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I went to the derm's last week and I requested spiro. I really didn't want to deal with the bullshit of accutane..especially since i've seen how acne always seems to come back. To be honest my face is pretty clear now..it's looking better than it has in about six or more months. I am positive that I have hormonal acne and hopefully the spiro will minimize those cystic pustules or whatnot that come with being a woman.

I still have a ton of redmarks...i've been reading up on emo oil but won't use it since i'm a vegatarian and it's an animal byproduct. I've also been taking zince for about a month or so.

Today was my first day of spiro and i'm happy to say...no side affects to speak of. I don't even find myself having to pee a lot yet. Hopefully my body responds well to the meds and i'll have clear skin in a month or two.

I think I deserve it. I've dealt with quite a lot of stressors in my life and i'd really love acne to disappear.

p.s. DO NOT get extractions..I just realized after I had two done my acne became far more inflamed and caused me a lot of scars that I still have from six months ago. There are SOO many scans out there.



I'm pretty new to this forum. Actually i've been obsessively going through advice and testimonials on here for quite some time now but this is my first time where i'm actually brave enough to publish something.

Anyway..I feel like acne is a putrid useless thing that causes anguish and anxiety for far too many people. I hate the stigmas that go with it-like 'wash your face more.' As if we choose to have bumps on our faces.

So this is my history..i've always had fairly mild acne..my face was never perfect but I didn't worry too much about it up until a little over a year ago. All of a sudden I got these huge hard bumps and cysts..my chin was a complete mess. Although I wasn't covered in acne all over the marks took an incredibly long time to heal and left me with tons and tons of red marks that still haven't healed. I was prescribed minocycline but denied after reading the damage it's done..i've takes an herb I got from Mexico called "asepxia." I'm not too sure if it helped but I think it may have. I am currently using paula choice products which I love and ten percent BP. My face has gotten a lot better but I hate the scarring and can't imagine going out without makeup. It really has taken a toll on me...I got very depressed. Didn't want to go out..all of that bull.

As of today my acne has calmed down but I still get some every week that ALWAYS leave a red mark. I don't know if i'm defficent in some vitamin but I am currently taking zinc (50mg). I am vegetarian and stopped being vegan which i'm happy about because my face calmed down.

Does anyone know if smoking cigarettes leads to acne? I think that may have been my trigger but who knows..I could go on forever.

I'm sorry if this is scattered..it's hard to put an entire story into perspective.

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