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14 year old girl with moderate acne. Just regular papules/pustules that won't respond to anything else.

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Accutane Weeks 4&5

I was super busy last week and I never got around to taking progress pictures or updating. eusa_doh.gif

Week 4: I don't really remember what happened exactly other than more dryness. The back pain has been getting better so I'm pretty happy about that. I've pretty much been clearing up and barely getting any new spots. I got an ACTUAL nose bleed while taking a test one day and it sucked. Now I put Aquaphore in my nose with a q-tip before bed and before school and I've had no nosebleeds at all.

Week 5: I went to my dermatologist and got my dosage raised to 60mg a day! She told me to pay attention to my back because accutane can cause some sort of disease where your spine becomes harder and not very flexible. The lady that puts the new info into iPledge didn't update my status on there and we had to go through all this trouble to get it done so I wouldn't have to go the whole weekend without the pills. My face is really clearing up and it's mostly just marks. banana.gif I can't really think of anything else so I'll update on week 7!


Week 2: I got my intitial breakout :'( It was terrible for me because I was clearing up so well. I woke up Monday with it and by Wednesday I was clearing up!eusa_dance.gif I was pretty upset because I've been so moody since I started this medication. The silliest things can make me so mad. The week before last, I was LIVID that my mom wouldn't get me Chic-Fil-A. The back aches got intense and it is now pretty much all of my joints that hurt. I got the Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer, but I haven't used it because my face has been so flaky. I just keep getting drier and drier.

Week 3: I've started to go extreme-o moisturizing at night and I wake up with NO FLAKES! At about lunch time, I have a few, but that's bearable. Tomorrow, if I have time, I will try the new makeup. I haven't worn makeup in like 2 months! My body is starting to adjust to the dryness and I don't have to run for the aquaphor when I wake up. I also can go my whole school day without putting in more gel eyedrops. My hips, knees, back, and toes kill me after PE when all I do is walk the track for like 40 minutes sad.png I can't think of anything else for now, but I'll update next Tuesday!

Picture 1 is from week 2 and picture 2 is from week 3!

Update 11/8:I forgot to mention that my nose dried out and I've started getting nosebleeds. I was expecting actual flowing nosebleeds, but it's just a bit of blood here and there atm. Since it's cold, I'm sure that's not helping so on cold days I put Aquaphor in my nostrils with a q-tip (gross I know)


Accutane Week 1

I've been on the tane for a week! I just took my 8th dose :) The headaches are deffinately from dehydration so I make sure to drink lots of water. If I don't drink enough water in the evening, I feel like I'm going to pass out in the morning :/ Besides the slight headaches I get, my lips have dried out so much it's insane. My eyes have also dried out and regular eyedrops are not helping. I went and got gel eye drops for dry eyes at the drug store and they work a lot better. They don't feel thick and gross or anything when they go in your eyes either. My whole face was flaky today instead of just some spots. I'm also getting random dry patches like on the back of my arm and the inside of my ankle. My back hurts, too. When I bend over to wash my face, brush my teeth, bend over to pick stuff up, etc. I guess Accutane really dries out everything including the lubricant between your bones because I've never had this problem before. I think that's all; I'll update you next Tuesday!


Hi! I'm Jenni and I'm 14 years old. I started getting pimples here and there when I was twelve, but it got really bad in the summer of 2011 (13 years old). I only broke out on my forehead, and I started going to my dermatologist around Thanksgiving. She put me on countless topicals and I ended up sticking with Veltin for about 6-7 months. This past summer, I woke up with pimples all over my cheeks and chin. It was so random so I went to Dr. Folley and she gave me Solodyn. It worked a little and I got a terrible IB. When school started and I was waking up earlier, I would feel nauseaus and dizzy and I was missing my first few classes every day. We had talked about Accutane and my mom and I were all for it because my sister took it and was successful. It was 10 years ago so everything was different and she has slight acne again, but mine isn't cystic like hers was. I'm so excited toget rid of my acne!

I took my first dose on Tuesday night and I'm on 40mg at night. I'm 5'3 and I weigh 106lbs. My course could be anywhere from 6-8mos.

Day 1: Intense headache all day, but nothing different other than that.

Day 2: Lips are starting to dry out a bit. I have a tiny headache, but it didn't start until after I got out of school. I drank lots of water while I was there so I'm guessing the headache was from dehydration. I haven't had much water since I got home. I woke up with two small flaky patches on my froehead and cheek. It seems to be working pretty quickly!

The first picture is from the week before last I think and the second picture was from tonight. If the first picture was from when I think it was, I had just gotten Microderm and a Glycolic peel.