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Photo update

End of month 4: week 1, month 5

60 mg once a day

Side effects

  • Very, very dry lips. Both corners of my lips ripped a while ago and they haven't healed since. They keep splitting every time i yawn etc which is really painful!
  • Dry nose, nasal spotting
  • Joint pain, mainly my knees and hips. I cant go to the gym anymore because I ache so much the next day
  • Weight loss? I was 9 stone when i started accutane and i'm now 8.13 (57kg to 51kg) I haven't been dieting so I was wondering if accutane had anything to do with this?
  • Dry skin in general (Mild eczema) but i prefer this to having really oily skin anyway
  • tiredness

Photo update: No makeup apart from a bit of mascara





With Makeup Bare Mineral Makeup


You can see I have been left with some PIH but i'm hoping this will continue to fade. I'm so happy with the confidence I've gained since being on accutane. I can walk around my house and go for weekend breaks with my friends without being embarrassed and obsessive over my acne/being seen without makeup. It's also really good to wake up in the morning without being in pain from cysts or dreading to look in the mirror

I have also been wearing factor 50 suncream every day because I burnt pretty badly one day last week, which doesn't normally happen to me


Month 3, Week 2

Month 3, week 2 on 60mg accutane

I currently have 1 pimple in between my eyebrows and that is it !!! :D I cant remember the last time my skin was this clear, i'm so happy!

I have no blackheads either and I've had blackheads always since i was about 12 years old! Its so nice to feel no bumps, cysts or have anything bleeding on my face.

My skin is super dry but its manageable. Its more noticeably dry around my nose, eyes and cheeks. My face seems to look a look more flushed since upping from 30mg to 60mg.

Red marks are still present but these should fade in time. I don't think my acne has scarred my face, just left PIH

side effects:

  • dry lips and mouth
  • thirsty- headaches if i don't drink enough
  • lower back and hip ache, especially when i lye on my side
  • bruise, cut, mark easily. My arms are covered in little bruises and scratches from itching etc
  • dry eyes
  • nasal spotting
  • a lot more tired

side effects are manageable, just becoming a part of my everyday life now...

overall DRY,DRY,DRY but happy with the results so far


Start of month 3

My dermatologist upped my dose from 30mg to 60mg because im still getting some outbreaks, nothing major but still. I'm kinda worried this dose will be too much for me because i only weigh 50kg but im so desperate for perfect skin, clear of acne! Still a lot of PIH all over my face but i feel its fading. Here's a photo update (photos are without makeup, of course!)






Side effects:

  • dry lips
  • thirsty
  • dry skin, around eyes and nose
  • skin bruises and cuts very easily. Just finished a week of nights and i am covered in bruises and cuts from patients pulling me etc
  • NAILS are really brittle. Before accutane i had super strong nails that never broke. Now my nails feel really soft, break easily and one of my nails is almost half snapped off!!!!!!!
  • Dry hair- can go ages without washing it, gross i know, but i want to maintain the natural oils left in it as much as possible
  • joint ache- hips and lower back hurt- particularly when i lie on my side

I know im not meant to drink alcohol but i did the other weekend for a friends 20th. I honestly didn't drink a lot but got drunk very easily and felt a bit sick. Wont be drinking again, especially since my dose has doubled now.


Month 2, Day 19.

Still continually breaking out. My skin is better than it was before starting accutane but i'm STILL getting pimples.

Before accutane, the only area I had pimples was around my jawline, lower face, but since starting accutane my jawline is completely clear and now my cheeks are the main area where I break out. The pimples fade within a few days, dry out super fast and flake off but then i'm left with these dry red marks. Will these marks fade?

Overall skin is defiantly much better but i just want ALL of my gross acne to go and never come back. So fed up of acne:'( I feel like iv'e spent the majority of my teenage years being depressed and obsessive about my skin

My life is so busy right now, i'm trying to balance out uni work with 30 hours of ward shifts and exams. I forgot to take accutane last night and i'm so pissed off with myself. I'm seeing my derm a week on Tuesday for a review, again hoping he ups my dose

I've also been ill this week with flu like symptoms, not sure if this is accutane related but i defiantly feel worse about an hour after taking accutane


-Run down, lack of energy

-lips seem much dryer this week

-cuts/ bruises/red marks take ages to heal

-dry skin around: nose, eyes, areas iv'e had pimples, in between fingers

-aching lower back and hips

-aircon/heating makes my eyes feel really dry

-dehydrated easily

Overall, feeling pretty shit right now. I'm aware my symptoms will get worse if they up my dose but i don't care, i'm so desperate to have clear skin like everyone else at work.


