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Hello, I am a 17 year old girl and know exactly what you are going through trust me! Black heads and acne suck! I have finally found something that helped me though and it's cheap and not very hard to do at all and has helped my skin so much!

I have been through many trial and error and have realized commercial skin products just make things worse.

The supplies I use to maintain healthy good looking skin (as best I can) is different types of salt and a very gentle soap.

My soap is made by Dr. Ohiira (called a beauty bar) which has all natural ingrediants and probiotics to help kill of bad bacteria on the skin but maintain the good bacteria that heal your skin. You can order this soap online, but if you want something from the drug store try Dove's unscented soap bar. I reccomend going to a health food store instead and getting a very natural soap instead though.

Next after washing your face with a mild, gentle cleanser you are going to need:

Epsom salt (salt of magnesium) you can get this at any drug store for very cheap. It is great for the skin, aches, buises, scrapes, etc and it even helps kill bad bacteria and retain moisture in skin.

You can either put two table spoons of this in pretty warm water and stir it around until it is cloudy white ish and tastes bitter. You can use this as a toner for your skin with a cotton ball and let it dry as a mask. You can even sleep with this, but it will dry as a slightly white salty film so I would sleep on a towel or some sort of pillow protector although I never have noticed a noticible salty film in my bed or anything. The toner helps all oilyness and seriosuly reduced redness so much. A less potent toner with less epsom salt would leave a less white residue and could be used for daily wear, under make up even.

The next way to use epsom salt is to grind it up into a almost a powder like form. I do this using a coffee bean grinder (I do this because the grains are to big and don't scrub as much and the sand like texture helps more when using as a scrub). I then mix it with either a creamy gentle cleanser, or just a little bit of water, or some sort of natural home made mask and use it as a scrub / exfolient and the grains will eventually disolves soaking into your face and then you rinse.

There is yet another way to use epsom salt, and this is good for body oilyness and acne. Put two cups of epsom salt into a hot bath and soak. This is very effective plus relaxing as the magnesium sulfate (that makes up epsom salt) is very soothing to your muscles as well as good for taking out redness and inflamation in the skin.

Two other types of salts I use on my skin are Hemilayan Sea Salt (naturally a light pink or greyish color) and I also use Dead sea salt.

A hot compress can help those big ones to surface and pop! If you put raw honey on the zit it usually brings it to the surface fast and helps it to be a lot less sore. Hot water and epsom salt can be soaked onto a towel and held onto sore big pimple to help bring out the infection. Do not pick at the pimples, try to juse dry them out with sea salt/epsom salt water and cotton balls / Q tips for the next few days.

Both of these salts are great at fighting blemishes and reducing oils but are a more drying salt for the skin. If you choose to you can add 1 tea spoon of each of these salts to 2 cups of warm water. OR even more effectively you can make a toner using all three, (Hemilayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom salt) into one toner.

I would alternate between using the mixed salt toner, and regular epsom salt toner so you do not dry your skin out to much but to keep it balanced.

Apple cider vinegar used in the ratio 1:1 with water makes an excellent claryfying agent and even lightens the skin (: (apple cider vinegar half and half with water on a Q tip and through out the day keep applying it to the pimples I swear it will help them!) I had a huge scab and it litterally fell off within 2 days of using this over and over and it looks so good. As well as it kills bacteria, will dry it out and help the infection.

You can look up the reviews for most of these items too and see how other people rate them also. The sight acne.org has a lot of info on products and skin even if you don't have acne it can be helpful. ! Hope this helps with everyone’s skin! XO (:

table salt should never be used on the skin because it is bleached and will actually harm your skin as well as your body. Eating pure sea salt is a million times better too!

