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Okay so I got lazy with the Regimen and slowly stopped it once my face was all cleared, and I regret that so bad now. I tried to get back on because i started breaking out like crazy a few weeks ago and then i ran out of it. now my face is so bad and I don't know if I should buy the regimen again and start back on it. I Just hated the first part of it, dealing with dry skin and burning and itching. But i know that The regimen is probably my only solution... I'm just so lost and stressed.

I need help..


It's Been Awhile

It's been quite a long time, I've stuck with the Regimen though and I am happy with all it's done, But still have a ton of acne marks, Will they eventually go away on the regimen? my face is smooth, Just alot of marks are in my skin, Idk what to do... Here's some pictures, With and without makeup, with makeup you can't even tell,


Dayyy.... 20?

Wow can't believe It's been so long! I loveeee the results im seeing. No really bumpy acne, Just flattened red marks. a few small pimples here and there... SO anyways.. excited and happy with the results..


Day 8 Of Regimen!

Mm day 8!! I have seen so much progress in just one week its amazing, Though wearing makeup is still a HUGE problem.. I decided to go without makeup today which normally I would anyways.. But My boyfriend was spending the day with me.. So it was kinda hard! But he didn't have a problem with it.. He thinks I'm beautiful with or without makeup.. It was more of my issue of wanting to look good for him,

But I stuck with it and went makeupless. anyways... SO yeah, My face is super dry and flaky and like falling off. It's annoying, Haha but Im liking the improvement!


Dayyy 6! Of Regimen

OK so this morning I just cleansed my face and used moisturizer, Which I had to go out today and FREAKED cause my face is so flaky and dry!!!!!! So i put coconut oil on my face and it fixed the dryness.. then I just put powder on.. it didn't look too bad... I'm really Happy with how fast my acne is clearing, It's mostly just red marks with a couple bumps here and there, So excited!!!! my mom and DAD noticed it was better! and my boyfriend thinks it's looking great! Its really worth it, I love it! and it hasnt even been a week ! and I just did the BP at night Instead of twice a day, It did sting when I was putting on my Moisturizer but It didn't get bright red and BURN for a LONG time like last night.. Sooo Happy!!!


Day 5 Of Regimen

Okay so it's Day 5 of using the regimen for me,

My skin is so dried out putting the moisturizer on burns my face, I can't believe how dry my face is But I am seeing Improvement, my acne is flatter and is fading, Which is what is keeping me going, My face kinda feels stiff all the time and itches awhile after I do the treatment, It's so hard not to itch it!!!!

Anyways I am very excited about the progress (: Hoping it keeps up the good work, (and stops ITCHING!)

haha (:


Starting Regimen!

Hello everyone, I'm new (: I have been researching and reading up about the Regimen and I feel very Hopeful about it working, I'm going to attach a Before pictures of day one... I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne, Heres my story

I started getting Acne around 14-15ish... It was on my forehead and stayed in just that area for quite awhile,

Then I started to get some here and there around my chin, Then Breakouts on my Chin, and Chest and Back

I went to a dermatologist and She prescribed tretinoin cream,

It Dried out my face but Did not work,

Then I was prescribed Doxycycline

And I didnt really see a change except I got Funky Side effects and Had to go off it,

after awhile Breakouts started appearing on my cheek, and my chin and forehead blogentry-185465-0-60250600-1350189112_tblogentry-185465-0-12836200-1350189131_thad cleared,

I tried Natural remedies Like Coconut Oil, Yogurt Masks, washing my face more..

I DO NOT pop my Zits unless they are pretty bad, I tried Steaming my face, using Epsom Salt,

None of these really worked,

.I had my breakouts under control until a few months ago When I started using Revlon Colorstay Foundation... Within a week My face was SO BAD, Acne Everywhere and I still cannot get my face back under control, Its a wreck...

Im really Hoping the Regimen will work for me, Ive read and watched a ton success stories and I hope I will join them!

Wish me Luck ~

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