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Honestly just hate hindsight. I'm looking at my last update haha and my skin was half decent there, infact no it WAS decent. It's actually worse now and in getting cysts popping up under my neck and I can feel one brewing on my forehead. What the hell?? 

My skin isn't in a good way at all. I'll post some pics of what I have now. I'm not comfortable showing my full face right now but this thing on my neck is painful :(
I have paid to see a private derm next week to enquire about starting another roaccutane course. I just pray I can, I thought that because I'm going to pay for it Id have a much higher chance of getting it again since I feel the NHS derm will want me to do the rounds again you know? 

Why is this so bloody hard. I recently got a new boyfriend  (nearly 3 months together) and he met me when my skin was pretty damn great. Now.. ugh. I wouldn't date me. He loves me he says but.. I just can't love myself when my face is a mess.




Just a quick update with pics I just took.

there's quite a few and I know what your thinking,  "it's not bad AT ALL". To be fair the pics don't do it justice cos my forehead is insane with all these superficial bumps (which btw Accutane helped so much) and I have a few pus -filled whiteheads on it. The sides of my face and chin and clear yes and I'm grateful for that but it seems the centre of my face is just not how I want it.

I'm still using differin nightly or sometimes every second evening and I used that throughout my first course of Accutane too. I'm just not happy with it therefore I'm willing to go on another round, what I may do too is use Retin A perhaps after stopping next time or even towards the end.. I don't know. I'll keep you updated though.












Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you all an update.

I haven't been on in a while and that's due to a mixture of things. I stopped Accutane in Jan, was on it for like 5 months altogether. I was clear totally for like 3 months and unfortunately came back, not as bad but it's not good man. 

My forehead is the worst actually and I have loads of bumps and a few whiteheads on it, I don't understand. I keep thinking maybe 5 month was too short a course and I didn't get all the dose I needed, that possible? I'll post pics up soon to show what it's like. 

I see my derm again next Friday  (7th) and I believe I will be starting round 2.


Roaccutane - Day 48 (50mg)

Hey guys! Figured you all deserved an update.

So I go back to the hospital on the 31st of this month to get my blood levels checked again (they do it every 8 weeks here) I'm hoping to ask to get bumped upto 60mg.

side effects: okay so obviously this month I got bumped upto 50mg, and I will say that I have noticed a difference in terms of dryness. My lips are seriously dry and peel a ton, I wake up often having bit my lips during the night and they are bloody.

My face is MUCH more dry this month, more so that I need to moisturise through the day sometimes. 

I have noticed I am getting cuts from the slightest things like for example if I scratch my face or bang into something. My body is much more itchy this month, everywhere, and I find I have scratch marks from where I have scratched. 

Definitely been an increase in joint pain this month, my back feels rather stiff amf generally just sore.. it isnt debilitating though and I am still working out twice a week with regular 5 to 8 mile walks per day. 

Ive noticed a huge change in how thirsty I am... I am so bloody thirsty it is unreal! 

I am actually feeling pretty lethargic tbh, moreso than last month anyway.. I find myself not feeling bothered to do anything, mentally I am still rather impulsive and apathetic. 

skin update: things are good, really good. I still have some comedones and larger papules around my jaw area and perhaps 6 LITTLE comedones on my right cheek along with 1 papule and maybe 10 to 15 little comedones on my left! I started accutane with about easily 40 to 50 on each side of my face.

I have 2 spots on my forehead and slight texture issues which I know will resolve.. its clear for the most part though. 

I have NO spots or comedones on my chin at all or on my chest and back :D 


I just really want to tell this funny story about what happened last night.

On my first date with this guy and ended up kissing, he had a bit of a growth. My skin is a TON more sensitive and this morning I've noticed some skin on my chin has been ripped off by his beard :o

But yeah, be careful with kissing guys! Hahahaha. 


Roaccutane Day 33 (50mg)

Yo guys! 

