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Ok I need to start off by saying how I have been finding the tabs from my pill pack with the anti-preo lady on them EVERYWHERE lol. I guess I'm just not neat about it and let them rip off and fall where ever. They are in my room, my car. lol I dunno I just think it's funny how much they shove this "don't get pregnant" thing down your throat and I can't seem to escape it because the damn things are everywhere haha.

Any way....I'm on day 27. Skin is dry, still have some active zits. Nothing spectacular yet. crazy itchy rash on my hands that totally SUCKS. When will I see some results!?!


Day 18 - OUCH

Ok. Day 18 on Accutane. Happy Easter everyone! My upper back and shoulder blades are killing me...normal for this drug? It aches so bad. I just took some advil, hope that helps me. Don't want to jinx myself but my skin appears to look slightly clearer. Just more even and the cysts I have are shrinking. I can deal with a little back pain if this is gonna work!!!


Day 12 on accutane and I am in initial breakout mode. Cysts and smaller pimples here, there, and everywhere and SOOO dry. My makeup looks like complete shit and you can see the dryness right through it. So miserable with my face right now, when will it get better???? And I miss beer, I really do. Especially on today of all days...St. Patty's Day. No green beer for me this year :confused:



Day 9 - starting to breakout...a few annoying and painful cysts. VERY dry and my makeup looks like crap because of it. I'm asking the girls out there for some advice. Any makeups that are better than others for this dryness? I use Perscriptives Foundation right now. It's a Matte so that is probably why it's drying me out. Any advice is appreciated!!!


One Week

It's been one whole week since I started. Lips are crazy dry so I'm applying chapstick lip every 5 minutes. Skins starting to get dry and I am soooooo thirsty. Other than that I feel ok. I have a cyst forming on my nose ughhh. Guess the initial breakout is coming. No other change in my skin really other than the dryness. Oh and my contacts are burning and dry..that sucks, and I refuse to wear my glasses lol. I hope after week 2 I'll see some results. When does the initial breakout really happen and how long does it last for? Had another night of non-drinking on monday when we went out for my co-worker's birthday. Has anybody drank on accutane? Just wondering what it does really other than screw up your liver?


Day 3

Nothing new to really write. Went out for drinks with my co-workers last night and it was very hard getting used to the fact that I can't have a beer! haha. It's gonna save me a lot of money not to drink for 5 months though. It's amazing how much alcohol is big part of my social life though, I will miss it lol. My skin better do something soon...


Day 2

So it's day 2. Haven't noticed any difference really, which I guess is expected. I have a cyst under my right eye so I woke up with my eye all swollen and puffy because of it. I can't wait until this SHIT is over it's so frustrating. I didn't sleep well last night..does this drug effect ur sleep at all? Because I usually have no problem staying alseep.

I'm hoping to see some sort of change in my face by the end of the weekend. I'm a little impatient haha. I just hope it gets better and not worse first...I've read some blogs about people who break out badly in the beginning. Not looking forward to that.

No dryness yet really, other than the usual winter time dryness. All stocked up on my lotion and chapstick though for when that starts.

Well...time to head to work. Have a good day! :confused:


My first day

Ok well since I literally just swallowed the pill I can't expect anything to happen yet lol. Today is my first day on accutane. It has been a long annoying process to get these pills with numerous blood tests and doctors visits, but it's finally here! I am excited/nervous. The amount of times they tell you not to get pregnant is INSANE. All the way down to the perforated pop out on the back of the pill lol. I just hope this works because it's my last hope for getting rid of my acne. I'm going to post before pics on here. My skins not HORRIBLE but its definitely not good. I'd love to hear other's experiences or any comments or advice. Here goes nothing!!


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