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Hey hey

So another week has passed. I was breaking out like crazy at the start of the week. I have seemed to have cleared up a bit now. I haven't had a new pimple for two days.

I woke up with dry peeling skin on my nose which hasn't happened before and my body is dry all over.

I've also had a really dry inner nostril that I'm pretty sure is scabbed over (ew!)

I'll upload some new pics next Saturday. I'm still on 40mg per day.

Fingers crossed I have now reached the end of my initial breakout!!

Enjoy your journeyssss



Hey everyone!

I was clear for about a year after accutane. It was amazing to not have to stress over my skin anymore and get on with living my life. I honestly didn't even think about acne or really appreciate the fact that I was clear for that year.

I never thought I'd see acne again, unfortunately I started getting a pimple here and there again. Which was fine and manageable and I didn't mind. It wasn't acne. I felt normal, like everyone else.

Then I started getting pimples on my jawline a frequently, and the acne slowly crept back. I was in denial for a while thinking I was just eating badly etc and my skin would clear up again. It never did. And now here I am again.

I was on 20mg for the first month and now I've just started 40mg for the rest of my treatment.

I have about six or seven active pimples and still break out everyday. I still get the big sore pimples.

I'm dry on my.. Well.. Everything!

I haven't seen too much improvement yet. I know it's only a month in though. I'll keep you updated!

I've attached pics from today - day 30blogentry-187817-0-53316400-1434157814_tblogentry-187817-0-65473600-1434157829_tblogentry-187817-0-40066900-1434157847_t


Wow. What an amazing experience this has been. I honestly cannot believe my skin was ever as bad as it was. If I didn't have old pictures I would never have believed it. Look under this post to see photos of how bad my skin was at day 7!

I'm still only on 20mg a day and I have about 2 and a half months left on accutane. I get no side effects anymore. My lips aren't even very dry, neither is my skin. I have the smoothest facial skin! I feel amazing :)

One thing I've stopped doing is drinking alcohol. Alcohol affects you so much worse while on this drug. I don't recommend it. Other than that my side effects are zero.. Except beautiful skin :)

If you're wondering whether to start accutane, just do it! And if you're just starting out, stick with it.

Yay for accutane!!!!!!!! blogentry-187817-0-29037000-1359035364_tblogentry-187817-0-66407500-1359035374_tblogentry-187817-0-41161200-1359035387_t


So day 58 is almost over. I got a hormonal break out :( it seemed so so terrible so I took a pic and guess what? It's no where near as bad as what I started with, like, it doesn't even come close on the severity scale! So I thought I'd share. How weird is it that when you start to clear, then break out, it seems like the end of the world? Has this happened to anyone else?

I've put the pics up against my photos from day 7 for you to compare.

Also I was semi worried about my hair and its growth whilst on accutane (I thought my hair might grow slower or something) but after 2 months I can definitely say that my hair is growing at the same rate if not faster :) yay


A lot has happened since my last post. Derm visit, breakout, a music festival, huge pre Christmas party lunches and dinners. A lot of stress on my little body!

So my derm took one look at me last Tuesday and couldn't believe my progress on such a low dosage and only 7 weeks in. He said he would like to keep me at 20mg and see how it keeps progressing. I'm so happy about that because now I don't have to worry about getting any crazy side effects!

I did get a small breakout of about 5 pimples scattered on the front part of my cheeks (towards my nose) they're nothing too bad I'm guessing they're from the Christmas feasts! But they're slowly calming down now and I e had no new pimples for about 3-4 days.

I went to a music festival on Sunday and was freaking out about the fact that I'd be drinking alcohol and be out in the sun for hours. But what I did was take electrolyte sachets in and I just had those in water every couple hours and was honestly fine! Nothing bad to report I felt better than usual :) I applied SPF 30 sunscreen all over before leaving the apartment and I didn't get burnt AT ALL

That's about it, I still use cetaphyl cleanser every morning and night and now just moisturize with kora organics daily moisturizer at night. My lips only get chapped when I'm dehydrated I've noticed so if they're super dry just drink a ton of water. Trust me!!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them!