Month 2, Day 10.

My skin seems to be a lot better right now. I currently have 2 active pimples, no cysts and my blackheads seem to be fading!

My skin hasn't been this clear in months... hope it continues to get better! I'm really hoping my dermatologist ups my dose for month 3, i'm so desperate for flawless skin. I turn 20 next week and I don't want acne in my 20's, i want it gone for good! Still on 30mg/day

Confidence is improving dramatically :)

Side effects

  • dry lips
  • static hair??? I'm not sure if this has been caused due to accutane drying all oils, including oil on my scalp???
  • Skin bruises and cuts super easily when i knock myself accidentally
  • lower back ache. Joints hurt after 12 hour shifts on the ward/gym
  • Feel sick after eating, not sure if this is accutane or a coincidence
  • dry skin in general
  • Nose bleeds

Side effects aren't bad, im just enjoying my clear(er) skin right now. I'd chose dryness etc over acne any day :)


I have been on Accutane for 1 month now. I went to see my dermatologist today for my monthly checkup. My bloods were all fine, im not pregnant and i was hoping he was going to up my dose from 30mg. He didnt up my dose because he said im petite (which i dont think i am) so he wanted to wait till the end of month 2 to up the dose if there has been no change.

Acne is still the same, still getting cysts and looks horrid in the sunlight

No major side effects:

-Slightly dry lips, not as bad as i was expecting

-Nasal spotting

-Mild back ache

-Thirst and headaches if i dont drink enough water

-More sensitive, bruise and cut easily.

End of month 2: photo update. (sorry for the ugliness!!)






Day 21 Accutane

I've decided to post some photos of my skin without makeup again next week because that will be the end of my first month! :)

My skin isn't clear yet and i'm still getting pimples but they seem to dry out and drop off within a few days if i leave them alone

Jawline is clearer apart from maybe 4 pimples, the initial breakout on my cheeks seems to be fading and my forehead is clear.


-Headaches if i don't drink

-really thirsty if i go an hour without water

-dry skin around nose

-blackheads on nose and a little bit on my cheeks

-minor nasal bleeding

-lips are dry but no where near as dry as i expected to be

-slight back pain is starting

-Itchy skin which cuts easily

To be honest the side effects aren't that bad for me personally and are really manageable

Seeing my derm for my monthly check up next tuesday and i'm hoping he'll up my dose so i can see some improvements faster !


Day 12 Of Accutane

Took my 12th dose of accutane today and so far things are going pretty well. Side effects so far:

  • dry lips
  • skin slightly dry around the top of my nose, side of nose and corners of eyes
  • Slight nasal bleeding when I blow my nose
  • Itchy skin. I'm not sure if this is a side effect because I normally get an itchy scalp and skin when i get stressed, I have my anatomy and physiology exam tomorrow so that could be why
  • Skin seems to bruise easily/cut easily
  • Still waking up in the morning ridiculously thirsty!
  • I had wisdom tooth pain a few months ago and my gum seems to be tender again, not sure whether i can blame accutane for that though BUT my throat is also sore...?

Overall my jaw line is looking A LOT clearer already but I am now getting pimples on my cheeks which i never got before. Skin is still oily, a few blackheads being pushed to the surface and pimples still lingering around and flaking off after 5 days or so. Red/dry marks on forehead from the breakout at the start

Hope things continue to go this smoothly and my skin is really clear soon!


Day 7 Of Accutane

I am currently taking 30mg of accutane daily for this month.

My acne is pretty much looking the same... maybe a tiny bit less inflamed but defiantly still there, but its only been 7 days so i cant complain. Old pimples seem to be coming back to haunt me though.

Side effects:

- Headache for the first few days which was really bad Friday night. Not sure if this was due to not drinking enough in lectures?

-Mildly dry lips, nothing major or noticeable

-My skin feels sensitive... it seems to hurt more when I itch or knock myself

-Skin is no where near as dry and red raw as it was using stupid epiduo and all the crap

-Biggest side effect- THIRSTY. I have been so thirsty since starting

My acne has always been around my jawline/chin area, however since starting accutane I have about 7 pimples on my forehead which is really unusual and a few on my cheek?! I'm guessing these pores were blocked and accutane is just pushing all the crap out? Maybe this is my IB ?

