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Accutane Day 54

DAY 54: holy crap, i cant believe im almost finished with my second month. i haven't updated because i have been hella busy with finals and work. well just to follow up from my last post. those two cysts that were under my eye weren't going away any time soon, but i did notice they were flaky in the morning. by the fifth day i was able to insert a needle into them and drain them. the one closest to my eye went away completely and the other one which was the biggest of the two took awhile to completely heal. there's a tiny scar, but ill take care of that when im off of accutane. other than those two spots my skin has been looking great. i love not having to oil blot my face every 30 minutes. all the old acne scars are fading. there are a few under the skin cysts along my jawline, but i only notice them when i touch my face. ahh i can't wait for all this to be over. the side effects are tolerable, but super obnoxious. every morning when i open my mouth, the sides of my mouth crack open. not a pleasant feeling. im always thirsty and my back hurts like a mother. headaches here and there and i have been more aware of my emotions, which help a lot. so in a nutshell my side effects have been and probably will remain are..

headaches here and there

cracked/chapped lips

dry hair (dont have to wash my hair for a week!)

my cuticles are disappearing!!!

dry skin, but not to an extreme flaky mess

back pain

products that im using:

cetaphil gently cleanser

cerave am moisturizer (love this stuff)

head and shoulders itch relief

olive oil conditioner (once a week and only on the ends of my hair)

cocoa butter and coconut oil for body moisturizer

makeup remover clothes for dry and sensitive skin from trader joes (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

for make up ive been using chanel vitalumiere. it doesn't have heavy coverage, but thats okay since my scars are fading anyway. this foundation is amazing!! its so moisturizing and leaves my skin dewy, not oily!! its pricey, but so is accutane. ;)

anyway, i love accutane and it has really boosted my confidence. cheers to another 4 months!!


Accutane Day 39

DAY 39: the cyst under my eye came back and he brought a friend! :( two cysts under my right eye and they're just there for all the world to see. one of them came to a head, but doesn't seem to be going down. theres about five zit things on my forehead. i guess im not done with the IB. wahhhhhh!!! i haven't washed my hair in almost two weeks! gross? its so dry and my hair isnt even oily!! surprisingly enough, it doesn't smell bad. TMI? anyway, here is what i have been experiencing:

chapped lips

breaking out

dry eyes (my boyfriend visited me at work and told me my eyes were so blood shot, so he bought me some rewetting drops.)

dry hair and scalp

my cuticles have disappeared

headaches almost every single day

cant think of any more right now



Accutane Day 31

DAY 31: Last week I was going to call my derm to get something for my IB and the awful cysts on my face, but it turned out that I had my appt anyway. Lucky me! When I went in, my derm said that my face was looking a lot better and that she could shoot up my cysts with some cortisone to help with the inflammation. Obviously, I obliged without any hesitation. Two to three days later all the bumps went down and that cyst under my eye was completely gone. Thank the universe for cortisone. Anyway, my derm up-ed my dosage from 40 mg to 60 mg and since I don't have insurance, it would cost a lot more than the first month. I also had to pay for the cortisone shots, which I didn't mind because those cysts were ruining my life. I hope my IB is over, although I have about two to three actives right now and a tons of black heads and some white heads that come and go. The black heads on my nose look disgustingly raised and I keep feeling the top my nose.. it feels like a weird porcupine. GROSS!

Anyway, today I took my first dose of 40 mg, followed by a dose of 20 mg. The symptoms thus far are:

dry/sore throat, super thirsty (just like the first day/week when I first started claravis

dry patches on face

itchy spots on arms

chapped lips (DUH!)

flimsy nails (its a struggle trying to get those pills out)

That's about it!! I will keep you guys updated.


Accutane Day 22

DAY 22: yesterday was really hard guys. i had an emotional break down and freaked the f out on my boyfriend (bless his heart) my skin looks terrible.. its really putting me into an emotional state that is really distracting. the appearance of my face just looks unhealthy.. all my pores are the size of hubcaps filled with either white nastiness or black nastiness. i have that stupid cyst by my eye still that is so angry.. its literally so big, that its obstructing my right eyes vision! the cysts on my chin and cheeks that exploded the other day are still raised and look like there not done making my life a living hell. all kinds of new bumps are rising from the dungeons of acne land. i guess this is the IB that i was hoping i would surpass. im going to call my dermatologist to see if she can prescribe me something that will help tame the initial break out.