So it's just over a month on Accutane and I'm now on 50mg :) 

side effects: So my itchy scalp has completely gone away. My hair hasn't thinned at all, i think i was just being paranoid in the beginning. 

Mood wise I am still acting rather impulsively and pretty energetic/hyper. I have not experienced low mood or decreased energy at all.. I havent cried in a couple weeks actually.

Dry skin on arms, its eased with moisturising. My lips are dry as hell and bleed often. 

Joint pain wise, my lower back and left knee experienced a bit of tenderness when walking but has since gone. 

acne update: One large spot appeared on my left shoulder which is healing and I have one other tiny one there and thats it. Right shoulder has onlu ONE spot :D

My facial skin is definitely clearing up.. my chin looks great with only 4 tiny spots at the sides of my mouth. Pores are a bit smaller on cheeks, I would say 20% of all the closed comedones I had on the outside of my cheeks have gone!! My forhead has a few spots on each side, only small ones though.

My jaw area is still the worst with many bumps and a couple larger spots.

I will get pics up soon :*


Just an update :)

side effects: The past week my journey has been fine, scalp is less itchy now and doesn't bother me really.

Body has started peeling on my arms so I need to moisturise them every day. Lips are dry but not un-manageable. 

I had very slight back pain (bottom left) which was eased by a deep tissue massage. So I feel maybe the pain is typical muscle aches from the gym. 

I've gained 2 kg in 3 weeks BUT I started weightlifting again so this could be why, and plus I lost a ton of weight before starting accutane due to stress, so this doesnt bother me. Also my exercise and recovery time is not affected.

Mentally though I feel different, like restless and a bit impulsive. I feel great tbh but definitely have more energy and feel like I need to move.

current acne: I have like 5 active spots on my full face but many red marks and clogged pores around my jaw and edge of cheeks. Inner cheeks, nose and forhead are pretty good. 

Left shoulder is AMAZING, like 3 tiny red raised bumps on it, right shoulder has 3 active pimples, one cropped up within a night ha!

Next week, the 31st,  I get bumped upto 50mg. 


I just wanted to post pics I took today on Day 19.

I didn't takeep pics on day 1 because I just couldnt. 

As you can see from these pics the outside of my face/jaw is purging and is the worst. My skin seems to be clearing from the inside out!

Ps. Sorry for poor quality photos, I was trying to be discrete lolScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-53.pngScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-50.pngScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-57.png



I'll make this short and sweet :)

side effects: scalp still very itchy unfortunately and I have noticed my hair has shed a bit the past couple weeks but I am trying not to overthink this and stay positive!

I woke one morning to blood in my nose. 

My lips are DRY and peel.

Thats about it so far. Back pain has improved from last week.

acne progress: shoulders have improved dramatically if im honest. I have maybe two pimples on my right and 2 on my left and they feel smoother.

Chest broke out this week with tiny pimples and some are gone now.

The inside of my face AND forhead have improved but i am now starting to break out around the outside of my cheeks :(


So I've decided to write once a week in the blog about how my skin is doing etc on Roaccutane.

The first couple days i did not notice anything at all, nothing changed and I didn't feel any different.

On the third day I went a walk for about 20 minutes and it was sunny and I actually had some sunburn on my chest for a couple days, I didn't think that would happen so quickly! 

Side effects : for a few days this week I noticed when I take my pills my right eye twitches for a good 15 minutes which is annoying but its relieved by drinking more water.

Ive been experiencing very MILD lower back pain but I started doing a yoga class and some extra exercise so it could have just been that.

My lips started getting dry on the 5th day (this is day 8) and now they are pretty dry and I have to apply vaseline every hour. 

I have been getting increasingly thirsty too, I wake up always needing to drink a ton of water because my mouth is so dry.

One huge side effect already is my scalp has been SOOOOOO itchy like unbearably itchy, its really bothering me. Im going purchase some dandruff shampoo BUT I read that putting olive oil on your hair is good to do? Anyone used olive oil on their scalp? 