You may be surprised at how many of these items you probably already have!

email me if you have any questions or comment.


hey, this is a super EASY tip. Try disolving EPSOM SALT (salt of magneseum) in warm water. About 2 tablespoons of salt per cup of water. I have been using this as a toner acutally AFTER i moisturize, because It holds in moisture. After 5 days (of day and night use) my skin is clear of any active acne and red mars are fading and skin looks much brighter and smoother (no mirco bumps.) the reviews for epsom salt on this site are amazing, and you defiently cannot beat the price! it's super cheap and also great for adding to baths to deminish body acne.

<3 hope this helps. It has been a miricle for me.

My routine: when I wake up

1. Was face with a super gentle soap, I'd reccommend Dr. Ohira's Kompuka Soap bar because it has probiotics in it, cleans well, is completely natural leaves skin soft, but doesn't dry out skin and remove healthy skin oils. but you really just need a soap that is gently

2. I moisturize. EXTRA VIRGIN Coconut oil or Dr. Ohiras Probiotic Moguruku skin lotion (also contains probiotics) and moisturizes super well and is all natural. I massage either this or the coconut oil into my skin for 1 minute (so basically just moisturize very well and then finally the EXCITING PART ((: )

3. I have a bowl of my epsom salt water, and I use a cotton ball and wipe the epsom water all over my face.

4. Allow that to dry completely and you may see a white powder on your face (that is just the salt)

5. You can rinse off your face now and only reapply to problem areas, allow to dry and finish make up as usual. (never noticed a problem with the salt residue on face because it is easily wiped off.)


same thing! & it has really changed my skiN!! The epsom salt is most definently what gave my skin the most progress & I know this because I used the soap bar and lotion from Dr. Ohira for months before I tried the epsom salt (nevertheless they are reat products) but don't clear acne all alone with out the epsom salt booster. (also ** Epsom salt help to retain moisture! So it does not dry out skin but it will pull icky stuff out of a zit if you put a semi dissolved pile of it on top of a zit and let it dry) lol

You can defienently sleep with this on your skin with no problem! does not over dry, is deminishing black heads over time, redness decreases more and more with every use.

Do NOT go crazy. Because as great as this is, everything can be over done / used. You do not need to apply a million times a day. Just once in the morning, once at night and maybe one more time throughout the day on problem areas if you really feel you need to.

To bathe with this salt, pour two cups of it into the bath and let the warm water disolve it. You may need to stir water with hand to help quicken the process. MAKES YOUR SKIN SO SOFT! and trust me if you keep up regular use you will see a huge difference in your skin.

This is so great for those scabs that you want to dry but not over dry and reopen, and to kill bacteria, brighten skin, clear infection. AVOID eye contact directly because it does sting, but I use a Q-tip to apply to my dark circles under my eyes which have lightened tremendously more than any eye cream did for me.

Another great thing about this is you can easily bring your one thing of soap, and a little (tupawear?) container or zip lock bag of the salts to a friends house, borrow a cup, melt it in warm water, use a cotton ball and you don't have to worry about horrible break outs away from home! and you don't have to have a million products either ((:

Litterally this cleared my skin in 5 days. Even a cyst I had came to the surface within a day and I was able to prick it with a sterile safety pin and remove the icky and put the epsom salt water on it multiple times a day and you litterally cannot tell it was there now!!


Hey guys, it's me again. I'm back online to share something iv'e been trying for the past 3 weeks. It's not something chemically man made, which makes me really happy to share this, along with the fact that it has seriously helped me. This new item added to my regimen is....SEA SALT (NOT the same as table salt which has been processed & bleached & can harm your skin). SEA SALT on the contrary, is very good for your skin & attains antiseptic properties (so it kills bacteria), & dries out the moisture in the pimple without damaging your skin!

*MY TYPE OF ACNE: I started out with T-Zone acne when I was 13, but I am now almost 17 & hardly have any T-Zone acne, it has all migrated to my cheeks. My acne has also changed for superficial, to nodular over the years. Never any cysts the size of golf balls, but I have had infected areas that the acne sorta grouped together & was super bumpy texture. My skin is on the rather dry side with no over oily areas.

