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22 yr old student. Giving the Regimen a shot.

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End Of Day 32

Allo, I just finished day 32 on the Regimen, and things are going fairly smooth. No cysts, just smaller pimples that may be deep rooted, but don't even come to a head anymore! Pretty cray huh? But, I still get red when I put too much BP on in the daytime, especially if I sweat badly afterwards at the gym. The moisture, in turn, reactivates some of the BP, causing me to go lobster mode.

As of now I'm using only about a 1/2 pump of BP during the day, and a little over a pump at night. Also, I'm still using a topical clindamycin at night. Supplements are 50mg of zinc daily, multivitamin, cod liver oil 3x, and fish oil 3x daily. I also take a probiotic and digestive enzyme if I'm having a heavy meal.

On a side note, I'm pretty glad to be off of oral antibiotics altogether as well, as I hated the feeling of potentially chitting your pants at any given moment. For those who don't know, I was on doxycycline for a total of about 1 1/2 years, before I did a short-lived trial of accutane.

Anyway, I just ordered a new set of big moisturizer and cleanser from the store. Although it was painful to shell out the cash, if you think about it, the price is fairly reasonable. Not much else going on other than slow but steady improvement, classes, and partying on the weekends. My basketball league starts soon, as well as the snowboard bus I'm on, which is really sweet. But, for now, I just have to be patient.

Until next time.

Please comment people, and give me some pointers, or suggestions of what you would like to see. This young blog is just blossoming now, don't let it wilt! :P


Day 20

So here I am about 3 weeks into the regimen. Skin has slowly been progressing towards being completely clear! I have 4 active pimples right now, 3 of which are mostly the result of larger cysts that are taking long to heal. I've noticed that using lots of benzoyl peroxide really reddens pimples that you had thought had mostly healed. Anyway the other is a small one on my forehead. Weird thing is that they are all on the left side of my face.

Oh yea, I got pretty sick about 3 days ago, so I couldn't go out for New Years at all which, kind of sucked. Dealing with fever, chills, congestion; all that business. I head back to school in 2 days and start class in 6, so hopefully these 'remnant' blemishes clear up by then. Either way, I'll be enjoying the student life for the next 4 months, so that means lots of time lifting, eating, studying. and of course, partying. Until the next entry!


Day 10

Alright, so I'm on Christmas break for about 3 weeks and things are going good. My skin is about a 3 out of 10 right now (10 being horrible). I've been off the 'tane for about a week and a half and have been using the regimen, along with clindamycin topically. Not a whole lot of stuff happened that's worth noting, just been hanging with friends. I received my final marks and ended with a B average this semester, so that was dope. At the moment I've got 3 problems, and they're all b*thces (sorry ladies), which is kind of stressing me out. Other than that all is well. smile.png


Aite, so this is my 2nd time posting. I'm a 22 yr old Canadian guy in my 4th year of an Undergrad degree. I wrote an intro a long time ago on the "Introduction" page, but no real 'necessary info' on there. Anyway, here's my recent dilemma:

- I was on the regimen since September, following it about 70%. I would only use 1 pump of treatment at night, and use a small amount of moisturizer in the day, lest I want to look like a slimy asian carp, or something of the like. I also used topical clindamicin about 5x a week

- Brokeout fairly bad about a month ago (probably due to booze, not enough water, cheat foods in the diet etc.)

- I went to my doctor after all this, and she eventually prescribed me accutane. Crazy right?

- 3 weeks into the 'tane and I'm not too keen on some of the side effects. I feel that I might be too headstrong to take 'tane and just throw in the towel in my battle against vulgaris, so to say.

- So, I am cutting the accutane and giving the regimen one last shot before I take the plunge

- At the moment my face is probably like a 4 or 5 out of 10 (10 being horrendous)

- I'll be keeping a log so brotha's (and sista's) from other motha's can maybe get some advice, motivation etc. Feel me?

Day 1 - face is dry from the mighty 'tane. Only going to use a small amount of BP tonight, and then drown myself in that sweet moisturizer.

PS If pics are what ppl want, pics are what you will get.

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