Skin update : Hmm.. nothing significant has occured but I have experienced more spots coming out and then clearing after a few days. I just had a whitehead on my upper lip appear overnight!  My nose feels smooth but everything else is a mess. 


Roaccutane Day 1


So yesterday was my official first day of starting Roaccutane or Accutane whatever you wanna call it.

I hot weighed in at 54kg so the dermatology nurse has decided to start me on 30mg for month 1 and bump me up to 50mg for the remaining months.. I don't think she actually mentioned how long I'd be on it for.

So obviously today is only my second day,  so I'm not experiencing any side effects just yet! I've decided to update this blog weekly, probably every Wednesday with information about how I am getting on and stuff. I may post pics soon but i am super self conscious at the state of it right now and i physically cannot look at it.

Current acne situation  - tiny skin coloured bumps on forehead, most of forehead.. 1 actual pustule on forhead.

Chin: 1 pustule and 1 at each corner of mouth and 1 on upper lip (I have my period haha) a handful of bumps on chin.

Cheeks: have many tiny red marks from previous spots and a ton of bumps on each side..

Neck: is actually better than what is was a month or so a go but has a couple pimples and a handful of spots.

Shoulders: 5 larger pimples on left side and 4 smaller spots on right side PLUS many red marks :( I hate my shoulders. 



I had my second dermatologist visit yesterday and it was with the head dermatology nurse. Basically long story short she believes Isotretinoin is what I should go on since I've had acne farrr too long and tried pretty much everything. 

So plans are:

Next Wed I start birth control after I visit my doc and then the following week I meet the nurse again to take a pregnancy test and pick up my Accutane prescription. (Also yes I was confused too because I thought i had to be on birth control for one FULL month before starting BUT the nurse told me she doesn't want to delay my process with this and trusts that im not going to be silly and get pregnant) 

Next update will be when I'm taking Day 1.

Wish me luck guys.


Update July 2016

Hey guys,

I haven't updated my blog in about a month and I felt it was probably time to do so. 

Life update:

Honestly, the last time I wrote I was in a very very bad/low place. I seriously didn't want to be here anymore and my mum was so close to taking me into hospital. Thankfully that did not happen. I took time off work to get my head around what was happening to me. I am on antidepressants again. 
A couple of weeks ago I began to feel different, I started doing yoga and eating properly again. I've added more walking into my life too and not hiding in my room EVERYDAY. I do feel a little better, I do. I feel everything happened at once and when me and my boyfriend broke up it just amplified it all you know? It made every thing worse somehow and I started to believe he just did not want me because of my skin or because I lost so much weight.

I still have very low days though so I'm not saying I'm 100% happy but I can differentiate between me now and a month ago, and I'm a little better.

Skin update:

well, as you may know or not know around March I used  a retinoid, Isotrex, for about 12 weeks and it completely ruined my skin. Prior to the Isotrex I had been using Differin for 7 or 8 months and I thought my skin was horrible which led me to visit a dermatologist who said I have mainly comedonal acne with a couple pustules and that Isotrex will HELP and NOT break me out. Well did it fuck, from the first day I used it I experienced initial purging but different from what I was used to, I got tiny pin prick spots all around my neck and everything.. my skin got very rashy looking and red and I felt ugly as hell.

Im glad I stopped it because I saw zero improvement. However, after stopping I visited my general practitioner (doctor) and she said it isn't thaaaaaaat bad but I'll give you an antibiotic because there are a few pustules and papules. Erythromycin is the antibiotic, I also got Differin again. Weirdly my skin seemed to have gotten worse after stopping Isotrex, I felt so anyway.