also, the other day.. i thought i had cracked my lip, but it turns out a cold sore was forming. i immediately treated the area with cold sore medication and it went away. thank the universe! im prone to cold sores and i heard that accutane weakens your immune system, which, in some cases, causes people to have an outbreak, if susceptible to cold sores. im keeping a close eye on those things, because those are the worst, especially when one has acne! (i apologize for all the grammar errors and run on sentences)

i also changed my diet to help with my energy levels. im now eating a paleo diet, which is basically lean meats, veggies, and some fruits and nuts. of course ill have my cheat meals on the weekends, because i love my ice cream and hot cheetos!!! anyway, i think i have noticed a slight difference, then again, its only been a week! if anyone you fellow accutaners have experienced paleo while on the drug, please let me know your thoughts!!! too much vitamin A in sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach?!

in a nut shell, my side effects have been:

chapped lips (premature cold sore)

super dry scalp (itchiness treated with anti itch head and shoulder)

itchy patches on arms (no rashes yet)

initial break out


minor back and shoulder pain

emotional and unreasonable

thats all i can think of right now! it feels so good to type out my thoughts and concerns regarding this journey. no one understands except for my virtual accutane buddies. i love you guys and thank you all for the support.


Accutane Day 19

DAY 19: HOLY BLACK HEADS!!!! thats all i can really say right now! they are all over my cheeks and my face all of a sudden got super super dry and flaky today. the cyst below my eye is ginormous and painful. all the other cysts on my chin and cheeks exploded this morning, so now they are dry, scabby bumps. blah! also, time to get some new makeup that's more moisturizing. any suggestions? any suggestions on face moisturizers?


Accutane Week 2 Complete


i think the initial breakout has begun. :( my left cheek, which is usually the good side, has about 4 active cysts with some brewing under the surface. a honker just appeared on my chin and theres a bunch of zits/tiny pimples all along the right side of my temple, eyebrow, and hairline. there is also a super painful cyst forming under my right eye and when i say right under my eye, i mean, literally right under my eye. it hurts so bad!!!! any suggestions?! has anyone experienced cysts in this area? if so, how long did it last on accutane? usually cysts like this for me last a week and thats when i use draw out salve liberally. i dont want to go that route because its so close to my eye. i noticed today at work that my face seems really tight. also, there are dry patches forming on my lip area, chin, and nose. here are some other symptoms i have been experiencing since i last posted:

SUPER chapped lips

extremely dry and itchy scalp

always parched

itching spells

sore/dry throat, which keeps me up all night because of the cough associated with all that

just want to sleep!!!!!

i think thats it for now. i will update sooner than later guys!!!


Accutane Day 11

DAY 11:

new pimples (NOOOOOO!) around my temples and a few baby cysts on my cheeks (NOOOOOOO!) i doubt this is my IB, but it would be so awesome if this were it!! ive had these two zits that wont go away between my eyebrows. do you think i could get away with popping them? theyre like these hard white heads that kind of feel like scabs. theyre super obnoxious, especially since my bangs arent long enough to hide them. my experiences so far have been tolerable. i was expecting them to be a lot worse (knock on wood) here are my side effects from the past two days.


crazy, vivid dreams (mostly about me and my dogs escaping the end of the world)

SUPER dry throat, thus causing a sore throat

semi chapped lips (more peely than anything)

less oily skin and hair

i dont know if this is a side effect from accutane, but i have been craving the worst things possible. like mcdonalds and chocolate malts!!!

ladies on accutane.. what beauty products are you using?! makeup? makeup remover (not eye makeup) conditioner? etc.


Accutane Week 1 Complete

Hi everybody! It's been a week today since I popped my first Claravis pill. I'm taking 40 mg a day with my first meal of the day. I'm wondering if I should take it at night?! Any thoughts on that anyone?

Anyway, I have experienced some minor side effects, such as:



Lower back pain

Minor chapped lips

Dry eyes

Minor dry face.. Mainly around my nose, chin, and pre existing pimples

Super dry throat

Always thirsty!!!

It seems like my face is clearing up, but then again it is the first week. I have noticed that I have a bunch of tiny little guys around my hair line and jaw that are just there. It seems like there's some growing activity under the surface on my cheeks (my problem areas) that are waiting to come to surface and make my life miserable! My dermatologist said if I have an extreme IB, to call her and she will prescribe me something to help manage the problem. I'm hoping that I am one of the lucky ones and passes the IB. ;)

Today, it's been a few hours since popping my 7th pill and I only have a headache and minor dry skin and chapped lips. Nothing too serious. My daily regimen is the following:


Cetephil gentle cleanser

Trader joes nourish moisturizer SPF 15

Dr Dans cortibalm with 1% hydrocortisone


Chanel perfection lumiere

Nars orgasm blush

(Thinking about switching to a more moisturizing foundation as my skin will get drier throughout the course) any reccommendations?!