Day 48 *pictures Inside

I had only started taking photos at day 7 (because before that I didn't look at myself without makeup on) so I have included the pics from day 7 & from today. I have been having a really great experience so far. I'm only on 20 mg still (I see my derm in 2 hours to up my dosage) but I only have one active pimple :) it's quite large though you can see it in the photo. Other than that my skin is smooth and just scarred.

I have had more dryness, my arms last night after I showered were the dryest I've ever seen. But moisturizer easily took care of if. Other than that though no new side effects. No nosebleeds, no big breakouts, nothing, :)

I finish week 7 tomorrow and on to week 8 :) time is flying

Hope you like the photos



Day 42. Last Day Of Week 6

Hey guys!

Things are still going really well :) I had my blood tested last week and my results were perfect. I see my derm next Tuesday and hopefully will up my dosage to 40mg so I can be fully clear. I have 3 small actives at the moment which are tiny and basically nothing but what's weird is I have these two pores that weren't whiteheads or black heads, but tiny clogged pores. That's the only way I can explain it :/ I squeezed them and they both had this hard yellow centre that popped out. Now they're simply two small empty holes. What the hell? Haha oh well better than what I had before by far!

Still using cetaphil cleanser twice a day, I don't moisturize in the morning now though or my skin gets shiny throughout the day. I really want to be on at least 40mg so that I stop oil production completely.

Everything else is great. I can still work out 5 days a week without any issues and the only thing I get is lower back and shoulder cramps every so often.

All in all life is good :) enjoy your days!!


Day 35 :) Week 5 Is Overrr

This morning I woke up next to my partner and he looked at me and said, oh my god your skin looks amazing! I have never heard those words uttered about my skin. It's only been 5 weeks and I'm clearing up incredibly well. I have about 3 small active pimples and the rest is clear. CLEAR, yes I still have redness and scarring, but this is amazing. The pimples I do get are so tiny and take literally 1 maybe 2 days to heal. My skin hasnt looked this good in years.

I'm still using the same routine,

I have to exfoliate with a towel every night though otherwise i have little flaky skin.

I have also switched to using maybelline BB cream (the one in the blue tube available in asia only I think)

I found it in thailand on a trip last year and keep buying it online because I loved it, but then my skin got too shocking for a BB cream and needed heavy duty. Now all I use is BB cream, under eye concealer and a translucent powder and i have flawless ass skin!!!!


Can't wait to be fully clear but honestly if my skin stays this good for the next 3 months, I won't even care. This feels great.

Loving life more everyday! Definately not depressed.

The only side effect I feel these days is dry lips. that's all.

Good luck to everyone at there going through a rough patch on this medication, you'll soon see results :)


Day 32- Welcome To Week 5

Not much new to report. I have has about 4 pimples in the last few days which is awesome compared to what it used to be but still annoying. My face is very red still and full of scarring so when I don't wear makeup I still look riddled with acne... Yay! :(

Ha but I can't complain I'm not getting any bad side effects, skins clearing up (even if its in a bit if a rut at the moment) and yep nothing more to report!


Day 27

No new pimples! My face is just scarred but no active pimples. I am so happy. I'm wearing makeup and my skin looks freaking perfect with it on. Ill upload pics eventually I've taken photos every couple of days or so since being on accutane. I'm so so thrilled! Tomorrow is the end of week 4 and then on to week 5! Time is flying now that I'm clearing up :)

I'm still using the same products; swisspers sensitive skin face wipes to remove makeup, Cetaphill cleanser and moisturizer.. And that's about it. I stopped using benzoyl peroxide cream just in case it irritates my skin now that I'm a month into my treatment.

I've been drinking about 4 - 5 litres of water a day and noticed that my lips aren't nearly as dry.. Not really dry at all to be honest. I probably put on balm about three times a day now.