Its been about 1 month on the antibiotics and the differin, I noticed a slight improvement in some areas a couple weeks ago, my nose, temples and upper face under my eyes seemed a lot smoother. But this week I feel different again, and discouraged but my period came this week too and I have ate more chocolate than normal. My skin isn't great, seriously.. it's bad, it's the worst it's been in the past 2 years and I feel incredibly ugly and unconfident. 

I have my next dermatologist appointment on the 20th of this month, I am asking him for Roaccutane. I will update you again then.

If you have any words of wisdom about keeping confident with acne and stuff please do message me or comment. 



All I do is cry

That's all I do. I cry and stay in my room and wish I never started the gel from the derm. I look at old photos and cry even more. I'm a shadow of my former self and I hate it.  I have no one, my mum is frustrated too. I look so ugly guys, bumps EVERYWHERE.  Acne all over the place. 

I've sprained my ankle too and that still hurts after 5 weeks so that doesn't help either. I have lost a lot of weight and I use feel like I don't exist. I feel done.  



Honestly just don't want to be here any more. I don't. Life has just gotten super shit that I don't know what I have left to hold onto.

My skin really isn't the best right now. I'm tryin out Azelaic Acid and Differin again. I fear that the sun is making it worse, I don't know. 

On top of that me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday, and it's broken me. I feel broken. 


I forgot to mention I have noticed these tiny little pimples appearing over my body. I have no idea what this is.. The first one is in my arm fold, the second just appeared today under my breast and I have a few on my neck. :'( is this a staph infection? Folliculitis? 







I feel like I'm beyond low right now. I feel shattered, alone, lost and indifferent. I hate my life right now. I actually despise it. I'm just writing. I'm not crying for sympathy or help as such.. or maybe I am. I just don't know. 

I hate my face. I hate feeling my face, it feels rough and bumpy etc. It feels horrid. I just want to feel pretty and for me that's having clearer skin.

My doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic  - erythromycin tablets - and a new cream.  I am dubious about the antibiotics tbh. I don't know whether to take them or not with fear of messing up my gut.  The cream is Skinoren  (20% azelaic acid ) again I don't know if I should use this.

I see my derm in July and I'm thinking about asking him to try the stronger differin gel? Or retin a 0.025 %? I don't know guys.


To make it through the day. Struggling to see the point anymore guys. I feel horrible and ugly all the time, I hate my skin and I hate my body. My joint pains worse right now getting xrays next week but I may need surgery.

So on top of having shit skin and shit feet like wtf? Why am I actually here? I don't know anymore  man, I do know I'm very very depressed though and feel like a burden. I've been using isotrex for 10 weeks now and it's done fuck all. I am actually considering a birth control pill. I'd take accutane if there was a guarantee that my joint pain would not get worse, but there's no guarantee.  


I recently watched a video of Cassandra bankson on YouTube and she talked about how as her skin has cleared up, she still sees her acne and doesn't believe that it's as good as it looks. It's so fucking true, once you've had bad acne and you do everything to clear it up, once it's clear and you start breaking out again (not as bad as before) you literally view that as 100% as bad as the first time you broke out!  When really it's not. Similarly, as your skin clears you really don't notice it because you've had bad acne for years and will ALWAYS emotionally have acne no matter how clear you are.. meaning you are still meticulous about cleaning pillow cases regularly, watching your dairy intake, refusing high sugar foods, avoiding mirrors etc.

I guess no one can truly over come their acne until the emotional attachment to it is gone too, whether through therapy or medication or simply just thinking differently.

My skin is shut right now, it is, but I know it's been worse. I just have so much a annoyance with it because of how it makes me avoid things and ruins my relationships ALL THE TIME. I don't think I can be happy in a relationship until I am happy with myself, and I was at one point... but you know what? I had acne at that point. I've looked at pics of my skin from 2 years ago and I swear it was PERFECT but I was unhappy with it! Why? Because I still saw my old acne ridden face in my head and was frightened it would start all over again.



I hate my life.