*My current FACEWASH: I have been using Dr. Ohhira's probiotic kampuku soap, (Japanese Ancient formula) Here is a link to where you can order this, (http://drohhiraprobi...ampuku_soap.php)

This soap doesn't further dry my skin at all, infact it moisturizes so well! I have washed with this soap up to 4 times in a day with no irritation just a clean soft feel (but it burns if gotten in eyes)

Dr. Ohhira also sells a Mogoroku skin lotion, here's a link to where you buy that one, (http://drohhiraprobi...skin_lotion.php)

This lotion has been AMAZING, and a little goes a long way. It has caused NO irritation what-so-ever & really makes my skin feel supple, soft & glow. It is a clear, smooth consistency (similar to the FEEL of Neosporin gel), but this is all natural & is a really good healing product.

**These may seem expensive but they last really long & really seem to aid in healing!!

**I have also tried & researched hawwain oils, because the hawaiians say that herbs tell your skin where healing is needed (especially when applied before bed because that is when your body heals) & I bought a package deal with skin salves in it. They contain spearmint, peppermint oil, oregano oil, royal mana oil & they are in a soft solid form.) These from my experience are very healing as well!

My regimen: I wash with the Kampuka soap for a minute & rinse with luke-warm water. I then towel pat dry my face, & put a layer of my Mogoroku lotion (or I use Ho'omanna oil skin salve from (Ho'omanaoils.com). After I have a nice layer of healing oils on my skin, I stick sea salt all to it so that it covers the acne & I sleep on a towel. If I had just popped a pimple, the salt REDUCES the swelling completely by morning & really aids in the healing of pimples.

Another way to use this method, is to put sea salt water in a spray bottle & spray desired area multiple times daily until it dries out, ( I would reccomend this for oily skin, or sever acne)

HOPE THIS HELPS biggrin.png


My Grandmother informed me about a skin topical spray that aids in the healing process or any skin ailments (as bad as skin cancers/ psoriasis etc. ) It is called DermaTox (by healthy habbits). It is a pink liquid (made of all natural ingrediants which is SO cool in my book). The formula is extracted by a mixture of elements put together to make this awesome crystal! It has all these great healing benifits and so far I've been spraying it on my skin 4-5 times a day and it has helped so much in only 4 days! You can order it by the (64oz) which lasts sooo long and on the site you can even order small spray bottles that make this spray easy to take with you anywhere or give away to people as gifts!! It is odorless and does not dry with any color or tight feeling it just feels really refreshing! My boyfriend carries a bottle aorund with him when he rides his bmx bike because it aids in the healing of his frequent cuts/scrapes/swollen ankles and such/and bruising. Its great for blemishes, moles, burns, cuts, scrapes, skin tags, wrinkles, scabs, scars, hair that falls out, scalp sores, pretty much anything external on the skin!!! you name it pretty much but here are a few links to check out for more info on ingrediants, how the product came about and other dermatox skin products! (:




I have been nothing but impressed with this !!! HOPE you are also, or at least give some time to think about it because my acne is getting a ton better, and for it being an all natural product really makes me happy and feels great to my skin and my mind (:


Continuing Regimen:

(: Lemon juice, olive oil, and vinegar, and honey nutmeg masks are my life savior. <3 <3 <3

Skin seems to be clearning a lot! and lightening up after just 7 days. I am feeling good today, and continuing makeup (foundation concealer) free skin diet.


I have had a lot of trial and error processes and regimens but I think I have found one that seems to be working for me!

One of the most important steps in this in my opinion would be my end of wearing foundation. I was wearing bare minerals/escentuals concealer and foundation in the shade of fairly light and bisque. I read up on these products after using them for years and discovered they contain bismith ( a ground up mineral/crystal like substance added to this mineral powder to make it have a slight shine) Not sure who wants a shiny face anyways but alright. I read that bismith under a microscope is coner shaped and that is why it makes your pores look so much smaller and skin more even because the pieces of it are litterally filling in the pore! Clogging my acne prone skin and resulting in cystic acne on my cheeks and jaw line (this has been said to happen in a lot of women) so I reccomend if you use these products to stop if your acne is bad! But some aren't allergic to this property and you are soo lucky cause this foundation has great coverage.