Super stressed at the moment, I have an anatomy and physiology exam for my nursing degree a week tomorrow.... I'm sure this isn't doing my acne any good.

Just taking each day as it comes, hoping for the best. I'm also hoping my derm ups my dose in 3 weeks (for month 2).

Overall, I am happy at the moment on accutane and have HIGH HOPES so praying this works for me !


I went to the dermatologist earlier today because my current antibiotic tetracycline defiantly wasn't clearing my acne. He took one look at me, agreed, and told me I was able to start accutane tomorrow as soon as my blood had been taken.

I'm frustrated I have wasted so long trying antibiotics and topical treatments... including horrible epiduo which I think did nothing but burn my skin and spread my acne.

I'm really, really hoping accutane clears my acne because its affecting my life so much sad.png This is my last chance to have my life back

Starting 30mg tomorrow evening for the next 5-6 months. Sorry for the ugly photos and crazy Pajamas!! I've decided to photograph my accutane journey :





I took tetracycline for two years and it cleared my skin up beautifully. However, my acne returned full blown this year. My dermatologist told me to take the tetracycline again but it has lost effectiveness in my opinion, very little improvement in three months and still getting flare ups.

Should i ask to swap to another tetracycline? Whats the best antibiotic? Or is accutane the way forward if i'm getting major PI Hyper pigmentation?


I have been on antibiotics, Dianette birth control and epiudo for 3 months now and I have seen very little improvement. One day my skin looks good, the next I have a big flare up all over my face, especially around my jawline. I'm incredibly self conscious, have no self esteem and I am getting major post inflammatory hyperpigmentation :( I am not enjoying things anymore because of the way i look

I am going to the dermatologist on Tuesday and he said to me if I am unhappy with the results in a few months he will give me accutane. I have a few questions i was wondering if you could help me with as i am unsure about this drug

1) Do you get an initial breakout? What are the chances of this? How long does it last?

2) Does accutane worsen hyperpigmentation? Does this clear after the drug?

3) My dermatologist said he would give me a four-five month course? Is this normally effective for moderate acne?

4) When are results usually seen? The first month? last month? Or are results seen after the treatment?

5) Was this drug worth it?

Thanks for reading :)


My face is looking better(touch wood) but i woke up today with a big pimple on my top lip which is really painful. I had uni today and i could feel everyone looking at it :( Its making my lip look deformed! :(

What should i do, should i leave it or pop it? I have applied some duac but it hasnt reduced the redness or size and my lips are super dry


My skin has been breaking out non stop since September, when i came back from Australia! One day i think its getting better and the next day it flares up! Its covered in red marks too

I feel like its never going to end! I don't know whats causing it and why my regime isn't working... its been 4 months!

ARGHHH!!!!! :(


I thought epiduo was working on clearing up my acne but today i woke up with a ton of new pimples that are red and inflamed :( I have been on Epiduo since 1st November... It clears my skin for a week and then it goes back to the way it was, angry and lumpy all around my jawline

My acne is ruining my confidence. I have canceled numerous dates with friends, nights out etc because i feel so insecure :( I just dont know what to do anymore. I spent the whole day crying at home

I am also on tetracycline and its almost been 3 months and I am not seeing any signs of improvement :( I was on tetracycline for one year when i was 15years old and it worked amazingly. I think I have become immune to it but my derm wont listen. Is this possible?

Any tips/stories are welcome

Thanks, sofie


My Current Face

So ive been using raw honey masks for one week now, once or twice a day and i have noticed significant improvements in my skin. The redness and scabs left behind from my breakout are fading and I have very few new pimples, no new cysts! :D

I have changed my birth control pill to dianette from yasmin and i have been on this for one week

Tetracyline week 6.

Overall my acne is slowly fading (touch wood) so i am carrying on with this routine. I know my skin is no where near perfect but im looking forward to seeing how my skin is by christmas... hopefully acne/scar free!


Acne Skin Care Routine.


Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil lotion

Duac once daily

Birth control pill- dianette

Oral antibiotic- tetracycline


Raw honey mask applied to face and neck for 30 mins- 1hour

Liz earle cleanser and toner OR cetaphil cleanser and lotion



Breakfast- fruit salad

Lunch- Salad

Gym- 3-5 times a week

Only drinking water and green tea

8 hours sleep a night

minimise stress levels

Stopped drinking alcohol

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