I have also started exercising more than usual because I was feeling sluggish. I think it's helping too.

Um what else... I go for my second blood test next week to see how everything's going but honestly I feel awesome! No break outs means I'm more confident than ever and happiness is oozing out of me!

I'm also trying to cut out sugar, wheat and dairy as much as possible so we will see how that goes. Hah :)

Yay for accutane!


Day 25

Really starting to see results now. My skin has gotten extremely dry even on my face. This morning I woke up with a dry peeling nose. That's never happened before :) and my existing pimples are drying up quickly, turning into scars. I haven't really gotten any new pimples for 2 days which is unheard of.

I started using swispers sensitive skin face wipes before using my cetaphil cleanser which I think is making a huge difference in how clean my skin is.

So yep overall happy with the results so far. Hope you're all getting clear too, it feels unreal


Day 22

Great day! Still have a few active pimples but overall my face is clearing up faster than it normally would. I'm much happier! Only one new whitehead rather than the usual 7 today ha.

so yep happy about that but this morning I woke up with a shooting pain in my ovaries. Anyone else (females obviously) had this happen to them? Not sure if I should visit my doctor about it or not? I got the pain a few hours later at work for a minute then it disappeared again.

This is the first day I've noticed a dryer scalp too. It was as dry this morning as it is after I have just washed it. I'm excited about that I can't wait to not have to wash it everyday!

My face still gets oily though I have to blot my makeup every couple of hours like usual.

My feet are peeling from dryness and I get really itchy in places on my body from dryness.

My dry throat is gone. I start taking krill oil a couple days ago so that might be why :)

Other than that everything seems good. Hopefully my skin continues to improve from here on out and my IB is coming to an end. Good luck to anyone else going through this :)


Day 21

Day 21. Still shit skin. Worse than when I started. I need some positive feedback from people. I feel like more of a freak. Not to mention that I told one person at work I was on accutane and they told the whole office. Now everyday I get asked how its going etc. just look at my face people and you'll know it's going very veryyy badly :( ughh I just want slight improvement


First Entry - Day 19

Okay so this is my first ever blog on here, I started taking accutane 20mg a day 19 days ago and want to share my experiences on the drug. So here goes...

My skin had been slowly improving ever since day one. I thought I was one of the lucky few who only ever improve on accutane and skip the whole IB phase.. but no sad.png I got my first horrific breakout yesterday morning when I woke up (day 18).

I now have three active pimples on my forehead, one on my nose and a few (I gave up counting after 11...) scattered on my cheeks (my usual problem area).

I woke up, looked in the mirror and cried. It's probably the worst my acne has ever been. It's not clearing up quickly either like some other peoples do on accutane, but that might be because I'm on a fairly low dosage and so early into my treatment. Oh well, guess I have to live with it for awhile. Fingers crossed I don't break out this bad ever again.

Side effects;

The usual chapped lips that no one can avoid

Dry skin on my feet and hands, a dry patch on my arm (nothing bad though, i haven't even bothered to moisturise them yet.)

Brittle nails

Shoulder pain when I lay down

Loud cracking joints

Dry throat

I know I've listed a few side effects but seriously they're hardly noticeable. I'm just noticing tiny changes. My face hasn't become dry yet though.. I do moisturise twice a day so that might be keeping it at bay for now.


Coconut oil to remove makeup

Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil moisturiser

Bezoyl peroxide 4% cream

Vitamin E oil added to my cetphil face moisturiser at night

pawpaw ointment on my lips - best thing by far to use!

I don't see my derm for another 5 weeks so he will probably up my dosage when I see him, until then I guess I'll just have to keep my chin up and soldier on. I'm actually really optimistic about this whole thing, i can't wait to see results and I know I will eventually. If this breakout means my skin is purging then that's awesome! better out than in I always say smile.png Okay well that's about it for now, if anyone else is on a course of accutane please comment and update me on how you're going.. I'll update this every week with my progress, until then - Keep smiling smile.png

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