Why do they put bad chemicals in our makeup that causes the same problem we are trying to cover? The same reason that they polute and mutate the genes in our food and polute the air with chemicals (chem trails) so that they can make a problem and a solution to it to make money on face products, medications, more makeup, (same is true for other diseases but thats off the topic of acne)

So anyways getting to my regimen:

1. I cleans my face everyother day with about a dimes about of olive oil for about 3 minutes and rinse with pretty warm water until it feels a lot less oily and then rinse for thirty seconds with cold water.

2. I alow a mixture of honey and nutmeg to sit for 15-30 minutes on any acne ridden area. (the honey brings the gunk to the surface of the pimple making it so much easier to extract and quickens the healing process. The nutmeg is great for fighting infection (acne) and also exfoliates somewhat! you can add milk to the mix for a little more of an exfoliation but i reccomend RAW milk if you can since it has NOT been pasteruized (heated to such high heats it loses all it's nutrients and they have to add man made ones back into it) and there for makes raw milk that much more benificial to your skin!!

3. I spray a mix of 50/50 apple cidar vinegar on my face and back and let that dry. (and ACV mix has completely cleared my BACNE up i only have to put it on once every day or other day for my back.

4. My face acne is a lot more stubborn so after that dries I put fresh squeezed lemon juice on before bed. (it burns like hell for about 5 min but then it is fine and really has lightened my skin overall looks more glowy and feels softer.

5. I also take 30 mg of zinc with my breakfast and 30mg with my dinner. (really great for skin I have only been taking for about 2 weeks now but feel as if it is helping as well already) I also avoid artificial sugar as much as I can only eating fruit and honey as sugar sources, which is hard and I avoid grains(breads, and wheat gluten, any GMO crops)

I shop at sprouts natural market (: they have raw milk, grass fed beef, grass fed bacon, (: i feel so different since buying these foods.

I only have 2 active pimples right now! And let me tell you it is an awesome feeling, of course I still have some red marks but I can tell the lemon juice is fading them already !

(: try my regimen out if you haven't already, HERE ARE THE PICTURES

blogentry-182344-0-55931500-1350500367_t (this one is from a week and a half ago)

blogentry-182344-0-54743300-1350500375_t this is from today (:


I am on a NO MAKEUP skin diet :b so in that case I am only wearing eye makeup, and no foundation due to reading the makeup i've used for years has inflammatory ingredients and some most people are allergic to like bismith. :/ pisses me off they put bad ingredients for skin to cover acne which makes more acne covered by more makeup. Such an annoying repetitive cycle! But I have been a 5 days no makeup so far and am seeing some results. My skin doesn't look to haveas many clogged pores on my cheeks. I have red ance marks and a few pimples right now, my boyfriend sees me with out makeup a lot but of course I hate my acne and want to at least tone it down. I have tried tomato juice/cucumber juice, green tea, witch hazel. ice, but my marks still persist. My skin is some what fair and they stand out a lot. :/ PLEASE HELP


I am on a NO MAKEUP skin diet :b so in that case I am only wearing eye makeup, and no foundation due to reading the makeup i've used for years has inflammatory ingredients and some most people are allergic to like bismith. :/ pisses me off they put bad ingredients for skin to cover acne which makes more acne covered by more makeup. Such an annoying repetitive cycle! But I have been a 5 days no makeup so far and am seeing some results. My skin doesn't look to haveas many clogged pores on my cheeks. I have red ance marks and a few pimples right now, my boyfriend sees me with out makeup a lot but of course I hate my acne and want to at least tone it down. I have tried tomato juice/cucumber juice, green tea, witch hazel. ice, but my marks still persist. My skin is some what fair and they stand out a lot. :/ PLEASE HELP