Cetaphil gentle cleanser

AC Care natural cleanser (Korean face wash that helps remove makeup) if anyone has any suggestions for a cleanser to remove make up, let me know!!! :)

Vivete hydrating replenish cream (LOVE!!!)

And lots and lots of water and cocoa butter!! :)


Accutane Day 6

yesterday was AWFUL!! after i posted, i continued my day by going to class, then going to work. i had dizzy spells and was kind of groggy the entire time i was at work and i work at a coffee shop!! i'm never groggy or lethargic. my eyes were so dry, they were blood shot. my lower back pain was almost unbearable and i somehow managed to get bruises on my hands and knuckes (probably from kickboxing) i usually never bruise that easily.

anyway, i came home and was sooo exhausted!!! i passed out around 1030, but kept waking up in the middle of the night because my throat was so dry. ughh! worst sleep ever!

today, totally different story... no side effects at all!!

does anyone out there work out 3-5 days of the week and experience heightened side effects? thanks!


Accutane Day 5

so, today is the 5th day and im not experiencing too many side effects. my face, especially my eyes, specifically my lash lines, are super itchy. my whole body seems to be itchy. i have some lower back pain, but i think it might be from kickboxing. most of the active pimples that i had before starting 5 days ago have dried up and are flaky. i currently have maybe 5 active spots, but are super tiny with white heads. i have a huge honker in my eye brow that hurts like a mother. my lips are not as chapped as i expected, but they are peeling. my gums started bleeding this morning. im not sure if this is from the accutane or because i didn't floss the night prior. i dont now if this is related but my throat is super dry and im always parched. due to my throat being so dry, its causing a sore throat. :(

basically my side effects thus far:

itchy skin, especially eyelash area

sore/dry throat

super thirsty

minor chapped lips

some flakiness around pre existing pimples

lower back pain

also, i dont know if i mentioned this before, but im 25 y/0 125 lbs taking 40 mg clavaris

im new to blogging so im a bit clueless how to create a default thing that everyone has posted at the bottom of their entries. (how do you do that?!)

anyway, ill post sooner than later. were all in this together and im sure my boyfriend is sick of hearing me talk continuously about accutane! haha ;)


Accutane Day 1

Hey everyone! Just popped my first pill yesterday and I haven't experienced any side effects yet. Although my lower back was hurting, but I think that was because I was cleaning my apartment all day. I woke up this morning and my face seemed to be less oily. I usually wake up super greasy. Maybe its just me. I'm about to pop my second pill!! yay!


Before.. Still!

Hey guys, I just posted two pictures in my gallery!! Ahhhhh! Hopefully they don't scar-e you. Anyway, the Aczone and Cetaphil that my derm gave me while i wait has been helping with my acne, well it seems. The cystic lesions on my forehead went away. Thank god!!! Those are the worst. 16 more days until I go on Accutane and I can not wait!!!



Hi there, I just turned 26 yesterday and my face is out of control with acne STILL! I have decided that it doesn't matter whether or not I go out with or without makeup, except for work just because I am required to wear makeup. Anyway, I am about two weeks away to my dermatologist appointment, where I will be prescribed Accutane if my blood works shows that I am not pregnant. It sucks that girls have to wait an entire month to get the process going! My derm. gave me a bunch of samples of Aczone and Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin. I have been using those treatments for the past two weeks every day and I must say it hasn't done ANYTHING for my skin. My skin might look even worse, but I don't know because everyday its all the same...PIMPLES EVERYWHERE!!!

Well, a little about my skin... I have had acne since I was 15 and was prescribed everything but Accutane. It never went away until I turned 20. My skin was so clear and beautiful!! Even when I was out drinking and partying. I was definitely not on a healthy diet or anything, which leads me to believe diet doesn't have anything to do with the kind of acne I am struggling with. When I turned 22, I went on BC again, but not the usually OTC. I was prescribed Loestrin and thats when my beautiful, clear skin exploded with cystic acne, pimples, pustules, etc causing ice pick scarring and shallow pitting scarring. I stopped taking the Loestrin after a few months, because I couldn't take it anymore. I switched OTC, which did nothing. I am now on YAZ, which isn't any better, but I need to be on a BC. I have had waves of "clear" skin, but never how it was before. I have decided to go on Accutane without any insurance and I am prepared to pay an extreme amount of money, but it's okay because I just want to look in the mirrow and not want to vomit from disgust. UGH! Sorry for the long sob story, but one I start Accutane, I will post weekly about my progess. :)