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Day 98 Spoke To Soon

BREAKOUTS when's it gonna end ?

I'm hoping this is because of my dose being upped 5 days ago.

Chin , cheeks, jaw have taken a beaten.

Looks shit with make up

Scabby and sore


I'm so hoping that things will clear for good in the next month !! :(


Day 96

Hi guys,

Things have definetly improved , touch wood , my dose was upped a few days ago to 40mg so I will reach my cumulative dose quicker for sure , can't go any higher because I weigh 43.5kg.

I currently have 3 scabs and just red marks now , much easier to do make up now and overall it looks better !

Went partying last weekend and got lots of compliments , no one said what has happened to your face ? I don't need compliments and I'm not one to care about things like that but when you have been at total rock bottom before avoiding your own reflection at all times, having a compliment can make you feel on top of the world. Literally.

I am also on day 11 of pack 5 dianette so that may have made a difference to my skin.

Just want these scabs to fall off really , I'm hoping my red marks will fade as time goes on, I haven't got lots and there very faint so easily covered but even without makeup its not to bad.

Face has been a tad itchy lately I'm guessing that's a side effect or something?!

My moods gone up for sure , I got into my nursing training which Im totally happy about and my driving test is v soon so fingers crossed ! I've also managed to sort myself an x mas job and have visited a hospital job and have applied for a nursing assistant role :)


Day 82 Week 12?! Month 3

I'm having a really hard time right now

I have broken out so bad in the last few days they I keep breaking down crying , I have eleven actives , my face looks like a pepperoni , I even have random 2 big red spots under my eye lids , my right cheek has exploded , 5 cysts that side sore and scabby ! 3 on my chin 1 on left cheek and 2 on my forehead and sick red marks..

Can someone tell me if this is normal at this stage in treatment ?

I was hoping to have a clear skinned Christmas , this is clearly no way going to happen.

I have cleared from antibiotics in the past in the space of 10-12 weeks so how the hell is accutane making my skin worse after 12 weeks of use!!

I'm trying to not cry but I just want to be out of this miserable hell and be back to normal me having fun and enjoying life


Day 80 Breaking Out

So I'm totally breaking out ATM ! And they become massive scabs , so sore on my jaw line. I currently have around 5 actives , and then red marks from old pimples.

I'm really hoping things start improving , as I'm in week 12 and I thought I would be clear by now.

I also failed my driving test 2 days ago. Suckssssss

Things suck ATM

But I'll try stay positive


Hi guys ,

Wel things have been PREETY much at a stand still.

I'm still breaking out boo hooooo....

I broke out from Friday and it still is lingering around, maybe it's stress I don't know?

But I am so thrilled to be in the double figures but I'm losing faith a bit , because my skin can look semi decent sometimes but then boom another breakout.

I have taken a few steps to see if it makes a difference, I stopped using my studio fix fluid (MAC) foundation last Monday and replaced it with Estée Lauder double wear , the reason for this is it's non-acnegenic, oil free and fragrance free. My mac studio fix had the strongest scent and after lots of research most people claimed it broke them out and I'd always wondered if it was doing that to me but I was too scared to change products but I have and I'm going to review estee Lauder after a good month of using it ! I do not wear foundation every day , only when I'm out, so I can not tel whether its great yet but what I can say is it's great coverage just like mac , maybe an incy wincy bit less but for areas that need more cover I use Estée Lauder concealer.

It also feels less like PAINT on your face as mac felt that way.

So right now my right cheek has broken out , my chins recovering and my left cheek is PREETY calm apart from one big scab , lovely ay! Forehead clear as always , my nose has two Rudolph spots on it tho , really unattractive , hope that goes fairly quick.

My skin is also really red after I moisturise , like I have major sunburn, it calms down with in a good hour though but it's quite frightening after I shower!

My lips hurt to open to eat currently which is a right pain , but I have been slacking with the chap stick so I need to up my game with that.

