathroom wall as well. Ha, it pumps out fast...)

These pictures are taken without flash. I'd say about half of the redness are pure scars, and half is acne.blogentry-191183-0-18158100-1355799145_tblogentry-191183-0-35728800-1355799146_tblogentry-191183-0-53267400-1355799147_t


Package Came Today.

Okay. I'm a 15 year old girl and i've had acne since about 6th grade. I'm ready for it to go away.. Like everyone else I'm sure, I've tried practically everything. I stumbled across this page and researched a ton about it. Please please please i hope this works. My dermatologist is a crazy person and didn't help at all.. with anything.. cry.gif

I'm about to go wash my face for the first time with this regimen and I'll upload pictures laterr. (dun dun dun)

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