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Acne and Wrestling

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( 15 years with moderate, sever acne and a male)

Ok well during the summer, after having mild acne, complaining on how bad my acne was... I decided to buy skin id which helped and cleared me up :) I ran out but it didnt come back and a few months passed and i was still clear. however, towards the end of the summer and onto my first year of highschool, I just got out of a relationship and been extremely stressed out by it and also having to go to a new school and starting highschool with not one person i know. i started getting mild acne again. i panic not wanting to go to school with this on my face, I harshly exfoliated my face twice a day every day! I was stupid and kept applying more sh*t on my face thinking it would help.. I started washing my face 4-5 times exfoliating, scrubing till bleed, and using products ( salsycic acid, bp) Time passed and a few months later it became sever acne.

I found out about Dans regimen and tried it for a good month giving me up and down results but evenually all it gave me was negatives. I couldnt smile or it hurt so bad i start to tear from my eyes, my face was soooooo dark that people told me i look black, flaky skin on neck and around mouth constantly and extremely, dry ass face, etc. I QUIT!

I just want to be how i was 7 months ago... What did i do then that im not doing now.. Then it hit me! Why not just act like how i did back then.. Not washing face, no bp or saliycic acid, etc. Start working out intensely like i did before and sweat and shit without washing eat healthy like i did before, etc. Back then, i was a gym freak buying weights and doing all these exercises and eating healthy smoothies and having a high protien intake. I dont even touch my face, and im trying not to look at it.. Its been so long since i felt this freedom and hopefully i start clearing up. Not of my sister older and younger have acne and i doubt it genetics and maybe it is just me causeing my own acne!

This is day 2 and not a breakout or new pimple so far.

I been taking vitamins

Drinking 8 cups of water

Taking short COLD showers with water just barely running down my face then pat drying

Put facial lotion with 15 fps on only the dry, flacky areas

Not washing face at night even though it gross



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