As for overall opinion on my skin, I'm not any neat to feeling happy about it yet , although i know it's improved I just feel like it will not completely clear, as I have some spots that have lingered there for over a month. I am only ten days into month 3 so I will try and maintain a positive attitude, I'm hoping by the end of month 3 things will be looking up !

Also im not sure if dianette has an effect on quickening your roaccutane progress? I'm currently on strip 4 day 14 so let's see

Thanks for reading

Catch up soon :)


Sooooo just a little update

Skin Was looking a lot better last week , family said and the feel of my skin was smooth ! This was my 7 day break though from my contraceptive pill and this seems to happen every month which I am looking to find out why as its tad annoying ! Anyway me being negative but (right) said ohhhh it will b bad again in few days and guess what !!!! It IS BAD again :/

Sucks really , it gives you hope and then crashes that hope away just when you feel better about your skin !

Obviously it's still early days but I'm really hoping this next month will be an improvement as my derm said month 3 tends to be the most positive month for patients, well let's seeeeeeee shall we , if not month three then I'm praying month 4 will be great as its gonna be Christmas time :)

But on a great note , driving test soon , nursing interview middle of November so fingers crossed

I also need to invest in a new foundation ! So any advice on any that don't have any bad ingredients like talc, bismuth oxychloride, oils anc fragrance , looking for oil free fragrance free, great coverage and good for your skin !

Not asking for much am I ?



Well Ever since my last post things have improved since then! It may of got worse as it was the week before my period , now I'm on my 7 day break it has settled (at the moment)

My dose was upped to 30mg :) she said my red marks will fade and that I probably won't have any scarring !

Skin status , smooth more or less all over but the typical tane red face haha , only a couple of bumps , start my new dosage from tonight.

The plan now is do 2 months from now on 30 mg (first 2 months 20mg) and then two more months after that at 30 or 40. But I will reach my cumulative dose at either 30 or 40 mg so very pleased :)


Day 46

I really thought I would have been one of those lucky ones who's skin would just keep clearing , err WRONG

Lately my skin has been getting worse , sucks , I wanted to visit my derm this tues (will be day 50) and for her to be like wow so much improvement , I'm getting my dose upped anyways to I think 40mg , I know I'm on a low dose but she claims it's not low for me as I weigh 43.5kg.

I dunnnnnno

Maybe I'm just impatient ?

Or maybe ill be one of those unlucky ones where it genuinely does not work.

I just keep BREAKING OUT no matter how much I sleep , eat well , look after my skin

I hate this


I will be taking my 28th pill tonight , I'm on 20mg a day as I'm only 43.5 kg (91 pounds) but I'm having my dose upped on my next derm visit ! (dread)

But anyways my skin seemed to keep improving the fist few weeks until BAM WEEK BLOODY FOUR , My skin looks inflamed again , really red , big red spots , cysts , 2 lumps on my forehead and I don't ever get spots there , but my usual places (cheeks, chin) are horrendous , it's amazing how in the space of like 3 days it's gone so bad :(

Trying to stop feeling low about it , I'm also on my period and that doesn't help!

I have got a driving lesson on wednesday and I'm freakin out about that because he's a new instructor and my face is going to look sick and prob going to distract him from teaching me !

I swear my skin was better off before I started this drug !!!!!!


Month 1 Day 3

Okay soooo I have broke out since my first tablet ! On my chin and my cheeks have got more lumps now and some of my red marks I've had have now become spots !

My face is also looking a lot redder and inflamed, when I also wash with my cetaphil cleanser twice a day it def feels more lumpy as I wash which ain't too nice haha !

Maybe my in has started since day 1 , who knows ATM but I have had nearly ten new spots in the space of 3 days !

Will update on my progress soon


So I I've started today on 20mg ! It's obv far to early to update on my skins progress but I've popped the first tablet ! Hallelujah , bring on the initial breakout ! As I'm sure that will happen , although my skin has calmed down these past few days extremely , so strange :s may be because I was on my 7 day pill break but I'm on my second pack of dianette now so let's see what happens ! Will update on my progress :)