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Hello Again!

It's been months since i last checked in. From previous entries, i had just finished a 3 month treatment using minocycline and clindoxyl gel (september- december 2012) which seemed to clear me of acne for 2 months... However, after those acne free 2 months, it all came back again. My skin was seemingly more oily than ever, and my Hormonal Acne was back haunting my jawline.

Lucky for me, I immediately got put on Accutane!!! I'm so happy to finally be put on this drug!. I was started on 20 mg's for my first month. I've also recently just got renewed for next month (June 2013) to go up a dose of 30 mg's a day.

Now for this First Month that passed, majority of what the feedback online and in forums regarding side effects did occur. The dry lips started, dry hands, dry face, however they were all still bearable.

My main problem is my Jaw line, and i'm kind of relieved that for my initial breakout, that it was primarily focused on my jawline. If i have my make up on, and looked at straight on, it looks like i don't even have that bad of acne. (INSET PICTURE w/ Ballons!)

I'm mainly not bothered anymore by some of the cystic breakouts and small pustules that are happening on my jaw as its a sign that the drug is working. I'm taking it as a positive note that my skin is indeed changing for the better.

Here are some photos of my First Month and progress on accutane!!! Also here's a list of the current products I use. I think i'll definitely be switching up some of these as my skin continues to change and get more sensitive.

Face Regimen:

Clean & Clear Oil & Make-up removing Face Wash

Clean & Clear Advantage Plus (benzoyl peroxide cream cleanser)

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer

Dermalogica Clean Start Matte SPF moisturizer (for sunny days)


Neutrogena Blemish Fighting Foundation/ Natural Beige (mixed w/ Dermalogica SPF moisturizer to give a natural skin texture)

Almay Clear Skin Foundation/ Sand Beige (mixed with any of the 2 moisturizers)

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream/ Medium/ Sheer Tint (Worn on its own for Off days, or lazy days)


Hello folks!

Say hello to my faux movember stache. lol I wouldn't dare grow one.

Anyway. Month 2 on 200 mg of Minocycline is now over. Generally, my skin texture has improved. Mainly just a lot of scarring. There are definitely lesser freak-pore clogging and breakouts this month, and the bacteria and white heads are regulated. I definitely still feel like I get a new bump or two everyday though.

My problem areas are still the same, and I feel are still hormone and stress induced. Its mainly my Jawline and neck where i get breakouts on a daily basis.

I have come to the conclusion that this Minocycline treatment definitely takes a while, and a higher dosage before it actually deals with the bacteria in the skin... That being said, I think I am gonna take my doctors offer on Accutane.

I feel like this year, when i hit 23, my hormones have just gone out of sync and out of whack. My skin just gets so oily and clogged, plus the added everyday life and stress add to the problem. This is what made me decide to finally give Accutane a go. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow to see if i can get it all sorted!!


Hello again fellow acne sufferers,

Its only been 4 days since my last post, but I've had massive progress with my skin, texture wise! My bad side has quickly smoothed out and my only problem now are the dark scars. My usual better side unfortunately has just 2-3 active lesions that are on their way to drying out. I attribute the progress to switching to an Acne cleanser, as opposed to just a gentle cleanser which i was previously using.

In my last post i started using Clean & Clear's Acne Cleanser w/ 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and its accompanying Oil-Free moisturizer. Both products are great! The cleanser is like a cream base, so it glides on and cleanses very mildly. It also gives you a very minty and refreshed feeling. The moisturizer doesn't get greasy, and is fairly mattefying; a plus for oily skin.

I will admit that despite the smoother texture of my skin, my confidence is still taking a hit from the scars. Make up does blur & cover them, but I've just realized how extremely self-conscious i've become. I just have to remind myself that I am my biggest critic, and that overall, it's improving. It can only go up from here after all.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I hope everyone else's regimen is going great and progress is reached!

xox Maximilian


Hello Everyone!

It's now Month 2 of my acne treatment. My Minocycline dosage has been upped to 200mg a day (one 100mg cap in the morning and night). My doctor has said that my skin has improved, now less angry cystic bumps on my jaw. However i did react badly to the Epiduo/ Tactuo topical Retinoid he gave me. He quickly told me to stop using it and stick on the Antibiotics for the rest of the month. He did say that if i didn't like the improvements this month, he's putting me on Accutane for next month. Fingers crossed that this month will clear me up for good, if not, yay for Accutane next month!

(*Note- my problem acne areas are my Jawline, Chin and Neck.)

I did stop using the Tactuo/ Epiduo two days ago before seeing my Doc because i noticed my skin just flare out more the more i used it. My skin has healed quite quickly and now i just have quite a bit of dark scarring that i'll have to diminish using my La Roche Posay Mela D Serum (pigment control- battles hyperpigmentation)

Also, I purchased some new Items for my regimen. I found my gentle La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser wasn't doing anything to treat my acne, so I purchased these today:

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser ( 5% Benzoyl Peroxide)

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer ( Oil Free- 0.5% Salicylic Acid)

As for makeup and cover up, I picked up the Maybeline BB Cream to moisturize and diminish the sight of my scars for work. I also got Hard Candy's Glamoflauge cover up for the blemishes and dark spots.

That's my update! I'll give you all a product review and update half way through the month regarding the Clean & Clear products, and how Minocycline is working for me by itself without a topical retinoid!

Cheers! I hope your guys' treatments and progress are going well!

xoxo Maximilian


I miss my skin from less than a year ago. = (


Hello Acne.ORG!!

I decided to join this community so I could get feedback, and also educate myself with other people's experiences, as well as not feel alone with dealing with my acne. As acne sufferers, we all know how much of a constant struggle it is to regain our confidence about our skin and appearance.

Today, It is my 18th day since I started Minocycline and Tactuo (Epiduo) treatments. Here is how my treatment has gone so far:

First week: Dry, Scaly, Burning.

Second week: Initial Breakout. Worse Acne i've ever had since i was a preteen.

Third Week (current status): No more painful cysts, Dried up pustules, skin texture is smoother, yet still a lot of scarring.

Face Wash- *La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Wash (Sensitive Skin)

Moisturizer- *Cetaphil Normal - Dry Moisturizer

Day Treatment under Makeup- Dermalogica Clean Start: Hit the Spot (Benzoyl Peroxide)

Night Treatment - *TACTUO/ Epiduo

Antibiotic- *Minocycline

After reading a lot of the message boards here, and comparing my own personal results, I am still remaining hopeful, despite being a little downtrodden and impatient. It is more of a shock to me as how not less than a year ago i had clear, if not, just mild acne.

Attached are photos that i took just now prior to posting this blog. I would really appreciate some feedback on the photos whether or not I should push and ask my doctor to get me on ACCUTANE, or to simply continue with my current regimen of MINO + TACTUO.





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