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- Bad Acne & Scars HELP ME PLEASE.

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Ok so I been doing research online about acne , scars , some of the treatments and I stumbled across this site. I really , REALLY , REALLY could use some advice ! So here it goes I been battling with acne for years now since I turned a teenager . I'm really get frustrated with it. I know I shouldn't pick with my acne because it can cause scaring , and create more bumps but it's really hard. I feel ashame and embarrased when my family catches me picking with my skin. I feel sad when i look in the mirror and see my face. What are some way's that I can stop picking with my face??? I dont want my face to be scared for life , but i can't stop picking at it!!!!!! wacko.png

Secondly I have a confession; I found Lorel Makeup Conceler in my mom’s magazine…it was a little packet sample. Foolishly of me, stupid me decided to take it and try it out just to see. I know I know I know I am NOT should NOT be wearing makeup because it could mess up my skin. I have acne and sensitive skin but when I read the back of it I saw it had some of the same ingredients on the back as my Clean & Clear so I thought….let’s just see how it would looks and then I’ll wipe it off real quick. I put it on….saw how it looked….and then washed it off quickly. But when I woke up the next day my face looked like as if it has been burned. Im so pissed off and mad at myself about it I haven’t gotten over it. I been washing my face, putting coco butter on it and it seemed to be helping a little. My face now isn’t as bad as it was before. I have a Dr’s appt on Tuesday but my question is what can I do until then to control my face? It’s so hard not to want to pick at it and I know I shouldn’t pick at it because it could cause scaring. I know not to scrub really hard cause it could cause scaring. I know that some soaps can irritate and make acne worse so I don’t wash my face with soap I use Clean & Clear only. Is there anything acne products you suggest that are affordable so I can let my mom know? Most of my acne has been caused by stressed and again I do have sensitive skin.

Any advice and help is VERY APPRECIATED IT !!! I don't want my skin to be ruined forver. >.<

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