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Can't believe I'm already half way through my first month! And I have to say that things haven't been too bad so far :)

The dry lips and skin has definitely hit me though! Halloween night really showed me this haha. I went to sleep with my makeup on and without putting any lip balm on and when I woke up... it was bad! My lips were completey dry and flaky but still stained slightly red from the crazy lipstick I'd worn. Just a word of advice, don't whatever you, try to peel a big chunk of dry skin off your lip!! It hurt and there was blood! It took like all of yesterday applying carmex every second to get them back to normal. But it seems that if I just keep on top of it, they're fine. And my skin had gone all cakey and flaky under my makeup. But I suppose it was a nice change to waking up to a super shiny face.

My body is just starting to get slightly dry. A few days ago i was scratching my arm and then when i looked at it it had gone all flaky. And that's that other thing, I'm so itchy! Especially my scalp and I think I'm starting to get dandruff! :( Must pick up some head and shoulders then haha

So on Halloween I did drink and I lived to tell the tale! Now I know it's not advisable but I'm not planning on doing it often at all, especially when I go up to 70mg. And I didn't feel like it effected me any differently than usual. I had a naggin of vodka (plus sips of various things from friends haha) and didn't feel any drunker than usual. Plus didn't get too bad of a hangover :) I was drinking water like a mad woman yesterday though! I dressed as a devil and I must say it was a really good night :)

Also, no sign of an IB yet. It's been really strange but my skin is the best it's been in a while. My mam keeps telling me that it looks better already but I don't think this can be the roaccutane working it's magic already. My skin just sometimes has good phases. Just keeping my fingers crossed that maaybe I'll be lucky and won't get an IB.

Now i don't know if this is strange or not, but my dermatologist isn't making me take any sort of contraceptive pill. In fact, he's making me stop taking dianette which my doctor put me on about 6 months ago for acne (but it did nothing for it). He didn't even ask me if i was sexually active or anything. Which I'm not btw, so I don't need to worry about it but I just thought it was strange. He just made me sign a form saying i understood the risks of getting pregnant. Maybe it's that the rules about contraception are different since I live in Ireland. But anyways, now I have to worry about breaking out from stopping taking the pill! It seems to happen to a lot of people because your hormones are all over the place. I just stopped taking it on wednesday so we'll soon find out!

I think that's all for now, I'll update soon.




I really fail at this.... haha. As soon as I started accutane I was like 'Woo gonna update everyday!', but then life got in the way. I'm in 6th year so school is very busy for me at the moment but now I have a week off. Yay! Apart from all the study I have to do :(

But anyways, i would say side effects started to kick in around the end of the first week. So far I've experienced:

  • Drier skin: So my skin is definitely not dry yet, but it's noticeably less oily. It's even slightly flaky around my nose but that's not unusual for me in the winter. I'm starting to find that some of my cleansers ( at the moment I'm using Simple's refreshing gel wash) are starting to make my face feel a bit tight after using them. So some mornings I've just been using water which feels so strange to me! But it seems to be working. I really need to get a new cleanser though! Everyone on accutane seems to recommend Cetaphil, but I live in Ireland and I can't seem to find it anywhere. So if anyone knows of something similar available in the UK/Ireland I'd love to know! And for moisturiser I'm still using my usual one which is the Olay day fluid for sensitive skin which is still working fine. I haven't noticed my body being dry yet but my Mam recommended Silcock's base to me. You can get this in a huge tub in the chemist ( i got mine in Boot's for about €4) and it's basically the base of what most moisturisers are made of. I've only tried it once and it's really thick so I think will be good when the dry skin really hits me.
  • Dry lips: Coming up to end of the first week i started to notice them getting slightly drier but it was yesterday it really hit me! I didn't put anything on my lips until about 1pm because it was saturday and I wasn't in any rush to get ready. But then by the time I put my carmex on they were all flaky! And they were also flaky last night. It's also really cold here at the moment so that didn't help. Lip balm recommendations are also appreciated, unfortunately I can't get Aquaphor here :(
  • Back pain: Now I'm not entirely sure about this but I think my back hurts when I move certain ways or when I'm studying for ages but that could just be me being paranoid.
  • Dry/Itchy eyes: Again, not positive about this one but I do think they feel more irritated than usual.

I think that's about it as far as side effects go, nothing too crazy yet. Strangely enough, my skin has actually been treating me pretty well this week. I've only gotten maybe three small spots and one bigger one (close to my ear which is a first for me). Now don't worry, I'm not under any illusion that this is the accutane working already, it's just my skin having a good week. But still praying I don't get an initial breakout! Can anyone tell me their experience with an initial breakout please?

So I know you're not meant to drink while on accutane.... but I think I will be on Halloween. I know, tut tut. But I'm gonna drink less than usual and just take it slow. This isn't an ideal year for me to be on accutane from an alcohol point of view since I'm in my last year of school and all of my friends will be turing 18 throughout the year. I don't drink very often though, only like special events/hoildays/birthdays etc. But hey, better than being on it starting college!

That's about it I think. I'll try to update before the end of the week!





Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and currently I'm on my second day of acctuane ( or roaccutane as I'm taking). Before I starting taking this I did so much research. I think I probably read half of the blogs on this site! And I also watched vlogs on youtube and just about everything. Because i think the best way to find out about this is to read other peoples' personal experiences with it, so I think the more blogs and such out there the better really.

I think I've probably suffered with acne for 5 or 6 years now. It started when i was 12 or 13 and now I'm 17, almost 18. So I am most definitely fed up at this stage! When it first started out it wasnt too bad, just average teenage acne really. But then when i was 14 and a half it got bad enough to go to the doctor. So since then i'm been coming and going to the doctor trying every possible thing. I've tried salicylic acid, duac, isotrex gel, two different antibiotics and the pill dianette and none of them worked! The one that possibly helped slightly was isotrex, but eventually that stopped working. And of course i tried every kind of acne face wash out there. So finally my doctor referred me to a dermatologist and he immediately suggested roaccutane. Both of parents were a bit against it, just because of all the bad things out there about it. They'd been through this all with my brother before and they hadn't let him go on it and he eventually just grew out of it. But the derm said i was starting to scar, so with a bit of persuasion my parents finally said yes smile.png So i am very excited/nervous for this. It would be amazing to finally have clear skin after all these years! By the way, my type of acne i would say is moderate, to severe at times. It's not really cystic, I only get a cyst every now and again. It's mainly confined to my cheeks an chin. I've a lot of scarring on my cheeks and I get a lot of nodules on my chin. The only good thing is I don't get body acne. I hate feeling like I have to wear make up constantly and worrying about people seeing my skin. I feel like all of my friends have the most perfect skin and then there's me... haha. Fingers crossed that this works!

It's only day 2 so i don't have anything exciting to report. It's weird, I almost feel excited to see a bit of dry lips coming on! But anyways, I'll update when I have any side effects.

Sarah xxx

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