I have been no makeup for about 4 days. I'm sad to say I have still had new breakouts. :/


I was using bisque Bare Minerals Concealer and foundation for years and realized it may be causeing some of my breakouts !!!!


it's hard for me to go with out make up since I have been putting that mask on everyday for so long. My acne is mainly conjested on my cheeks :/ come around my chin area and my forhead some times but mostly cheeks which I feel is the main featur of my face so I hate that the acne is there. I do ACV toner but its not helping :(


I have litterally come to the sad realization that my foundation/concealer may be my breakout problem. I have had acne since 7th grade. When I first got it -not being so bad and as i aged -getting worse and worse. I do not have huge cystcic acne, mainly little bumps on my forhead, chin, cheeks jawline, and those pesky small under the skin ones that like to hang out in groups of 2-3 smack in the middle of my cheek. Self esteem poblems have contributed to the fact that when my boyfriend would stay over (when we were first dating) I would sleep in the makeup, re-apply on bathroom stops, and continuously check my phone reflection if any redness showed. As most of you are thinking right now.. NO SLEEPING IN MAKEUP. Terrible, terrible right? Well I stopped doing that. Trying to aide my acne, I changed facial cleanser over and over, from murad, to acne free, to neutrogena, to natural remidies such as oatmeal TTO scrub, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, tumeric, eating garlic cloves, green tea, black tea toner, apple cider vinegar, egg white makes...ETC can't name everything or we'd all have beards by the time this was over. But what I realized last night is that this makeup by BE has been the only thing I have used consistently (because my mom uses it, it looks great, great coverage, SPF, matched my skin tone, easy to apply / reapply) since the 7th grade. I am now a Junior in HS battling acne and thinking it was what I cleansed my face with and ate that made the difference but I read that one day of irritant makeup can cause acne build up under the skin affecting me for two weeks and undoing all my hard work with cleansing my skin and taking care of myself. I read that some of this brands products contain Bismuth oxychloride (which I did not know what terrible for acne prone skin) cornstartch GMO (genatically modified corn on my face to dry up the oil I lack could not be good for my already dry skin) and iron oxides which are known to irriatate acne prone skin.

SO if your like me and have been using makeup for years with out thinking it was the cause do some research. Your cure may really be that easy.

I will try not wearing makeup (this is gunna be fricken. hard for me) for 3 weeks.

If I see change in my acne, or it clears up obviously this product is off my list !!


Black Tea Toner

I'm testing out using Black Tea as a facial toner for my moderate acne.

I have never tried using it but after using a hotish-warm black tea bag as a compress on a under-the-skin type of zit on my cheek, it reduced the swelling and pain after just ten minutes. I decided to put the tea itself on a cotton ball and run it over my face and let it air dry.

Have you ever tried this?... If so what results did you get?

Will keep you guys updated (:


A lot better than a few days ago. The oatmeal (grinded up) facial mask has been helping with my skin tone. I still hate the black heads bumps and acne i get on my forhead and sides of cheeks atm and jawline on my right side. Its so annoying but I have just started a few days ago taking TUMERIC capsules from Solaray and Zinc capsules. Hopefully I will see improvement soon from that! I am looking into acupuncture (chinese healing remidies) because i feel western medicine only treats SYMPTOMS of illness of dis-ease instead of like eatern medicine acutaly treating the problem. for example we take cough medicine when sick to releive tickle sensation and mucus but eastern medicine drinks herbal teas and urine therapy and all these insteresting things feel to me as they will reach a better and more thorough outcome at least I hope/

Anyone ever had any luck with accupuncture? (: I read a realllly great review about it but i am still digging info up!


