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the plan

tomorrow is day one of acne intervention.

i pledge to not pop a zit, blackhead, pimple, or touch my face except for washing purposes and treatments.

i will not irritate my skin by scraching, poking, squeezing ect.

i will wash face with my gentile clenser.

i will apply benzoyl peroxide medication to infected areas.

i will apply mosturiser either oil free clean and clear or aloe to nescerry areas.

i will apply acne make fade and peal three times a week.

i will not over wash my skin.

i want to keep my PH balanced.

i will take one fish oil tablet daily.

i will much drink water.

i will exercise when time permits.

i will accept myself.

this is step one to reaching my goals.


i want to a happier more sucessful person. in order to feel better about my self and my life the first thing i need to do is get rid of my acne for good. meaning i need to break the continious cycle of touching my face and let this nonsence heal. i also want to use this blog to help me keep tack of what i eat, my workouts, how i feel as well as my acne status. i need to stop breaking my own rules. this should help keep me in check. i must work for what i want and the person i want to be. so here i go. time to change for the better.

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