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Documenting My Battle with Acne

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Maggie Lynn

Day 4

So far I have to say I noticed a difference right away in my acne on day 2 as well as day 3.

What I have been doing is washing my face twice a day with my tea tree soap or in the shower a peach tea home made bar of soap that is nothing special just plain bar of soap. Along with that for a spot treatment using pure tea tree essential oil on problem areas.

On day two I started getting a red painful zit on the side of my nose which has now stopped growing and is no longer as painful.

As far as other face products I still use a normal moisturizer but for acne just soap and tea tree oil.

I strongly recommend this for those who are sick of harsh cleansers and want a natural solution that isnt expensive.

I personally like home made soap because it has more benefits for your skin.

There are two types of home made soap: Cold process and melt and pour. this is important for when choosing a soap. Cold process is where the maker chose all the ingredients and made the soap from scratch. Melt and pour is where you can buy a plain unscented uncolored soap base, melt it down and add what you want to it before pouring into a mold. The M&P method is how I make my soap, its not as dangerous as cold process as cold process uses the chemical lye and is not recommended for beginners. Melt and pour soap base is glycerin soap which as stated in the previous entry glycerin is good for the skin. That being said though if you do find a cold process bar of soap that you would like to buy they are just as good for your skin.

Things to look for in choosing a bar of homemade soap:


Essential oils (these are all natural oils opposed to fragrance oils which are synthetic)

Look for a bar that uses natural colorants

Look for Tea Tree or eucalyptus as well as lavender these essential oils are naturally antibacterial and known for treating acne

Dead sea clay or mud - this is very rich in minerals and clays are excellent at drawing out oils and impurities

Activated Charcoal - charcoal is awesome at drawing out toxins and oils. It is so beneficial to acne prone skin.

On the website if you search Acne Soap you will find tons of vendors who make home made soap. To sell on etsy products have to be home made or vintage.

If you choose to buy off etsy make sure you know what type of soap you are looking for, for your skin. If you want to reduce oil find something with clay, If you want added moisture and softness looking for something with shea butter or olive oil. If you are prone to dry skin there are even soaps made just for those with eczema or psoriasis that are still home made acne soaps.

The other option if you dont want to buy offline is making it your self, I would strongly recommend doing melt and pour.

I buy my soap making supplies from Hobby Lobby or online at a website dedicated to selling soap supplies. What I like about making your own soap is you can tailor it to how you want it and what you want in it. Before even buying your supplies and making your soap look up different ingredients and research them so you can find the right mix for your skin.

A type when buying a soap base there are many different types of bases like plain clear or white base or a base that has olive oil added or shea butter goats milk and so on. I really like using olive oil and shea because they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth but you still get that clean feeling and no oils. Or if you wanted to you can added different oils to a plain base. Be careful though because adding too many of your own oils and butters to melt and pour soap can make the resulting bar soft.

Here is a link to etsy, just type in acne soap along with other qualities you are looking for

Also for the make your own route I suggest watching this video and the others in the series before you start it will tell you what you need to know when working with melt and pour soap

This video and the series is done by the founder of the website i mentioned earlier. For some guys this is a more girly hobby or thing to do. But I love being able to make my own soap and make it how i want to.

Now with all of that said and done here is my latest recipe for an acne clearing soap bar.


Heat safe glass measuring cup

Plastic spoon or wood stirring stick

4oz melt and pour base, I used cucumber avocado base(you usually need to buy bigger blocks so cut off and measure it, I found also when you melt your soap down it should measure to the 1/2 cup mark which is 4oz)

Tea tree, lavender, lemongrass essential oils

Sweet almond oil

Activated Charcoal

Mold of choice

Melt in the microwave 4oz of your chosen base, melt in 30 second intervals. about 45 seconds - 1 minute is good. be careful the soap will be hot.

Add in 1/2 teaspoon of Sweet almond oil. This will add to the moisturizing properties of the soap.

Next ad 20 drops of tea tree essential oil, and 10 drops of both lavender and lemongrass. Lavender and lemongrass are also antibacterial but i prefer tea tree for acne fighting, the lavender and lemongrass serve for covering up the medicinal smell of tea tree.

Lastly stir in 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal. you can buy the charcoal in pill form at health food stores.

