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Acne Regimen Journey

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The Regimen Plan.

So I've decided after 3 weeks to stop the regimen completely.. This was the last thing I wanted to do, after this long painful journey but I just had to.. I have just started college and can't deal with the stress if the dry and flaky skin that I can't cover up!

My plan is to stop the regimen now but start again next summer holidays so that I have six weeks with no college and can deal with the flaky skin etc..

I'm now starting the routine of eucerin, I'm using the eucerin cleanser, toner and moisturiser.. I'm going to post my journey using these products on this blog..

Fingers crossed! :)


Everything was looking up and now it's unbearably dry, flaky and overall awful.. My spots are actually a bit better but the dryness is awful because it makes my skin look worse than it actually is!

Makeup is awful, it makes it even more dry.. But I have to wear makeup for college everyday! I just don't know what to do, I'm considering giving up now.

I'm using a bare mineral powder foundation and am currently doing the regimen with only one pump of BP and no jojoba oil..

Any suggestions would be very helpful..


Well it's been a week and 4 days on the regimen and things are starting to look up!

The downsides at the moment are the serious pain and stinging when I put the moisturiser on! Oh my god it literally hurts so much.. The other downside is the dryness but to be honest I'm not really bothered about it at the moment because as soon as I put the moisturiser on it goes so I don't really see it as a problem.

The major changes that have happened in the last few days is that my skin seems to be gettin a lot better, I mean it actually looks clearer but I'm bracing myself for the break out that everyone seems to get in the second week!

I start college in 7 days so hopefully I won't get a break out!! But I'm optimistic anyway, although I'm worried that my makeup will look all greasy for college.

Oh well, it's looking better overall and is worth the pain!


Well I'm now starting the second week of the regimen (cleanser, treatment and moisturiser) so this week I've upped the dosage by applying a pea size amount of BP morning and night rather than just at night.

My skin is look alright, I've got a lot of whiteheads come up but not to bad, I was expecting a lot worse!

My skins not itchy anymore, but does sting a lot!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me (:


Day Three Of The Regimen

Hi, im new to this whole blogging thing so i apoligise if i make mistakes ha..

Well, its day three of doing the regimen, im using a pea size amount of BP currently only at night. So far im experiencing seriously annoying itching and whiteheads appearing. I am sixteen years old and have literally tried every product ever! I don't know the official name of what my acne is but i would say its classed as "Moderate" its pretty bad! I could never go out without foundation on thats for sure!!

I am really optimistic about the regimen and can't wait to see results.. i am starting college in two weeks and am worried that it will be all dry and awful for that. (that would be rubbish for first impressions).

Oh well, i will keep posting and updating on the whole "situation" of my skin and am happy to answer any questions smile.png

good luck on your regimen journey too smile.png

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