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Accutane Vs The regimen

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well i going to try candex to see if it work for me, i see it work for a lot of people so i just going to try it for two months if i don't see any change then i will stop it .

i just not sure how to take ii, i read some reviews but everybody seen to take it differently, staring with four capsule a day two in the morning two in the afternoon, or start it with one pill a day and the by day increase the dose until i get four capsule a day..... that any boy have any experience with it? how did it work for you? when you actually start seeing result ?

any comments i will appreciate it



Ok i have an appoiment to see me regular doctor and i want to determine for sure if i have an overgrowth of yeast.... Knowing my body and after a lot of research i'm almost 100% sure that this is the cause of my acne.... But there is any test i can have done to determinate it ??? What should i asked my doctor when i talk to him about this problem .....I'm going to be with him for a little while cuz i want to do a lot of exam to see if i am allergy to anything, how is my sugar level and so on .. I don't know why but i have a such a craving for sugar, anything sweet i know this one of the worst thing i can eat but it is crazy, a soon as a wake up i feel the nesecity to eat something sweet.... I'm trying not to eat anything sweet but dammm is really hard, is not craving anymore is a nesecity ..... I stop eating junk food , i eat a lot of vegetable, im loosing weight cuz i been eating more veggies than anything ....every night i make Natural celery and carrots juice in one of those juice extractors , during the day i drink water like crazy .... I change my diet completely I'm eating more healthy is just the craving/ necessity for sugar

Everyday i take

Good flora 50 billion


Vitamin A

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B

My acne is getting worse everyday i only been off of accutane for four months now and my acne is not just on my face the worst part of my acne on my shoulder and chest.... I don't want to go back on accutane first I want to determinate the roof of my acne and take it from there but after a lot of research i pretty convince that i have an overgrowth oh yeast

Also like a month ago i started the regimen, first two day dry my skin after that i haven't see any change everyday i have 6-8 new pimples and cystic acne on my face and around 8-10 in my chest, and i only used the moisturize the first two day after that my skin is normal not dry or oily just normal with cystic acne everyday ...... I just don't know what else should i try i still using the regimen i'm giving it one more month to see results if not, I'm no going to spend my money in something that is nor working for me

Any suggestion ??


Ok a little bit about me, i'm 24 years old i have acne since i was 13 years old . In 11 years i have tried everything you could possible think of, from natural stuff ,over the counter medication to a whole bunch of precription drugs, nothing had work and i mean NOTHING ( yes i have done accutane too) last year i got to a point in my life where i started to feel depress because of the way i looked, no way i was going out of my house looking like a monster ... Becasue thats exaclty how i felt, A completely deformed monster, people look at my face and they were """ oh is not that bad, a little bit of make up will do it for the day """ seriously!!!!! .... I saw pic of other people with acne who will probably say that mine was not severe.... Ok here is my point, which i tried to explain to a lot of people, it was NOT just may face i was my entire body, and yes i did consider my face a as severe acne.

After 11 years trying everything , on january my dermatology put me on accutane, and im not going to lie, i love the results. I am only 100 to 106 lb and my dose was pretty high so i got like the worst side effects, but because i was seen actual result i did not care... I was in a point in my life where i would do or go through anything to have a normal life and skin!!! When i finish the accuatane treament, i was completely in love with my face and whole body again ..... That was 3 months ago ..... But out of not where i started to break out like crazy AGAIN..... Just 3 months after accuatane, my acne is coming back again..... and again is not jus on my face is in my WHOLE BODY ... Right now is not as severe as it use to be ..... But i need to do something before i get to that point.... First, because i won't go back in accutane, i'm still suffering from this strong drug,

And second i just dont know if i will be strong enogh to face something like that again.... I was literaly in bed last year because i could not face everybody staring at me because of how bad i looked.... It was just too much for me. I did not have any confidence in myself at all sad.png ...

A week ago i started the regimen, i guess i have wait to see any results, but as now i dont see any

I also start taking good flora 50 billion to help me with the good bacterias, i was about to go on candex too but i have an app with my doctor i want to check hormone and to see if my candida level are normal, if so i just going to take the good flora .... I drink water like crazy , actually i'm trying to slow the water a lit of bit ( sound crazy right) but yea beacuse i pee every 30 min or so ... So been waking up a night just to pee, can't take that anymore!! ....

If anybody in here have any suggestion, advise or comment on what should i do please let me m kw i would really appreciate so...

Or one more thing yes i change my diet not sugar, and not dairy, as i said im only 100 to 106lb, (24 years old) if i do an strick diet i will disappear!


i just started the regimen today... i have done a lot if research and i decide to give it a try since the accutane did not work for me... my acne is not only in my face but all over my neck , chest and back .... i been having breakouts in my back but not as severe as my face, neck and chest ...... i just dont understand when i took accutane i got completely clear now three more after accutane my acne is back and is really bad, and when i saidn back is like i don't see my skin in certain areas of my body , in less than month my neck and chest is cover completely of small cystic acne.... the are not big is like, my entire chest on top of my breaths are cover of small cystic.

i star a diet to see if my diet had something to do with it, just avoiding sugar and diary product ... if anybody have any suggestion on what should i do or try ( not way im going back on accutane my acne is back and still suffering from bad headache form acutane)

note: i had try all type of antibiotic, creams, and anything you could possible think off. before accutane, i was like a monster accutane actually help me a little bit im not going to lie i was really happy with the result .... but now just 3 months after i star to breakout like crazy.. in two weeks after i star to breakout i could hardly see some areas of my skin cuz is completely cover with cystic.

can any one give and advise on what should i do or try ....... im in the point where i feel hopeless.


Accuate Vs The Regimen

accutene is a big step for those who suffer severe acne as well as the regimen ....... but i would like to know if anybody in here had try both , of course not at the same time smile.png but those who have experience in both treatment.....

a little about me.... as many people in here i have try every single thing you can possible think of, proactiv, neutrogena, all in one acne control, etc a whole bunch of over the counter medication as well as prescription such as antibiotics, cream, medicate soap etc and of course ACCUTANE ..... after accutane my acne just disappear completely even the scar fade off my face and whole body cuz i did have acne in my entire body no just my back and face, my entire body. it was just disgusting ..... but after just 3 month of my last dose of accutane my acne is coming back, and is getting really bad, after i finally saw my body clear of acne i really dont want se how ugly it can get again especially cuz i suffer form depresion when my acne was in its worse phase...... it was a nightmare just to think in going outside with my horrible face in summer i use to wear jackets to cover my body it was really bad, i can go back to accutane but after of all side effects is really frustrating to see that it did not work cuz eventually is coming back, other than money i wont loose anything by trying the regimen but first i would like to know the experience and thought of those who experience in both treatment..... if any body have any comments or suggestion it will be a really good help for me

thanks smile.png

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