I try to explain to them when im crying about my skin and they are all "its not that bad" "its going to go away its just hormones" "honey dont be so sad you still look pretty" i say, think of my acne as a red scaly rash on your arm. If you had this rash for a couple days it may worry you right... you buy rash creme, maybe cover it up by wearing long clothing to hide it from friends or family (avoid swimming and public areas). If OTC medicine does not work long term and the rash keeps reappearing even after you thought it left you will begin researching other remedies for clearing the rash. You try a different diet and spend hours in your bathroom trying things and TRYING SO HARD to think positive and Once you have tried 12398291-093821 zillion different things and nothing works and 6 years later you have the rash still which has now spread to other areas and just makes you feel like crawling in a box and hiding. THATS HOW I FEEL FUCKIN PISSSSSSED OFFFF! sorry had had had to vent right now.


I have been trying Urine therapy topically for the 2 weeks. It had a purging period (doesn't everything? even if it doesn't work or course you get more pimples :/ ha ) butttt the purging period was not to bad just made me get three big pimples in a row on my right cheek near my nose and a bunch of little ones like on the right side of my chin ... yea basically effected the right side of my face mostly. Looked like that three star constelation was on my freakin face lol.

So my rutine is wake up, cleanse with oatmeal cleansing method. Basically just letting warm water run through hand to soak oatmeal and using the gentile milk that comes out by squeezing oatmeal into a bowl and rub the milk in and add some more water to the oats and gently exfoliate with it. I also grind up the oatmeal and make a mask since when it is in powder form it will spread evenly on your face instead of lumpily. Felt I needed to explain this..

But anyways I dry my face after and use a cotton ball to apply the urine I have in a glass sealable jar onto my face and then let it dry naturally. As long as your urine is not more than 2 days old it should not smell after about 5-10 minutes. I have now added a couple drops of Tea Tree oil into my urine to overhwelm the smell as well and it seems to be helpin the effectiveness of clearing the acne! My skin is actually looking so much better right now! The first week was hard to get thru because of the thought of putting pee on my face and the IB but, I want to continue to try this for a while & maybe become brave enough to as well do this internally every morning... not sure yet.

* I have read that some models use urine therapy because it is so gentile on the skin.. & I also heard that two twin girls (both having bad acne) did an experiemnt. One tried urine and the other did not & the one using urine cleared up! So I have some hope plus some good reviews on here (: what do you guys think ? Have you tired this method ? What were your results...


So since I was in the 7th grade I have had acne one my T-Zone, & when I got into the 8th grade it persisted onto my cheeks sadly. In the 7th grade a friend reccomended me to use Murad but it was so drying to my skin and made my skin so much worse (guessing sal . acid & my skin = no no). In the 8th grade, yet another friend reccommended me to use another product this being Acne Free & it cleared most of my acne for a while but after continued use it dried out my skin and I swear I formed some pre mature wrinkles for a while?! They are gone now thank god but the active ingreidiant was benz. Peroxide so I guess my skin does not respond so well to that either.. to much chemicals, to harsh. So I did a lot of research my 9th grade year, and although doctors say food does not have any things to do with skin (on a proven basis) cause if you did not have acne.. they would make no money selling products. I swear sometimes that makes me so mad, the scientists of out world probably create sicknesses just to market new drugs and pills for it and make money. :/ sorry Im on a depressing rampage haha. So i'll get back on topic lol. I did some research 9th grade year and changed my diet to a traditional one with no GMO's, and I take coconut oil, and make sure to eat veggies and fruit and drink water. I've tried countless home experiments. My acne persists through my sophmore year and now I am about to start my Junior year with fucking acne. I'm sorry but it litteraly hurts inside so bad. Also, admittedly I have a bathroom with another door leading into where the toilet and bath/shower is. I only use the light in that room and leave the one off above the sink so I dont have to see my acne in the light completely because it depresses me so much I randomy get so hooked on finding out how to cure it I just want to cry?! How many hours on the computer! I have even tried Urin therapy and put pee on my freakin face. Im still in the process of testing it but I don't know, I'm sooooo sick of this tho. Accutane seems to scary how shall I figure this one out... :( I wanna be create a magic potion so I could take everyones acne away!