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Have you ever wondered why someone liked you so much? What is so great about you? What's so special, nothing special.


Have you ever wondered why the hell someone DIDN'T like you as much? You're freaking awesome sauce.

Yeah well I just thought how weird those things are and how probably ALL of us have experienced it even though they contradict each other.

Back to acne...

I'm pretty clear right now. I've been using BP and AHA at night but to be honest I have NOT been using BP during the day every day. I try to incorporate it in the day when I can but I usually never have the time. I was religious with the regimen when I first started, of course aren't we all but then I kept slacking off. I slacked off even more when I experienced what wonders AHA did for my acne and skin.

I haven't been taking Zinc whatsoever lately. I don't know if I should keep doing that since I really don't see a difference in when I take it and don't take it. My acne or marks are pretty consistent with or without it. I know Dan takes it daily and that in itself is more than enough of a reason to continue to take it... but- what can I say? I'm a bum and too lazy to remember or want to remember to take it every day, especially when I personally don't see a difference.

So one thing I learned that I had no idea about with the regimen is that you get a IB.

I know this because when I started I had nowhere near as much as pimples when I was idk a couple weeks into it. I still have marks from the pimples I had at the time mid through the beginning of the regimen. Then at the time that my acne was getting worse I had no idea it had got worse until I started to clear up and am now clear.

Thankfully, gladly and bless fully that ish is over.

AND I had no idea how useless that jojoba oil was going to be either. It did not help at the time with flakes WHATSOEVER or with my skin drying out, my skin still was cracking mid day with that mixed in my foundation and face lotion. My skin was cracked but looked oily at the same time because of it. It did not help the situation. And I didn't know how useless it was until I ordered the AHA.

Now that jojoba oil is just sitting in my bathroom, doing absolutely nothing. Lol.

Now, with even being stressed and having awful sleep schedules my skin is still doing phenomenally well and NOT breaking out even with all the bad. I honestly believe it's the AHA. I don't know if it's all AHA... I did read on here somewhere about somebody JUST using AHA and ditching the BP, and they stayed clear without all the hassle of BP. I would like to try it... But am a total wuss.

All of my marks are still visible from past acne.

I'm still using BB cream under my foundation.

I haven't been drinking a lot of water... like at all. I know. Sorry.

And that's all for now...


Aside from watching Youtube vids since I came out of work, I decided to also procrastinate sleep by writing a blog. Pf.

So UD means update and JO <Jojoba oil. Lovely we cleared that.

I should be sleeping because idk the last week or the week before that I was getting amazing sleep and my skin was looking amazing but those are very rare points in my life. I hardly if ever have a good sleep schedule and it without a doubt messes up my skin.

I lay in bed, try to sleep but start thinking about all my life problems and then that pisses me off and I resort to going on my computer to occupy me from thinking about everything that's bothering me. So staying up late, happens.

I been drinking a lot of water and taking 50 mg a night of Zinc since I seen good ratings on the review board about it.

Dans BP is AMAZING. Seriously NG Bp is crud compared to this stuff! I am now a loyal buyer of Dans BP. It doesn't burn my skin, it doesn't dry out my skin nowhere near as much as NG and it doesn't leave a white film! TYBABYJESUS! Or I mean Dan, Lol. Thank you Dan.

I'm still suffering dry patchy skin tho and it's obvious when I apply my makeup. I been using a BB cream under my foundation that goes on top of my moisturizer a long with a good amount of that Jojoba Oil. Which BTW smells like poo! Really, that jojoba oil has a- almost awkward weird smell, like dirtyish? It doesn't smell right... Nasty body odor or something, it smells like it came from a human outlet, if that makes any sense. The BB cream under my foundation REALLY helps keep my dry skin at bay when I'm working. I worry though, it worries me that the BB cream might not be good for my skin. It's so heavy scented but when I looked up the reviews on a trusted website of mine, for the majority of acne prone skin people they reported no visual increase in their breakouts. The way it smells though... It smells like trouble.

That makes me want to do a remix on a song, but I won't.

My left side of my face is pretty clear but my right side has like 4 to 5 active pimples right now.

I am going through a somewhat hard time in my life- so it could be the stress.

That's all for my update blog.

In Dans BP we trust.



Try me once and I might let you go.

Accutane felt like that, it was a gamble, a gamble that some win at and some lose at. Some walk away scotch free and others paid a toll. I was one of the unfortunate ones that did have to pay a price but I don't regret taking Accutane one bit. It was a miracle drug for me at the time.

That's all I wanted to say about Accutane.

I been wanting to do an update on here for a while now. So here I am! It's kinda sad how people will come on here when they are first starting any sort of acne treatment, blog throughout it and then at the ending of the course may even leave one last blog about how they're so clear and life is so great and- .....




They are gone, lol. Then sometimes like some people I know (ahem making a blog right now) might pop back up and be like HEYYY guess who has acne again? Guys... guys sad.png

Lol I've seen others do the same thing though. It's funny cause that's just how most of us are. We get caught up in our life when things are going great again. Although I did quickly check out the blogs and seen the drop of viewers go WAY down.

To start off, I know in my last blog before I went M.I.A I mentioned I was losing a lot of hair. I've lost about 50% of hair due to Accutane and maybe even more than that. Who knows. I did start off with a ton of hair though so I don't have any bald patches or anything like that. My hair type when I started was thick Indian hair and now it's more towards thin hair. I guess I have more normal looking hair now as to before I had way more than an average amount of hair. I want to say it's because I'm Mexican and Indian. Lol Hopefully those genes will come back into play for me again. Edit: I want to say the hair falling as slowed down but just the other day I witnessed it again. My hair falling hasn't stopped yet. I'm not sure about the new baby hairs in the back. Looks like Ive gained some hair but still experiencing hair fall out.

My acne did come back, I'm not disappointed and am far from surprised. I expected my acne to come back that's why as soon as I got off of Accutane I started Retin-A as a prevention tool. However at one point I couldn't afford Retin-A at the percentage I was taking it so I had to go down quite a bit to only 0.05%.

I'm not exactly sure what it was that made my acne come back whether it was because my time of post Accutane was up, the fact that I lowered my dosage on Retin-A or my excessive intake of multi vitamins due to my hair loss.

I do want to say that my acne did not come back the way it was or used to be, god no but it did come back. I'm about 95% clear right now thanks to Dan's Regimen. You don't even know how much I've tried not to go on Dan's regimen, Lol. No offense Dan! I respect it! Lol

My problem was I just didn't want to go through the treatment process of it. Ughhh all the shedding and dry skin. I didn't want to! You couldn't make me!!! But my acne made me -_- Haha

I really hate using Neutrogena's BP not only is it EXPENSIVE but it's such tiny tubes! I've prob used up like 5 or 6 of those things! Then it usually clumps up with my moisturizer. I'm probably going to buy Dan's BP next paycheck since his seems really...logical.

It's been going pretty well. I chemically burned myself once cause I used too much like an idiot I don't know what I was thinking or what I was doing I just did it. I squeezed so much on my hand and just rubbed it all over my face and the next day my skin was like swollen but in a weird way. My skin wasn't red or anything it was just fat, Lol. My whole face was fat, shedding of course and it was tender haha I put too much on and it did suck for a few days but it actually helped my acne a ton when that happened. In result it cleared the left side of my face tremendously and completely cleared my jawline that had been breaking out for a while.

I hope to get 100 percent clear real soon. =)

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