Mix everything together and make sure that there are no chunks of charcoal.

If you mixture cools to the point of getting a film over the surface pop the liquid soap back in the microwave for 10 seconds stir one last time and pour into desired mold. Once the mold is filled spray the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles and let the mold sit on a flat surface for 3-4 hours until hard do not put in the fridge or freezer.

Once the soap is hardened and cool pop it out of the mold but pulling gently on the sides of the mold and pushing on the bottom and voila your home made soap is done! I recommend washing with it twice a day if its too drying i suggest once a day and for dryer skin add 1/4 teaspoon instead of 1/2.

I hope this information was helpful for people as to what exactly i am using.

Tomorrow I will be posting pictures from day one and then of today I forgot to take pictures day 2 and 3 and I will also have a picture of tomorrow in the morning. Good Luck!!

I would love to hear feed back on success or failure with a routine like this or if you have tried this.

Maggie Lynn

Acne. It sucks.

For years I have been struggling with acne. I believe it started when I was 13 in middle school and still today I am 20 years old and I have acne. Now it has been better then my teenage years but it is still annoying and embarrassing to get huge inflamed white heads or bumps that wont go away.

I have tried Natures cure, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, L'oreal, Clean Start, and Acne Free.

I have found a wash from Clean and Clear that is 10% Benzyl Peroxide that works amazing for my skin but I am sick of my face always red and dry and my face seemed to produce more oils to compensate for the dryness.

A couple months ago I got into the hobby of soap making and have since been researching additives to help treat acne. I have since made some soap that was made for acne. And lately I have decided to switch back to a more natural non chemical acne system.

Currently I am using two soaps. Last night when I started I used a Tea Tree, Lavender, Shea butter and glycerin soap. I have given it to friends and used it myself and my boyfriends mom who as SUPER sensitive like can not even wear makeup was impressed. The soap I made is 100% vegetable glycerin soap base with shea butter with essential oil, fragrance and color.

Now a little background on soap. Glycerin is naturally occuring in hand made soaps and glycerin soap base can be purchased. Glycerin is awesome if you have dry sensitive skin. It prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. It draws moisture up through skin layers and slows or prevents excessive drying and evaporation.

***If you are familiar with soap like dial the basic anti bacterial bars that leave skin with that "soap" feeling where in the shower your skin feels dry and squeaky this soap will leave your skin feeling like this until your face is completely dry. But the glycerin in the soap should leave your skin feeling soft clean and not dried out after the water has completely dried and i have to stress this because even if there is the tiniest bit of moisture on your face it will feel tight or "squeaky"***

The first batch of the tea tree had lavender fragrance, not a natural oil, and a blue skin safe dye. I will be making the same soap but with essential oils.

Tea tree and Lavender are both naturally antibacterial and calming and make for a perfect naturally antibacterial soap. For the new all natural bar i will be making activated charcoal will be added. Charcoal is like a sponge and will suck up and oils and toxins on the skin.

Now the exact soap im using is made by me but if you search on etsy under soap you will be able to find all natural hand made soap for acne or I can post the recipe to make this bar of soap including stores to buy at as well as online.

A little about me:

I am 20 years old and a college student. I am majoring in culinary arts which calls for amazing personal hygiene. I have horribly oily skin it is just so nasty when i wake up it feels like I am drowning in oil. Add makeup on top of that during that day and it is not pretty. I have tried harsh astringents and make up primer and oil control makeup powder, blotting papers nothing works. As far as acne I have light/moderate acne. Black heads the occasional inflamed huge painful volcano looking thing as well as small red bumps and worse of all acne scaring that is fading slowly. After this first day of trying out I have already seen a difference my skin is not as red, and after two hours since washing still oil free. my skin is soft and feels soft and not dry at all. My acne looks better too.

This blog is for those who have tried the whole medication thing and just want something gentle and natural. The best part is making your own in the long run is cheaper.

A small disclamer: As far as acne treatment goes I will be using home made soap with natural and skin safe synthetic materials. I dont want people to think that its an all natural kick it is a natural no harsh chemical system.

I will be posting every day about with pictures of my progress and posts will document things like oil control how long new break outs last and all of that.


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