I do, I hate it right now. I'm so unbelievably upset with my skin it's unreal. I hate it and I just don't know what to do. I'm so sick of being upset and basically hiding, I'm nearly 25 but I don't want to be in this life dealing with this. 

I'm fed up of rattling my brain wondering if my acne is hormonal, or fungal or normal or a purge! I'm upset thinking that I can't handle people touching my face even my boyfriend,  that even when we have sex I'm thinking about my skin wondering if kissing is breaking me out. Like honestly. I just want to love a normal life, a care free acne free life. 

I'm very at lost on what to do, I don't have a solid skin care regimen because I don't know what to use. I see my GP  doctor in about a week so the re s that but I se a dermatologist in 2 months but I'm annoyed that I might have to kill this all with accutane. . I'm scared about going on it tbh  due to the possible joint pain side effects. . I'm very injury prone and have sore toe joints already :( 

I just feel incredibly ugly right now. I don't want this. I don't want this guys  


Guys honestly. I am at a loss. I really think I am reacting badly to this retinoid,  is it possible? Like I swear I have a million bumps all over my cheek and neck, even UNDER it and I never get spots there EVER. They are tiny bumps no head whatsoever and occasionally itchy. 

I don't know what to do :'( I am in tears over this, in fact I am truly depressed over this. It is affecting my full life right now and I can tell people are wondering "what the fuck has happened? " 

I think I need to stop it,  it's coming on 6 weeks but it's the worst it's been in my life. 



Circles, I'm going round in circles. I said to my mum today that I hate life, I hate my life life (right now anyway).

This year has really been the worst. It started off well with meeting my boyfriend but a snowball effect of bad shit has accumulated. It started with me getting ill in January, I still have a cough from that. Then I hurt my foot in February which put me out the fitness game, still haven't exercised since. My skin started getting shit again. My house got broken into and my bag, passport, money etc got stolen. I saw a dermatologist with high hopes and Isotrex has fucked my skin right up.. anxiety ensued and I've lost 10lbs and hate leaving the house. My exams are next week and actually uni has been the most stressful thing ever this year. My bf really doesn't want to be with me, I can tell, I think he's actually trying to push me away now when before perhaps I subconsciously was pushing him away when ALL I wanted was support, I just wanted a hug and to be told that I'm beautiful and he loves me know matter what, that I'm perfect in his eyes.. but I didn't get that. So I don't believe that.

On top of all that shit I've hurt my neck and upper back. Literally cannot get a break right now. 

Why does life hate me right now? What have I done? I'm exhausted. My little head is exhausted and I hate that I feel guilty for anything I eat. I just want to be happy but I don't know how. 4 month ago I was so much happier until all this carp happened.

I'm sorry if you are getting fed up of me going on and on but I haven't anyone who understands the "emotional" side of acne. No one in MY life has this as bad as me. This blog is my only outlet.


Week 4.

So start of week 4 with isotrex. Dr those of you that don't know it's a retinoid (accutane active ingredient with 95% ethanol btw)

Literally my face is a mess and I'm thinking about just stopping the gel. I wish I hadn't started it. My skin was 70% clear with Differin so I feel maybe I should have stayed with Differin! I honestly don't know what to do guys.  This is awful and it's truly hurting my self esteem. I'm trying to hold on but I just , I'm losing it.

The pics added are not of great quality.  I just want to try and show the texture BUT my full face is blotchy and red looking like my chin there. Like everywhere. 





So heading into week 4 with isotrex and my skin is a state, maybe it could be worse but it's really bad. 

Its s challenging and I feel I can't look at people . because I look so different to what I looked like 3 weeks ago.  My face is oily, bumpy, scabby because I picked (stupid) everywhere  is bumpy. It looks rash.  Is this what purging does? Will it or can it really get better? 

My mental state is gone, like I'm so distraught.  I do not want to see my boyfriend like this because he hasn't seen me with bad skin, the odd few blemishes but.not this. So I keep thinking about just ending it because he deserves so much better.